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Big-Budget Epic TV Shows to Fill That ‘Game of Thrones’ Hole in Your Heart

Do you miss 'Game of Thrones'? So does HBO... Hollywood has been battling it out to find the next massive, globe-spanning hit, but so far all have fallen short. Which new and upcoming series have a shot at claiming the 'Thrones' crown?
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    Ever since Game of Thrones ended, Hollywood has been trying to find a successor to the Iron Throne. While plenty of other prestige shows have generated buzz, none of them have reached the dizzying heights (or massive production budgets) of GOT.

    Still image from 'Game of Thrones'

    For this list, we’re only looking at TV shows based on epic fantasy and sci-fi books. That means no comic book adaptations (with one notable exception), no Star Wars spinoffs, no original ideas. Not that Hollywood has to worry too much about original ideas, amiright?