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The Absolute Best Disney Channel Couples

Disney Channel might have a lousy track record with romantic relationships, but there have been a few good ones. Did your favorite pairing make the list?
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There’s no question Disney Channel has been trying to pass off some toxic relationships as good role models for years. But I’ve already listed the worst of the worst, so why not focus on the few good relationships Disney Channel has created? To be honest, this list was a bit more challenging. I think we can all agree on the absolute best one–but you’ll have to get through the entire list to see it!

Star and Marco from ‘Star vs. the Forces of Evil’

Marco and Star from Star vs the Forces of Evil
Disney | Disney-ABC Domestic Television

Starting off on a couple that divided the Star vs. the Forces of Evil fandom, we have Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz. I loved them getting together and defeating the big bad of the series together after four seasons of missing each other.

They went from unlikely friends to best friends who supported each other’s relationships to finally admitting their feelings. No matter where in the series you choose to look, their relationship is healthy and as realistic as you can get in an animated fantasy series.

Nick and Macy from ‘Jonas LA’

In Jonas LA, Macy was one of the biggest fangirls of Nick and his brothers’ band, JONAS. She could barely string a sentence together in the first season, but the two managed to become good friends. It helped that she grew accustomed to the band being around all the time.

In the second season, Macy has grown a lot and has an entirely different vibe. And that catches Nick’s attention pretty well. Eventually, the two start dating, and not much changes about their relationship except they grow a bit closer. These two have the most stable relationship in the entire series.

Raven and Devon from ‘That’s So Raven’ and ‘Raven’s Home’

Raven and Devon started their relationship in season two of That’s So Raven, but before the series finale, he moved to Seattle with his family. Even with the distance, they stayed together and eventually married (and then divorced) between the two shows.

Even though Raven and Devon had an eventful relationship and ended up separated in the sequel series Raven’s Home, they had a healthy relationship overall. After they divorced, he and Raven stayed close friends and co-parented well.

Phil and Keely from ‘Phil of the Future’

Keely and Phil from Phil of the Future
Disney Channel | Buena Vista Television

Even though these two only got together in the series finale, they were one of the healthiest and cutest couples on Disney Channel. Phil and Keely were friends from episode one and, over time, grew even closer. If Phil hadn’t been from the future, they’d have stayed together past the finale.

Before they admitted their feelings for each other, they acted like a couple. Which explains why the entire school voted the “Cutest Couple” in the series finale. Were you just as heartbroken as I was when Keely and Phil said goodbye for the final time?

Jack and Kim from ‘Kickin’ It’

Kickin’ It was one of my favorite shows, and that’s all thanks to the relationship between Jack and Kim. They started out rivals-turned-friends, and everyone teased them about having feelings for each other despite denying it every episode for most of the first two seasons.

At the end of season two, it’s revealed they DO have feelings for each other. They don’t start dating until season three and keep up a long-distance relationship when Kim leaves to train in Japan. Throughout all of season four, Jack constantly shows how dedicated he is to their relationship, and it’s just so cute watching them onscreen.

Evie and Doug from ‘Descendants’

I know I already wrote about the apparent chemistry between Evie and Ben, but Evie and Doug’s relationship is one of the strongest and cutest in the entire Descendants franchise. While they were an odd match at first, Descendants 3 really solidified their relationship.

When Evie first got to Auradon, Doug started falling for her, but Evie was set on finding a prince. However, once she proved to herself that she was more than just a pretty face, the two got closer and became friends. It wasn’t until Descendants 3 that we see how in love they were when Evie wakes him up with true love’s kiss.

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Zack and Maya from ‘The Suite Life on Deck’

Zack and Maya from Suite Life on Deck
Disney Channel | It’s a Laugh Productions | Bon Mot Productions

Everyone talks about Cody and Bailey from The Suite Life on Deck or Zack and Maddie from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, but let’s be honest for a minute: Zack and Maya had a healthier and more interesting relationship than anyone else in the Suite Life shows.

Though they didn’t stay together in the end because they were going down different paths, they were obviously in love. Maya made Zack want to be a better person, with him going so far as to trick Big Sean into performing for her birthday. I just wish they’d gotten a better ending.

Farkle and Smackle from ‘Girl Meets World’

Smackle and Farkle from Girl Meets World
Disney Channel | Michael Jacobs Productions | It’s a Laugh Productions

Yes, Farkle would have been a better fit with Riley, but his relationship with Smackle was the best on the show (other than Topanga and Cory’s). They were a realistic example of a middle and high school relationship that grew out of a friendship.

They started as rivals, became friends, and eventually fell for each other. And while everyone around him was freaking out about him possibly being autistic, she was the only one who didn’t care about the diagnosis because it wouldn’t change who he was.

Logan and Jasmine from ‘I Didn’t Do It’

I Didn’t Do It was such a diamond-in-the-rough show that should have gotten more attention. In season two, these best friends finally admitted their feelings for each other and had a few episodes of dating before the show was canceled.

I’m still mad about that cancelation. We were robbed of one of the cutest, healthiest, and most realistic relationships on the Disney Channel. I like to think that if I Didn’t Do It made it another season or two, this couple would be talked about just as much as the next couple on this list.

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Lilly and Oliver from ‘Hannah Montana’

Oliver and Lilly from Hannah Montana
Disney Channel | It’s a Laugh Productions | Michael Poryes Productions

I don’t think I was the only one whose jaw dropped when it was revealed Lilly and Oliver were dating in season three of Hannah Montana. It came out of nowhere for most people, but I think some of the best relationships start out that way.

Their growth from best friends to a couple that survived long-distance is exceptionally realistic, and they were one of the best couples Disney Channel has offered fans so far. This couple is an excellent example of the friends-to-lovers trope.

Miley and Jesse from ‘Hannah Montana’

Miley and Jesse from Hannah Montana
Disney Channel | It’s a Laugh Productions | Michael Poryes Productions

I think we can all agree Miley and Jake were a horrible couple (on both sides), but Miley and Jesse were a great match. She should’ve chosen him in season three; I remember rooting for him because Jake seemed like a slimeball.

When he returned in season four and fell for Miley again (this time without her Hannah disguise), I was ecstatic. And I was even more excited when he figured out her secret because she took what he said to heart so many times. They were just a good couple that we should’ve gotten earlier in the show.

Justin and Juliet from ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’

Justin and Juliet from Wizards of Waverly Place
Disney Channel | Disney-ABC Domestic Television | It’s a Laugh Productions

From the get-go, Justin and Juliet were one of the best relationships from Wizards of Waverly Place. While Alex and Max had trouble in the love department, Justin hit the jackpot with the vampire down the street. They were supportive of each other and had so much in common that it’s hard to not like them.

Even after Juliet turned into an old woman and left for a few episodes, Justin’s heart was still with her. And yes, he dated others because he was told to move on, but you could tell his heart always belonged to Juliet. I’m so happy they were able to stay together in the series finale.

Alex and Mason from ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’

Mason and Alex from Wizards of Waverly Place
Disney Channel | Disney-ABC Domestic Television | It’s a Laugh Productions

While I’m on the topic of fan-favorite relationships from Wizards of Waverly Place, let’s talk about Alex and Mason. While their relationship before the end of season four was a bit toxic, their growth while broken up really strengthened their relationship.

Yes, Mason had some jealousy problems, and Alex was too independent and spunky for her own good, but they grounded each other. And it helps that Mason supports Alex’s laziness and partakes in the “couch potato” days with her.

Lizzie and Gordo from ‘Lizzie McGuire’

Is it any surprise Lizzie and Gordo made it onto this list? I was only six when the two shared their feelings for each other, but they have been a top role model for relationships ever since.

They were only junior high students during The Lizzie McGuire Movie! Can you imagine the cute relationship we could have gotten if the show had continued through their high school years? Or if Disney had gone through with the revival series they promised us? I can only hold out hope Hilary Duff’s character in How I Met Your Father has the relationship Lizzie McGuire deserved.

Kim and Ron from ‘Kim Possible’

We finally made it to the absolute best relationship Disney Channel has ever made. And yes, this tops all of them because they’re the most iconic and realistic friends-to-lovers I have ever seen. Can we get more of this, Disney?

Kim and Ron were best friends from when they were toddlers all the way to high school. And when they both admitted their feelings for each other in So The Drama, I was screeching with delight. And though we didn’t see nearly enough of them dating, I was in love with them together. Can we get a show about these two as adults, already? I think it’s about time.