Andor Ep 10
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‘Andor’ Recap: One Way Out

This week on 'Andor,' it's time for a prison break. Meanwhile, an ISB double agent is revealed and Mon continues to run into money trouble.
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The time for toiling under the Empire’s watchful eye is over in the tenth episode of Andor. The prisoners on Narkina 5 know they’re never getting out of the facility if they don’t act now. Cassian and the other inmates have a plan, and now, with floor boss Kino finally on board, they’ve got all the intel they need to break out.

Meanwhile, things are getting complicated for both Mon Mothma and Luthen back on Coruscant. The ISB is closing in on “Axis” and strangling Mon’s ability to move funds to her Rebel allies. All-out war is on the horizon.

One Way Out

This episode’s A-plot is a doozy. Andor has been structured around three-episode arcs that end with massive, explosive sequences. First, there was the partial uprising on Ferrix, then there was the robbery of the Imperial armory on Aldhani. Now, this prison arc ends the only way it could have possibly gone: with a spellbinding escape sequence.

Cassian has finally convinced Kino to help them. With his leadership, the prisoners prepare to take matters into their own hands when the guards use the lift to bring a new man onto the floor to replace the recently-deceased Ulaf. Cassian uses a pry bar to break a water pipe near the bathrooms just as the guards start lowering the lift, and then our protagonist jams the same bar into the lift’s inner workings to jam it up. Chaos ensues as Kino orders the men to take down the guards. 

In the ensuing carnage, the water shorts out the electric floors the guards use to keep the prisoners in line. Cassian and his allies steal the guards’ weapons, and one of the most cathartic uprisings in film history plays out. The prisoners unapologetically gun down the Imperial guards who have tormented them for months or even years, and Kino takes over the PA system from the control room and tells every prisoner in the facility to break out and move up.

Surging to Freedom

The resulting escape is triumphant, with the prisoners climbing and swiftly overpowering the guards. As Kino told Cassian, the prisoners vastly outnumber their jailors. With the electric floors disabled, there’s nothing the Imperials can do but watch on helplessly as the men they unjustly imprisoned take matters into their own hands.

In a heartbreaking twist, the men all realize that there is no escape craft in the facility. It’s in the middle of a vast lake, and their only method of escape is to swim to freedom. Kino, sadly, admits that he can’t swim. Before Cassian can offer an alternative solution, he’s pushed over the edge into the water by the surging prisoners who are eager to return to their homes.

The final shot of the episode shows Cassian and his ally Melshi (who we know will later join the Rebellion with Cassian before the events of Rogue One) running along a sandy mesa. Where they go next is anyone’s guess.

Mon’s Money Problems

Mon Mothma and her friend Tay want to help fund the Rebellion, but the Empire has eyes on them. In order to shake this attention, they turn to a prolific banker named Davo, who has plenty of funds and is allowed to move them in grouped transactions that are opaque to outside auditors. He says he’s happy to provide this service to Mon free of charge–assuming she’ll let him bring his 14-year-old son to “meet” her 13-year-old daughter.

Mon is disgusted by the suggestion and orders Davo to leave. Their exchange underscores some of the nastier parts of the Chandrillan tradition. Apparently, it’s not uncommon for teenagers to get married on Chandrilla, a fate that seems to have occurred to Mon and one she strongly resists happening to her daughter. Mon’s daughter might be a sulky teenager, but she hardly deserves to be married off at 13.

All of this administrative back-and-forth behind the Rebellion helps highlight just how free-wheeling and uncontrollable the Ghost crew in the show Rebels were. Rather than working as spies behind the scenes, they just blast their way into Imperial strongholds and make a mess of things. It also helps explain why the Rebels were so happy to have Jedi Luke Skywalker join their ranks in their pivotal battle against the Empire.

Luthen and Lonni

This episode also contains another mind-blowing twist. Background character Lonni, an ISB agent and rival of Dedra’s, is apparently a Rebel spy. He’s been feeding Luthen information from the inner circle of the ISB and now he wants out. He’s got a young daughter now and wants to live a safer life.

Luthen staunchly refuses to let Lonni go, telling him that he’ll have to keep living his double life indefinitely. There’s no way out once you’re this deep as a double agent. Luthen tells Lonni that Rebels give up everything–just like Luthen has. He fights for a sunrise he can never see, and his Rebellion will need unsung heroes like Lonni. Whether Lonni likes it or not, he’s a Rebel for life.

There are only two episodes of this season of Andor left. It’s anyone’s guess where we go from here, but it’s evident that a full-scale conflict is on the horizon. The ISB knows about a pending Rebel raid on Spellhaus, and there’s unrest bubbling up on Ferrix. These events will likely boil over into open conflict and give us one last climactic finish before the season wraps.