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The Best ‘Arrowverse’ Fights

The latest 'Arrowverse' crossover event, 'Armageddon,' made me want to rewatch some of my favorite episodes from the franchise and come up with a list of the best battles.
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With nine shows canonically in the CW’s Arrowverse, there have been plenty of fight scenes to watch. From crossover team-ups to solo fights, I managed to round up the battles that were either choreographed perfectly or brought out a side to our heroes we hadn’t yet seen. Every scene had me on the edge of my seat, sometimes even bringing a tear to my eye. Did I miss your favorite battle?

Beebo vs. Mallus, ‘Legends of Tomorrow’

In season three of Legends of Tomorrow, the Legends used the Totems of Zambesi to defeat the demon Mallus. The Totems were six necklaces holding six elements. When combined, the Totems allowed the wearers to merge into “something pure.” The Legends created a giant Beebo.

This is not the best fight ever, but you can’t tell me it isn’t one of the funniest things you’ve seen in your life. Beebo is a toy in the 21st century Earth-1, seen numerous times in each series. Beebo kicked Mallus’s butt and ended the fight in a giant Beebo-colored heart-shaped explosion.

Supergirl vs. Superman, ‘Supergirl’

Toward the end of season two of Supergirl, Daxam Queen Rhea brainwashed Superman with Silver Kryptonite. Under the influence, Superman sees his cousin as his greatest nemesis, Zodd. The fight quickly moves from space to National City before Kara can get the upper hand and knock him out.

This was the first time we’d seen Supergirl meet her match and fight a Kryptonian. He wasn’t holding back at all, and despite not having the same level of experience as Superman, she managed to beat him. The best parts were when the two heroes crossed their eye lasers; the CGI was much better than we saw in season one.

Team Flash vs. Reverse Flash, ‘The Flash’

After returning in season five of The Flash, Eobard Thawne realizes he is about to be erased from existence. To keep that from happening, he tricks Team Flash into destroying the only thing that could kill him. Nora Allen, Barry and Iris’s daughter, starts to disappear instead. While Barry races to save her, Thawne escapes.

Seeing Eobard is always a treat since he’s sassy without overdoing it. Before the fight, he taunts the team, mentioning the time he killed Cisco in season one. I loved when the team used Cisco’s portals to get a leg up on Reverse Flash’s speed and deliver blow after blow. Nora almost crossed a line to kill Thawne, which I would’ve loved to see.

Supergirl vs. Rhea, ‘Supergirl’

After the Daxam king dies, his wife, Rhea, plans on invading Earth to create a new home for her people. To save the planet, Kara challenges her to a duel. If Kara wins, the invaders leave Earth; if Rhea wins, Earth is hers. While fighting, Kara makes Rhea bleed, revealing her blood is laced with Kryptonite. Despite the advantage, Kara gets the upper hand. The D.E.O. releases lead, which is toxic to Daxamites, into the atmosphere. Rhea dies soon after.

Rhea’s cheating during the fight shows how ruthless and heartless villains can be while trying to fight for their “greater good.” I also loved seeing how Krypton being destroyed affected Daxam and its people in the long run. I wish we’d gotten to see more of the aftermath of Krypton’s explosion. I hope we get some of that in Superman & Lois.

The Flash vs. Zoom, ‘The Flash’

I love all of The Flash’s fights with Zoom, but the season two finale battle takes the cake. Barry took what he learned from his last battle with Zoom, where Barry’s legs were broken. And I know a lot of people hate the lightning CGI, but I love it (especially Zoom’s blue lightning).

Zoom challenges Flash to one last race to power his device to end the multiverse. Barry creates a time remnant to take out the device while Barry saves Joe West and fights Zoom. I also loved how the Speed Wraiths took Zoom away. It was the perfect punishment for his betrayal of the team.

Supergirl vs. Red Daughter, ‘Supergirl’

Red Daughter was a copy of Supergirl that was created after using Black Kryptonite. After being poisoned by Green Kryptonite, she is saved and used by Lex Luthor to defeat the superhero. She lures Kara to her adoptive mother’s home.

The ensuing fight brings back Alex’s memories of Kara as Supergirl and brings Kara close to death again. Red Daughter leaves as Kara is in a comalike state, believing her dead. Kara absorbs the yellow sun radiation from the forest around her to revive herself.

The only thing I didn’t like about the whole scene was the CGI of the yellow radiation leaking from the trees and grass. The fight is well-choreographed, and the slow-motion was used just enough to make an impact without making it look cringy.

Oliver Queen vs. Ra’s al Ghul, ‘Arrow’

Ra’s al Ghul’s last fight with Oliver took place in the season three finale to determine the fate of Starling and the League of Assassins. Oliver was already defeated by Ra’s earlier in the season, but he manages to best him and become the new Ra’s al Ghul.

I loved the fight choreography more than any Oliver fights before this one. It helped that there was much less talking than many other battles in the Arrowverse. The outcome of the fight directly affects how Malcolm Merlyn and Nyssa al Ghul come to blows in the next season.

The Flash vs. Savitar, ‘The Flash’

In the season three finale, Savitar and Killer Frost work together to make the evil speedster a “god.” Earlier in the episode, Cisco messed with the speed gun to act as a speed beacon. It brings Jay Garrick back to Earth-1 and shows how powerful Barry actually is.

My favorite part of the whole episode was seeing Barry vibrate Savitar out of the suit and then destroy the suit while still sparing his life. And in a twist of events, Iris saves the day after being in danger the entire season. I also loved Cisco giving Killer Frost a way back to normal instead of killing her.

Supergirl vs. Martian Manhunter, ‘Supergirl’

After helping a fireman in trouble, Kara is affected by red Kryptonite in season one. Kara is extremely aggressive, violent, and filled with rage throughout the next few days. She takes her anger out on her coworkers, family, and friends. She even throws Cat Grant off her balcony.

She changes her super suit (which is a major step up from her hero suit) and goes after the city. When the D.E.O. shows up, Kara knocks them down. Before Kara can kill Alex, J’onn reveals his identity as a Martian and fights her. Alex comes in soon after and administers the antidote to Supergirl.

I get chills every time I watch this fight. J’onn risking his safety just warms my heart because he’d done everything to conceal his identity for years. I also wish we’d gotten to see more of the red Kryptonite and angry Kara in the series. It would have added a bit more drama to some slow episodes.

Legends vs. Legion of Doom, ‘Legends of Tomorrow’

In season two of Legends of Tomorrow, the Legends teamed up with past and future versions of themselves to defeat Eobard Thawne’s Legion of Doom. It can get confusing with multiple versions of characters, so bear with me.

Thawne kills one Ray Palmer, while Martin Stein and two Jeffersons fight Malcolm Merlyn. Meanwhile, Damien Darhk faces off against both versions of Sara Lance. Leonard Snart faces off against Mick, his former partner, while the other Mick takes him out.

The fight was one of the more exciting battles in the show, and the twist at the end caught me by surprise. Each group had me watching to see what would happen. And the one person who defeated Thawne wasn’t even a Legend – it was Zoom.

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The Flash and Green Arrow vs. Brainwashed Arrowverse Heroes, ‘The Flash’

The Invasion! crossover event brought together all of the superheroes we’d see thus far. After all the heroes except Kid Flash, The Flash, and Green Arrow rescued the United States President, they attacked S.T.A.R. Labs.

Felicity and Cisco quickly find out where to take down the machine controlling the heroes, and Barry leads Supergirl to it. He tricks her into destroying the device while Oliver protects Wally and the team inside S.T.A.R. Labs.

I loved seeing the heroes fight each other and use what they’ve learned as friends against each other. It was also one of the best ways to start a crossover event by throwing us straight into chaos. I just wish we’d gotten to see a bit more of the heroes not holding punches.

Supergirl vs. Reign, ‘Supergirl’

Reign, a split personality of Samantha Arias, served as the first villain in Supergirl season three. When she meets the superhero, the two Kryptonians fight across National City. Reign knocks Supergirl around like a ragdoll, bringing her close to death.

This stands as my favorite fight from Supergirl of all time. It was the first time Kara had come close to dying. Reign didn’t pull any punches and broke Supergirl’s confidence in herself. The slow-motion throughout the fight added to the suspense, and I got chills when it ended.