Netflix Drops Final Trailer for ‘Arcane’

Riot Games | Fortiche Productions | Netflix

Less than a week until we finally get to see the League of Legends prequel, Arcane. And Netflix just dropped the final trailer for the series.

What is ‘Arcane’?

Arcane tells the origin stories of Jinx and Vi from Riot Games’ League of Legends video game franchise. Their backstories have been major mysteries in the franchise so far, but we are finally getting those pieces put in place.

It’s set in Piltover, a beautiful and innovative city, and Zaun, the much less brilliant underbelly of the city. Jinx and Vi are working to harness magical energy using hextech. At the same time, Silco creates a Shimmer that turns humans into monsters.

The creators have already confirmed that Jinx and Vi will be introduced as sisters. The trailers showed us that Jinx and Vi are separated sometime during the series. Still, we’ll have to watch to find out how they were separated and how they come back together.

The final trailer also gave us a few easter eggs from the franchise, including Jinx’s mini-gun, Mr. Pew Pew.

The final trailer was revealed at the 2021 World Semi-Finals on Sunday, October 31.

Who’s Working on the Series?

Hailee Steinfeld will be voicing Vi, with Ella Purnell voicing Jinx. Steinfeld is having a busy two months with streaming services, with her also starring in Disney Plus’s Hawkeye out this November. Purnell is also working on Star Trek: Prodigy, another animated streaming series with Paramount Plus.

Kevin Alejandro and Katie Leung will be joining as Jayce and Caitlyn, respectively. Alejandro is best known for his role in Lucifer. Leung is well known for portraying Cho Chang in the Harry Potter franchise.

Jason Spisak is voicing Silco, the creator of Shimmer that turns humans into monsters. Spisak

Also joining the cast is Toks Olagundove (The Neighbors) as Mel, JB Blanc (Apex Legends) as Vander, Harry Lloyd (Brave New World) as Viktor, and Mia Sinclair Jenness (Fancy Nancy) as Powder.

Riot Games creative director Christian Linke and creative designer Alex Yee are the project’s creators, showrunners, and executive producers.

Riot Games teamed up with Fortiche Productions to develop the series. Fortiche Productions combined 2D and 3D animation to create their signature style that is being used for the nine-episode series.

Arcane League of Legends Jinx
Riot Games | Fortiche Productions | Netflix

The Future Past ‘Arcane’

The first three episodes of Arcane will be released on November 6 on Netflix. Three more episodes will be released the following week, on November 13, and the final three on November 20. The release schedule is much like many other Netflix originals.

It is described as an event series, so it’s probably not going to return for a season two. However, if it does well, it gives us hope for more Riot Games television projects. Arcane is the Riot Games television series.

The series is aimed at a 14+ audience because it handles some adult subject matter. The show also features “Enemy” by Imagine Dragons. The song is the band’s first written specifically for a show.

What do you hope to see in Arcane? And what other characters do you want to get their own show?