The Mitchells vs The Machines
Courtesy of Netflix

Watch: Netflix Buys ‘The Mitchells vs The Machines’

When Katie got accepted to film school, all her father wanted to do was create an opportunity for their family to bond. However, technology had something to say about that.
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The original animated family film, “The Mitchells vs. The Machines,” has been purchased by Netflix from Sony Pictures and producers Phil Lord and Christopher Miller.

The name of the film was changed at one point to “Connected” by Sony, but it has since then reverted back to its original title. The film was planned to be released theatrically by Sony before Netflix acquired worldwide rights.

What is The Mitchells and The Machines About?

“The Mitchells and The Machines” was written and directed by Mike Rianda, along with Jeff Rowe. It’s about a family who struggles to relate to one another as technology overtakes the world.

The film especially centers on Katie, who is a creative who gets accepted to film school. However, before she begins her educational journey, her father decides that he’d like to use the opportunity of driving her to school as a chance for their family to bond.

However, technology proves to be a threat along the way. And not only to their family, but to the entire Earth.

Watch the Trailer: