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‘Andor’ Finale: It All Leads Back to Rix Road

The first season of 'Andor' quite literally goes out with a bang. The fires of Rebellion are raging now. What's next for the nascent alliance in its fight against the Empire?
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In the end, everything returned to where it all started for Andor. The series opened with a moving three-episode arc on Ferrix, and it returns to the frigid, rusty planet for the finale. With Cassian, Luthen, Dedra, and Syril all back in the same city that the show started in, the pieces are set for a spectacular final episode of the first season of the show.

Brick by brick, Andor has carefully laid the foundation for the Rebellion against the Empire. Seeing the people of Ferrix finally take their fates into their own hands is something that fans have been eagerly waiting for since the show started. Here’s how it all went down in the final episode, “Rix Road.”

Welcome Home

Cassian wastes no time getting home to Ferrix when he hears his mother, Maarva, has passed away. He’s not about to miss her funeral. Upon returning, he quickly learns from his allies in town that his friend Bix has been captured and tormented by the Empire. He formulates a plan to free her after a brief stop by his father’s gravesite, a memorial brick embedded in the wall of an underground passageway.

Cassian’s allies, meanwhile, prepare for a massive funeral procession. The group includes the “Daughters of Ferrix,” a social group Maarva belonged to, as well as a number of musicians who will march through the streets playing a funeral dirge for their fallen companion. The Empire has grudgingly authorized the public event, largely because Dedra thinks the funeral will help them coax Cassian out of hiding.

When the procession reaches its destination, the town square on Rix Road, Maarva’s droid B2-EMO rolls out and addresses the crowd. He projects a recording of Maarva created days before her death, in which she instructs the townsfolk to resist Imperial rule. This incenses the gathered Stormtroopers, who overturn B2 and open fire on the crowd. Then, a disgruntled worker throws a pipe bomb into the Imperial ranks.

Chaos and Pandemonium

Sheer chaos erupts as the people of Ferrix unleash their fury upon the Empire. While many townspeople are blasted from afar by Stormtroopers, the common people still overwhelm the Imperial position and deal a brutal blow to the Empire’s foothold on the planet. In the ensuing chaos, Cassian has a chance to slip into the facility where the Imperials are holding Bix.

Bix is happy to see her friend, but she’s still groggy and lost from the torture she suffered at the hands of the ISB. Cassian sticks with her and helps her navigate the chaotic city streets. As the battle rages, Dedra is nearly overtaken by the rebels in the crowd before Syril can manage to pull her aside into a storage room. There, overwhelmed with emotion, she sheepishly thanks her creepy stalker for saving her life. These two monsters will certainly be back next season.

Thankfully, Cassian manages to get Bix to the shipyard and load her up along with several other allies from Ferrix. He instructs the team to fly low to avoid Imperial detection and to make a break for a safe nearby moon as soon as they reach the other side of the nearby lake. Cassian himself, meanwhile, goes off in search of Luthen. 

Joining the Rebellion

Cassian finds Luthen’s ship and breaks in, surprising the Rebel mastermind. However, he leaves his blaster near the door, to which Luthen asks Cassian what kind of “game” he’s playing. Cassian coldly responds that there is no game and that he is committed to the Rebel cause. He wants to join Luthen’s quest for revenge against the Empire. After a long journey, the talented thief is ready to become a symbol of the Rebellion.

We know where Cassian’s story will end: He’s going to steal the Death Star plans and beam them to the Tantive IV during the Battle of Scarif. He’ll die on the beach, along with all of his allies from the Rogue One crew. But he’s the spark who has ignited the flames of Rebellion, and we can’t wait to see where the second season of the show takes him.

In a post-credits stinger, we learn that the weird gadgets Cassian and his fellow prisoners were assembling in Narkina 5 are components required to create the Death Star. In a dizzying slow pan, the show reveals the massive scale of the Death Star by showing a series of drones locking the devices into place along the massive focusing lens that will make the Death Star such a deadly weapon. Ironically, Cassian both helped create and destroy the iconic Death Star.