Alan Ritchson in 'Reacher'
Amazon Studios

Amazon Studios Casts Actual Tall Person as Jack Reacher–Check Out the Trailer

Fans of Lee Child's Jack Reacher novels are finally getting the hero they deserve in Amazon's upcoming adaption.
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If you asked fans to describe Jack Reacher, the hero of Lee Child’s bestselling thriller series, in just one word, most of them would say, “Tall.” That’s why it made zero sense for Hollywood to pick Tom Cruise, a noted short person, to star as the hulking war veteran and detective. Amazon Studios aims to set the record straight with Reacher.

Lee Child Wants a Do-Over

Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher
Paramount Pictures

Child told Entertainment Weekly that he had a clear vision of what Jack Reacher should look like. And, sorry, but it sounds nothing like Tom Cruise.

“When I picture Reacher, let’s say you’re in a bar or restaurant, the door opens, he steps in, and the temperature in the room drops by a degree, because people think, ‘What the hell is this?’ Even if there’s not an immediate threat, there’s an impact. That’s what I wanted.”

While Cruise’s action-packed blockbusters performed decently well at the box office, taking in more than $400 million between the two pictures, fans of the books were never satisfied with the choice to cast the notoriously pocket-sized actor.

Alan Ritchson Cast as the Lead in ‘Reacher’

Alan Ritchson, best known for his work as Hank Hall/Hawk in Titans, has some very big shoes to fill as the lead in Amazon’s new series. It helps that Lee Child, who serves as an executive producer on the show, gave his immediate stamp of approval.

“This guy stepped on the screen and had this stillness and blend of menace and goodwill that is always confusing about Reacher,” he said. “If he’s going to be your friend, you’re very lucky. If he’s not going to be your friend, you’re very unlucky. All of that had to be transmitted just through stance, mood, look — and Ritchson had it right away.”

The 6’2″ actor is actually a wee bit shorter than the character, who is described as being 6’5″ in the books, but his physicality dominates every frame of the trailer.

The clips above show off Ritchson’s physique, from his chiseled abs that make a deputy swoon, massive biceps that throw a mighty punch, and his struggle to fit into an ordinary diner booth. Comments on the trailer praised how much the casting resembles the character from the books. Fans also expressed their hope that Amazon would do right by the Lee Child series by adapting one book per season, as the studio did with Bosch, which was based on Michael Connelly’s bestselling series.

Ritchson stars opposite Malcolm Goodwin (iZombie), Kristin Kreuk (Smallville), and Willa Fitzgerald (Dare Me). You can catch the first episode of the eight-part limited series on February 4. Amazon has an excellent track record of adapting thrillers; Reacher will join the aforementioned Bosch and Jack Ryan, based on Tom Clancy’s novels, on their slate of gritty, suspenseful dramas.