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The Absolute Best Nickelodeon Couples

While Nickelodeon isn’t known for its princess stories, these characters deserved a fairytale-inspired “happily ever after.”
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I already went over the worst Nickelodeon couples – and trust me, there’s more where those came from – but since it’s only fair, I’m going to list Nickelodeon’s best pairings. These are the couples that brought out the best in each other and should’ve been endgame in their shows. They’re also the couples that should’ve had more of the spotlight compared to the other significant pairings in the same show.

Enough of my rambling; here are the absolute best Nickelodeon couples so far!

Bloom and Sky from ‘Winx Club’

Bloom and Sky from Winx Club
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Winx Club is technically on Netflix now, but I’m still counting it. If I had to choose a favorite couple from the entire show, it would be a tie between Flora/Helia and Bloom/Sky. Since Bloom and Sky have been together longer, I’m going with them.

Bloom was immediately drawn to Sky (when he was disguised as Brandon), and Sky felt the same. But they had a few obstacles before they could finally be together – specifically Sky’s arranged fiancée. Despite this, they are one of the strongest couples who I’ve only seen struggle a few times.

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Summer and Freddy from ‘School of Rock’

Summer and Freddy from School of Rock TV Show
Nickelodeon | Paramount | Armogida Brothers Productions

This is a little out of left field because not many people talk about this show, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to talk about Summer and Freddy. While they didn’t seem endgame at first, I’m glad Summer kept at her crush while still being okay with “just friends.”

Summer started the show with an almost-obsessive crush that caused her to flub a lot of her words around Freddy. But despite that, he still liked her as a friend. And then, after she managed to cool off and mature, she helped another girl date him. But thankfully, Freddy came to his senses because he and Summer were so cute together.

Bella and Will from ‘H2O: Just Add Water’

I love this show with all my heart! Bella and Will are one of three relationships I rooted for in the show, but only two made it to this list. I’ll get to the other later on. But let’s talk about Bella and Will – the couple who made it despite the many dangers of season three.

Bella and Will were both the new kids in season three, so I didn’t expect them to actually be the couple to get together. But they did! After a few miscommunications and wrong assumptions (and Will’s sister interfering all the time), they managed to be one of the cutest and healthiest couples in the show.

Josh and Mindy from ‘Drake and Josh’

I’ll be honest, I didn’t like either one of these characters at first. By the time they finally started dating, though, they had grown on me. Not enough to be one of my favorite couples of all time, but definitely the best from the show. And yes, I think they’re better than Drake and Josh’s parents!

Josh and Mindy are Nickelodeon’s best “rivals turned lovers.” To be fair, I think Nickelodeon has only actually done that romance trope a handful of times, so the bar isn’t set too high. Josh and Mindy had that chemistry that could’ve broken them or made a great relationship, and I’m glad it was the latter.

Korra and Asami from ‘Legend of Korra’

I know it wasn’t canon until a little itty-bitty scene in the show’s finale, but during a recent rewatch, I found there were clues that Korra and Asami cared for each other as more than just as friends as the last season went on. Both had grown so much, and I honestly wish we’d gotten more of them just being together in the show.

Before they were together, they dated the same guy – and broke up with him, too. After getting to know Korra, Asami joined her team and went against her father. And Korra always seemed supportive of anything Asami did, even when she fought against benders with her inventions.

Aang and Katara from ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’

Aang and Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender
Nickelodeon | MTV | Viacom

Back at it again with the Avatar characters that weren’t canonically “dating” until the very end of the show – but I can’t skip them. Aang and Katara were a little boring because they were so perfect for each other, but I will concede I was rooting for them the entire time.

Katara was the first girl Aang saw when he finally came out of the 100-year Avatar State nap, so I guess it’s a “love at first sight” and “friends to lovers” story. I especially enjoyed that, despite their differences in the way they handle conflict, they still made the perfect team.

While I could talk for hours more about how cute they were and how well they worked together as a team, I’d rather focus on Katara’s actions after Aang’s death. Instead of just retiring from Team Avatar life, she went on to train Korra and spend time with the next incarnation of her loved one. How sweet is that?

Cleo and Lewis from ‘H2O: Just Add Water’

Out of the two H2O: Just Add Water couples on this list, Cleo and Lewis were the only pairing I hoped would be endgame from the beginning. And if you saw my other Nickelodeon couple piece, you know how much I hated who Lewis dated on his break from Cleo.

Cleo and Lewis grew up together. He was there for her every time the mermaids needed help. Even when they weren’t dating, he was the one she turned to. When he came back for her graduation after being gone for about half of the season, I will admit I cried a bit.

Kendall and Jo from ‘Big Time Rush’

When Jo left for a movie, I was heartbroken over their breakup. But then she returned, and Kendall chose her over Lucy! Not to say I didn’t like Lucy, I just preferred her with James. Kendall and Jo were just the better couple.

At the beginning of their relationship (and slightly before), they weren’t very stable. It felt like the stereotypical high school romance that wouldn’t make it past graduation. But some time apart to grow and find themselves proved that they were endgame after all.

Logan and Camille from ‘Big Time Rush’

While I love Kendall and Jo, Logan and Camille were the most interesting couple on the entire show. Yes, they had some ups and downs, but there’s no denying they were made for each other. Camille knew it right from the beginning.

Camille was a bit obsessive over Logan during the first half of the show, but once Logan admitted his feelings for her, she calmed down a bit. After they got together, they seemed like the type of pairing you’d expect to see out and about outside of Hollywood, too.

Danny and Sam from ‘Danny Phantom’

Danny and Sam from Danny Phantom

I don’t think there’s anyone that would disagree that Danny and Sam were the best couple from Danny Phantom. They had been friends for a long time, and Sam helped Danny with his ghostly tasks. It’s no wonder they fell in love.

Danny had quite a few love interests throughout the show, but only one constantly pushed him to be the best he could, even when he was losing. Yes, his other relationships were interesting, but Sam was his endgame.

Logan and Quinn from ‘Zoey 101’

Logan and Quinn from Zoey 101
Nickelodeon | Schneider’s Bakery | Apollo ProMovie | Dolphin Entertainment

Logan and Quinn are the first couple on this list from Zoey 101, but they are higher up on my “favorites” list. They’re the perfect example of the “opposites attract” trope that we don’t see enough of in fiction and TV anymore.

The two might have been in the same friend group, but they couldn’t have been more different. But as time went on, Chase and Michael rubbed off on Logan, and he ended up being a great guy. Quinn saw that potential because they brought out the best in each other once they started dating.

Moze and Ned from ‘Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide’

Moze and Ned’s story was one of the first times I saw “friends to lovers” play out on TV. They will always be one of my favorite pairings from Nickelodeon. It should be no surprise that they make this list of amazing couples.

From the pilot episode, they were shown to be best friends. So when they started developing feelings for each other after several years of friendship, I don’t think anyone but the two of them were shocked. I still wish Ned’s Declassified followed them to high school to show their relationship’s ups and downs.

Zoey and Chase from ‘Zoey 101’

While they weren’t my favorite couple from the show, Zoey and Chase were a great duo when they finally got together. They were one of the best representations of the “friends to lovers” trope that I idolized growing up.

Before they got together, they went through two seasons of being friends before Zoey finally realized Chase liked her. When long-distance was failing them, they were mature enough to go their separate ways as friends. But after they finally reconnected, the future looked promising for these best friends turned lovers!