A Recipe for Seduction KFC movie
Courtesy of Lifetime

Watch: KFC’s ‘A Recipe for Seduction’ Mini-Movie on Lifetime

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Mario Lopez is literally stepping into the role of a lifetime as Colonel Harland Sanders in A Recipe for Seduction. This new mini-movie was produced in a partnership between Kentucky Fried Chicken and Lifetime.

Yes, you read that correctly. Lifetime and Kentucky Fried Chicken have teamed up to produce a movie that promises “mystery, suspense, deception, and ‘fowl’ play.”

KFC Mini-Movie Essentially a 15 Minute Infomercial

The truth is that the movie is only 15 minutes long, and it’s essentially an infomercial–but it fits right in with Lifetime’s other offerings. A+E Networks marketing chief David DeSocio had a few words to share about A Recipe for Seduction:

Lifetime is the perfect holiday home to bring this spicy, unexpected tale to life. Through a terrific cast, and with a wink to the unique sensibilities celebrated in Lifetime movies, this co-production spotlights each brand’s POV and marries them in a fun and authentic way. A+E Networks delivers custom creative that our audiences and clients love.

You can judge for yourself what Lifetime and KFC are attempting to serve up by watching the trailer for A Recipe for Seduction below.

Watch the Trailer: