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‘Andor’ Episode 11 Recap: Everyone Goes to Ferrix

In this week's episode, Cassian and the gang are headed back to Ferrix. Sparks are sure to fly when everyone returns to the planet where it all started.
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Things are barrelling toward the finish line in Andor, and all the key players are finally heading back to Ferrix to finish things out. Cassian is back to his old ways, Cyril is hunting him down, and the Rebellion is preparing to make its raid on Spellhaus. 

While the last episode saw Cassian and the gang escape the prison on Narkina 5, this episode is a bit more of a bridge. The fuse is lit next to the powder keg, and the only thing that can come next is the explosion. Get ready for some fireworks in the season one finale.

Run to Freedom

Cassian and Melchi are finally out of the prison, but they’re still stuck on the desolate planet Narkina 5. And, now, they’re avoiding Imperial patrols. Spare a thought for the poor Narkina 5 prisoners who get captured by those patrols and tossed right back into the facility. There’s nothing more soul-crushing than escaping the deepest layer of hell and then getting thrown right back in.

Cassian and his new pal, meanwhile, find a pair of Narkina natives fishing in a nearby pond and plan to steal their freighter. They get captured and the Narkinians taunt them for trying to escape the prison. However, in a surprising face-turn, they blame the Empire for polluting their waters and figure that anyone who fights the Empire is a friend of Narkina 5, and thus give Cassian and Melchi a ride off-world.

Cassian returns to the beachfront resort he visited earlier in the season and finds his money from the armory raid (and, critically, his blaster pistol) still tucked away. He also finds the Rebel manifesto his departed friend Nemik. A quick phone call to home reveals that his mother, Maarva, has passed away, and Cassian knows he needs to return home to pay his respects during her funeral.

Rebel Plans

Lest we forget, the Rebels still want to burn Cassian for his role in the Imperial bunker heist. Vel, the leader of that Rebel cell, has been looking for Andor ever since he split for Niamos. She visits Luthen’s assistant, Kleya, who has no patience for this clear breach of protocol. The two briefly argue, and Vel makes it clear that she plans to go to Ferrix to search for Cassian now that Maarva has passed away.

Vel also visits her cousin, Mon Mothma, one final time before the finale. Here, she learns that her niece, Leida, has fallen headfirst into Chandrillan religious customs and is likely preparing to marry Davo’s son–which, conveniently, will free up Mon’s finances to help her bankroll the Rebels. Small acts of evil fueling the greater good has become a major theme in Andor.

Meanwhile, Luthen tells Saw Gerrera about the Kreegyr situation. The Spellhaus raid is going to be intercepted, but burning Kreegyr’s cell will keep the Rebels’ mole a secret. After this meeting, Luthen gets intercepted by a Cantwell-class cruiser on his way back to Coruscant. In a fabulous show of piloting skill, he shreds the cruiser’s tractor beam and deftly shoots down a trio of TIE fighters before zipping into hyperspace–presumably to head to Ferrix.

Imperials Close In

It’s not just our Rebel friends heading to the frigid, iron-crusted Ferrix, either. Several Imperial agents are making their way to Cassian’s home, too. Cyril Karn gets a fateful phone call from Linus Mosk, his former employee in Pre-Mor Security, who tells him that Maarva has passed away. As such, Cassian might return to the planet. 

Cyril, who has become obsessed with the idea of bringing Cassian to justice, steals money from his mother’s safe and rushes to meet his nemesis in battle once more. Dedra, the ISB’s lead investigator in charge of the Ferrix incident, tells her goons to allow Maarva’s funeral to go forward so they can lay a trap for Cassian.

So, next week, the entire cast will finally reunite on Ferrix for what we assume won’t be tea and crumpets. Get ready for an explosive, and likely quite violent, finale when Andor’s first season comes to a close.