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Which Pop Culture Witch Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

We're breaking down our favorite TV and film witches by their zodiac signs. Do you identify with your astrological witch?
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From our friends at My Astrology Daily:

It’s spooky season! You know what that means? It is time to watch all of our favorite witchy TV shows and movies!

Have you ever wondered which pop-culture witch you would be? Well, wonder no more. Check out this list to find out which witch you are based on your zodiac sign. Don’t forget to check your moon and rising signs too if you know them!

Aries – Eglantine Price
‘Bedknobs And Broomsticks’

Angela Lansbury in Bedknobs and Broomsticks
Walt Disney Pictures

Aries are known for having a fighting spirit. Does that sound like a certain Nazi-fighting witch that we know? Just like the feisty and fiery Eglantine, Aries are eager to stand up and protect the ones they love. The cardinal fire signs are always ready to ride their brooms into battle.

Taurus – Elaine Parks
‘The Love Witch’

Samantha Robinson in The Love Witch
Anna Biller Productions

I often describe Taurus as being wholesomely hedonistic. And if that description does not fit Elaine to a T, I don’t know what does. Much like the earthy sign, Elaine knows the importance of a fabulous aesthetic, delicious food, and, of course, love! 

Gemini – Gilly Owens
‘Practical Magic’

Nicole Kidman in Practical Magic
Warner Bros.

The flirty and flighty Gilly would have to be a Gemini, am I right? Only a kind-hearted Gemini would be erratic enough to leave her boyfriend in the middle of the night to drive across the country to comfort her heart-broken sister.

Cancer – Mary Sanderson
‘Hocus Pocus’

Kathy Najimy in Hocus Pocus
Walt Disney Pictures

I know it’s weird to associate a child-eating witch with the most empathetic sign in the zodiac, but just hear me out. Mary is very in tune with her sisters’ emotions and is always the first one to say “sorry.” She also tried her best to save Sarah in the end.

Leo – Louise Miller
‘Teen Witch’

Robin Lively in Teen Witch
Trans World Entertainment

I bet you haven’t thought about this weird 80’s movie in a while. Louise embodies the fixed fire sign in her desire to be the most popular girl in school. Let’s be real, a Leo would totally use their magical powers to be the center of attention. I mean what could possibly top that?  

Virgo – Sally Owens
‘Practical Magic’

Sandra Bullock in Practical Magic
Warner Bros.

If Gilly is the flighty air sign with her head in the clouds, then her sister is the logical earth sign who keeps her tethered to the ground. Sally’s sense of duty and desire to be accepted by her community makes her a quintessential Virgo.

Libra – Samantha Stephens

Elizabeth Montgomery in Bewitched

Sweet Samantha Stevens is constantly trying to balance her witch life with her mortal life. And that is about the most Libra thing I’ve ever heard. She channels her inner Libra through diplomacy and adaptability. Also, can we all agree that Darren didn’t deserve her?

Scorpio – Prudence Blackwood
‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’

Tati Gabrielle in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

I’m going to start this section by acknowledging that Prudence was one of the only witches on that whole show with any sense. She exudes that seductive and sensual Scorpio energy. She is also fiercely loyal to her community and chosen family.

Sagittarius – Winifred Sanderson
‘Hocus Pocus’

Bette Midler in Hocus Pocus
Walt Disney Pictures

Of course the red-head that shoots lightning out of her fingertips would be a fire sign. Winifred demonstrates the fun and frightening traits of Sagittarius. She is alarmingly ambitious in her pursuits. But she is also incredibly entertaining when she is bewitching a whole town through the art of song and dance.

Capricorn – Kiki
‘Kiki’s Delivery Service’

Kiki's Delivery Service
Studio Ghibli

Kiki’s charisma and industriousness make her the perfect Capricorn. If she is not able to win people over with her helpful attitude, she manages to do so with her charm. She is the ultimate proof that kindness is the greatest magic of all.

Aquarius – Shay
‘Into The Dark: Pure’


Like Aquarius, Shay is a bit of an outsider in the world that she is thrust into. But by claiming her own power, she is able to seek justice for herself and her community. Shay reminds us that if you can’t be a social justice warrior, be a social justice witch!

Pisces – Sarah Sanderson
‘Hocus Pocus’

Sarah Jessica Parker in Hocus Pocus
Walt Disney Pictures

If any sign was going to bounce around singing “Dead Man’s Toe,” it would be Pisces. Sarah is the perfect Pisces because she is flirtatious, musically talented, and maybe just a little naive. Also like Pisces, she is way smarter than people give her credit for.