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The Top Ten Characters from Star Wars TV Shows

Star Wars is well-known for its excellent movies, but the franchise has expanded far beyond the silver screen. Today, we're discussing the ten best characters from Star Wars TV shows. Did your favorite make the cut?
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The Star Wars franchise is best-known for its epic blockbuster film entries. A new film in the series is a cultural event, usually defining sci-fi pop culture for an entire generation. The long-running movie franchise has gifted the world with iconic characters like Luke Skywalker, Darth Maul, and Rey. 

Ahsoka and Rex
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However, most Star Wars fans will tell you that some of the best storytelling takes place far from the silver screen. If you want to learn more about the Mandalorian people, the background of the Clone Wars, or countless other events that take place between the movies, you need to check out the TV shows. 

Today, we’re counting down the ten best Star Wars TV characters. Whether you’re a diehard fan or a newcomer to the series, these characters will remind you why Star Wars is just as great in the cinema as it is on the small screen. 

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for The Clone Wars, Star Wars: Rebels, The Mandalorian, and The Book of Boba Fett.

10. Fives

One of the coolest things about Star Wars: The Clone Wars is that it shows the clone troopers as more than just rank-and-file soldiers. Just because the clones are genetically identical doesn’t mean that they’re boring or lack personality. Look no further than CT-5555, “Fives,” the protagonist of one of The Clone Wars’ most heartbreaking story arcs.

Fives is a recurring character in the long-running animated series. Audiences watch him grow from a “shiny,” a rookie clone with spotless armor, to a battle-hardened ARC Trooper. His eventual discovery of a terrible plot to undermine the Jedi sets him on a perilous path to save the generals he’s come to call his friends.

Good soldiers follow orders, but Fives was a great soldier. Let’s just say that Sheev Palpatine has more to answer for than the destruction of the Jedi.

9. Satine

The Clone Wars also offered audiences more background information on the planet Mandalore and its unique culture. Duchess Satine, the ruler of Mandalore, explains to Obi-Wan and Anakin that she wants to steer the militant planet into a peaceful era. Extremist groups like the Deathwatch oppose her goals, however, as the ancient Mandalorian religion worships weaponry and combat.

Satine’s pacifistic worldview is a refreshing change of pace in a franchise literally named after interstellar conflicts. Her calm, rational explanations for Mandalore’s decision to remain neutral in the Republic’s war with the Confederacy of Independent Systems contextualize not only why so few Mandalorians appear on-screen in the films, but it also lays the groundwork for an entire TV franchise.

If you’ve watched The Mandalorian, you’ve seen the fallout of Satine’s time in charge of the warrior race’s home planet.

8. Omega

The Bad Batch focuses on the titular squad of grizzled veteran clone troopers, but Omega is the real star of the show. She’s a charming and inquisitive young girl who acts as the emotional glue for the world-weary Bad Batch. Without her, the Batch’s adventures would have much lower stakes.

Omega also plays a critical role in the series overarching mythology. She’s the only “true” sibling to Boba Fett. Both characters are clones of Jango Fett, a Mandalorian bounty hunter who sold his genetic template to Kaminoan cloners. Like Boba, Omega ages at a regular pace–her clone trooper brothers reach maturity in half the time as a natural-born human. 

Audiences are excited to see where Omega’s adventures with the Bad Batch take her. Maybe she’ll cross paths with her troubled sibling, Boba Fett?

7. Sabine Wren

Sabine Wren is a standout character from the excellent Star Wars: Rebels series. She’s a young Mandalorian who flies aboard the Ghost with her friends Hera Syndulla and Kanan Jarrus. Sabine is the youngest member of the Ghost crew until series protagonist Ezra Bridger joins up, making her a natural love interest for the aspiring Padawan.

Sabine is defined as much by her artistic talents as her love for explosive ordnance, not by romantic longing. Thankfully, the show’s writers were content to let Ezra pine after Sabine by himself. The creative and rebellious Mandalorian never requits Ezra’s advances, and the two grow into unparalleled fighters by the end of the series. 

6. Grogu

Grogu, perhaps better known by the name “Baby Yoda,” is an adorable little alien who travels with the Mandalorian, Din Djarin. Grogu helped catapult The Mandalorian to the top of 2020’s most-watched streaming series list. His cute face and adorable antics injected some much-needed levity into the dusty Western-themed show.

He’s also a fascinating character for longtime Star Wars fans because he’s only the third member of Yoda’s species to appear onscreen after Yoda and Yaddle. Grogu is older than his father figure, Din, and his eventual Jedi Master teacher, Luke Skywalker, but you can’t tell by looking at him.

Fans are excited to see how Grogu develops under Luke’s tutelage. Will the cute little green guy become a Jedi Master like Yoda?

5. Cad Bane

Cad Bane first appeared in The Clone Wars series and quickly established himself as a fan-favorite villain. He’s a dangerous Duros bounty hunter who possesses deadly aim and unmatched reflexes. Bane surprised audiences in his early appearances by handing the Jedi surprising losses–when the Sith want something done right, they hire Bane.

The bounty hunter wears his Western influences on his sleeve. His distinctive speaking voice is an obvious nod to Yul Brynner’s character in The Magnificent Seven. Likewise, his unmistakable silhouette, complete with a duster coat and cowboy hat, set him apart from other bounty hunters in the Star Wars franchise. 

4. Kanan Jarrus

If there are two reasons to watch Rebels, Sabine is one. The other is Kanan Jarrus, an unflappable Jedi Knight voiced by the excellent Freddie Prinze Jr. Kanan plays Obi-Wan to Ezra’s Luke Skywalker, but the Jedi’s youth adds an interesting twist to the Master and Padawan dynamic.

Kanan is learning as he goes. He gets frustrated with his young apprentice, shouts at him in anger, and consistently fails to impart lasting lessons. Kanan is a relatable teacher because he makes mistakes and struggles to grow into his role as the Jedi Knight Ezra desperately wants him to be.

Kanan’s fate in the final season of Rebels is as narratively satisfying as it is heartbreaking. Fans of the animated show hope to see Kanan’s apprentice, Ezra, make a live-action debut in the upcoming Ahsoka series on Disney+. It would be nice to get some closure for Kanan’s story.

3. Clone Captain Rex

Clone Captain Rex technically debuted in a Star Wars movie, but it was in the animated Clone Wars film that acted as a theatrical pilot for the 2008 series. Rex is the Captain of the 501st Legion, the clone trooper detachment overseen by Anakin Skywalker. Rex’s dauntless leadership contrasts with his easygoing personality and warm camaraderie with his clone brothers and Jedi superiors alike.

Rex’s deep friendships with Anakin and Ahsoka form an emotional underpinning in The Clone Wars that runs throughout the show’s seven seasons. The audience’s knowledge that Order 66 will force Rex to gun down his Jedi allies makes his friendship with his superiors that much more painful to watch. 

2. Din Djarin

Din Djarin, the incomparable Mandalorian bounty hunter, is the protagonist of one of the most popular TV shows ever created. The Mandalorian follows Din’s adventures with his diminutive charge, Grogu, as the two navigate the lawless galaxy in the aftermath of The Return of the Jedi. 

It would have been easy for Lucasfilm to make Din an emotionless blank slate, devoid of character within his distinctive armor. The studio didn’t take the easy route, though, and instead created a compelling hero who masks his inner vulnerabilities with a stoic persona.

It’s a testament to how compelling Din is that he can carry his own TV series while rarely ever taking his helmet off. Actor Pedro Pascal delivers a stellar physical performance that sells the character’s emotional state, using the lack of facial expression to his advantage in pulse-pounding combat scenes and touching conversations alike. The few moments when Din does doff his trademark headgear, Pascal turns it up to eleven. Just look at his heartfelt goodbye with Grogu at the end of the show’s second season.

1. Ahsoka Tano

Ahsoka also made her debut in the Clone Wars film but is best known for her prominent role in the TV series of the same name. She also plays a supporting role in the sequel series, Rebels. She’s a fan-favorite character who undergoes a stunning amount of character development across four TV series.

The young Togruta starts off as a wide-eyed Padawan under the tutelage of Anakin Skywalker. Her youthful optimism offsets Anakin’s growing mistrust of the Jedi Order, but her master’s suspicions rub off on her. When Barriss Offee frames Ahsoka for a terrorist bombing, the Padawan is expelled from the Order. This sets her on an independent path and hardens her personality toward the end of the Clone Wars.

Ahsoka was a critical figure in the early days of the Rebellion, working with the Ghost crew to destabilize the nascent Empire. Most recently, she’s appeared alongside the Mandalorian, Din Djarin, offering him advice on how to help Grogu find a proper Jedi instructor. She’s slated to star in her own Disney+ series soon, too!