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Bad Batch Recap: Spoils of War and Ruins of War

'The Bad Batch' is finally back after a few production delays. Here's what Clone Force 99 has been up to since they've been gone!
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The Bad Batch is finally back! After a bit of a delay to the start of this year, the second season of the Clone Wars sequel series is finally here. The Bad Batch’s second season picks up an indeterminate amount of time after the end of the first, with maybe a few months to a year having clicked by as the protagonists have scrambled to make ends meet.

Here’s a quick recap of what the gang is up to now that they’re back from their extended hiatus. Hunter, Echo, Wrecker, Tech, and Omega are geared up for another adventure, and it’s time for them to get their hands dirty once again.

Another Day, Another Job

The season premiere, Spoils of War, opens with the Batch on another odd job for their fixer, Cid. They’re securing cargo from a lush island on a tropical planet. As they try to exfiltrate, they’re overwhelmed by the local wildlife–massive crab-like creatures that are furious about the intrusion.

It’s obvious that the crew has been running these small side gigs for some time, as their armor looks more worn and has all been repainted since we last saw them. They also seem to be settling into a familiar rhythm with their banter and their dedication to mercenary work. However, Cid seems to be tired of these small jobs, and she knows that the Empire will come bearing down sooner rather than later.

Cid has a new contact, a pirate named Phee. Phee has a lead on a huge score that could set up the Bad Batch and Sid for years. Count Dooku, the deceased leader of the Separatist Alliance, had gathered quite the war chest before his defeat at the hands of Anakin Skywalker. With the Empire rounding up the last of his finances, the Batch might have a chance to sneak in and make off with some loot.

Going Sideways

In classic Bad Batch fashion, Hunter initially resists the scheme, as it exposes the group to far too much risk. They’ve managed to go undetected since the events on Kamino when the Empire recorded them all as killed in action during an orbital bombardment. Purposefully kicking the hornet’s nest and letting the Empire know they’re alive could incur too much risk for Hunter’s taste.

The other members of the team, however, agree with Cid. The Empire is closing in, mercenary work is drying up, and they’re going to need a lot of money to bring the fight to the Empire. Even a few crates of Dooku’s fortune would be enough money to outfit a small army, so the group convinces Hunter to sign off on the mission.

Naturally, things go sideways right away. The Empire is already moving the war chest and has stationed a massive force of clone troopers to oversee the transportation. The group manages to slip away with a few crates before tripping the alarm, causing the last transport to take off early with Tech, Echo, and Omega all still inside. 

Ruins of War

In the second episode of the season, Ruins of War, Echo, Tech, and Omega manage to escape the transport craft by triggering a failsafe that forces the vessel to jettison its cargo. The container they hitch a ride in partially slips off the side of a cliff, though, leaving their loot in a precarious position. 

Hunter and Wrecker, meanwhile, tangle with the Imperial forces in and around Dooku’s palace. They see the ruins of the former Separatist capital, Serrano. They square off against the regimented, white-armored ranks of clone troopers led by Captain Wilco, a Clone Commander who does things by the book. 

Hunter and Wrecker manage to slip into the ruins of Serrano by jumping from the window of the palace, sneaking into a long-dead battlefield dotted with dormant Separatist war machines. Wrecker salvages the main battle cannon of a downed tank and uses it to blast his way through Wilco’s forces, helping lead Hunter back toward Echo, Omega, and Tech.


Meanwhile, the other team meets a Serranese survivor named Romar, who explains that Dooku amassed his fortune by exploiting the working people of Serrano to fund the war effort. Omega thinks it’s vital that the group salvage the mission by recovering some of the loot and nearly gets herself captured by going back out for the fallen cargo container by herself.

In a climactic battle near the cliff, the Bad Batch finally reunites and defends Omega from an Imperial scouting party. However, in the confusion, the cargo container slips further into the ravine, forcing Omega to let go of her desire to help the group make enough money to fund their rebellious operation. 

After the Bad Batch successfully exfiltrates Serrano, with no spoils of war to show for their efforts, the Empire sends Commander Rampart to the planet to address a “discrepancy” in Captain Wilco’s official incident report. Rampart tells Wilco there’s no way he saw Clone Force 99, as they were killed in action on Kamino. When Wilco refuses to doctor the report to help Rampart save face, the imperial officer brutally guns down the clone, reminding audiences of just how ruthless the Empire can be.