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You Won’t Find These Disney Movies on Disney Plus

Disney Plus boasts a huge catalog of movies and made or acquired by the entertainment conglomerate... but you might be surprised to learn which of their films didn't make it onto the streaming platform.
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Disney Plus boasts plenty of content, with over 600 movies and television shows to keep you entertained. But even still, you might be surprised to learn that they haven’t made their entire catalog available.

In the case of movies like Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Disney Plus did not have first dibs to air the movie. Starz originally held streaming rights for the film, but (thankfully) you can now binge the whole Pirates franchise on Disney Plus.

In other cases, there are contracts in place with characters themselves. For instance, why is Spider-Man not on Disney Plus? Although Disney now owns Marvel, Sony owns the film rights to the character in any solo movies. They get to keep those rights as long as they release a movie every five years. And while the studio struck a deal so Spider-Man could appear in the MCU, Disney Plus can’t get their hands on Sony’s films.

Here are a few more major Disney releases that you won’t find on Disney Plus–at least not yet!

Enchanted (2007)

Starring Amy Adams as Giselle, Enchanted has already garnered a sequel: Disenchanted. But with the new movie already in production, fans are wondering why the first film isn’t streaming on Disney Plus.

Why it isn’t on the platform is unclear. It would seem like there is some sort of licensing deal that’s preventing it from hitting the streaming service, but it’s worth noting that the movie isn’t available on any other streaming service, either. Free Giselle!

Cinderella (2015)

2015’s live-action Cinderella is nowhere to be found on Disney Plus, at least in the U.S. The movie did quiety appear for a brief period but disappeared just as quickly. Unlike other streaming platforms, Disney Plus doesn’t announce when titles leave. They also don’t explain why.

It’s easy to assume that the movie was removed because of existing contracts causing issues. You can currently stream this movie on Sling.

The King and I (1956)

Disney basically owns everything, right? The company acquired 21st Century Fox and its subsidiary 20th Century Fox a few years ago. Fox already had an ongoing deal with HBO that affected the streaming releases of some of the titles, but it doesn’t apply to the whole Fox catalog.

Why can’t you watch The King and I on Disney Plus? Fellow Fox-owned Rodgers & Hammerstein musical The Sound of Music has already appeared on the platform. It’s unclear why The King and I didn’t get the same treatment.

Spider-Man Franchise

Following some ups and downs, a deal was finally reached between the two studios in which Tom Holland’s Spider-Man could star in a third MCU solo movie and appear in a future Marvel Studios film. Think of it like Sony loaning out the character. But the rest of those flicks? Not gonna happen.

Like I already mentioned, Sony retains the rights to all those solo movies, so don’t expect to see them on Disney Plus. In fact, Sony and Netflix struck a deal so Netflix will have streaming rights to Sony’s movies — including the Spider-Man franchise — beginning in 2022.

Step Up Franchise

The Step Up series includes five films: 2006’s Step Up, Step Up 2: The Streets from 2008, 2010’s Step Up 3D, 2012’s Step Up Revolution, and Step Up: All In from 2014. The last two movies were released by Summit Entertainment, but the first three were done by Touchstone Pictures — a production branch started by Disney to produce and distribute Disney’s more mature content.

Disney has since left the Touchstone Pictures label inactive. But even though they are no longer producing titles under this banner, they do own it. It’s unclear why these movies haven’t been placed on Disney Plus.

Deadpool Franchise

Deadpool is a Marvel character, so why don’t we see the character on Disney Plus? Similar to Step Up, Deadpool (2016) and Deadpool 2 (2018) were part of 20th Century Fox’s catalog. The Disney-Fox merger puts the Deadpool franchise in Disney’s hands, and a third film is already in development.

However, the first two films still aren’t on Disney Plus. It’s likely because that Rated R rating doesn’t fit the Disney Plus PG-13 mold. There are no R-rated films or other mature content available on the streaming service.

Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book (1994)

There have been plenty of Jungle Book adaptations. This one was the first live-action adaptation made of Walt Disney’s animated movie from 1967, not to be confused with the more recent CGI-fest.

When 1994’s The Jungle Book hit theaters, it received generally positive reviews. Unfortunately, you won’t find it on Disney Plus — although there are several other adaptations available to stream. If you want to take a trip down nostalgia lane, you’ll have to pick up an old The Jungle Book VHS.