The Biggest Questions ‘Yellowjackets’ Season 2 Must Answer

Season 1's finale offered up some frightening revelations. It also left us with a burning hunger to know what the heck could possibly happen next on this obsession-worthy series. So let's get to the bottom of it.
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Yellowjackets continues to be just murky enough to remain mysterious without being mystifying. Season 1 of this Showtime thriller proved totally gripping and full of ambiguity. Here’s the plot, loosely: In 1996, a high school girls’ soccer team hops a private plane to nationals. After it crashes in the woods, trauma, drama, and chaos ensue. Those that make it out (which we’ve yet to learn how or when) move on and tell the world “we did what we had to do to survive” without clarifying what they did. The masses and media assume the worst (cannibalism), but they’ve clearly agreed to never tell. And just like that, the first seeds of big questions are planted.

25 years later, four survivors (who are still reeling from what went down in 96) are brought back together by a menacing and mysterious postcard. Someone seems to know what they did. But who? We’re quickly enraptured by the topsy turvy, time jumping journey the show takes. And things only get more complicated.

To be fair, the finale did answer some looming questions, but those answers only prompted bigger questions. Frankly, I’m still haunted by all of it. So here are the biggest questions to (hopefully) be answered in season 2. And if you’ve yet to binge Yellowlackets, prepare for some majorly unseeable spoilers.

Who (or What) Is The Ghost Guy With No Eyes?

If you’ve been streaming Yellowjackets, you’ve likely noticed a spooky man with no eyes lurking in the woods. During episode 3, we see him/it again in a mirror when a young Taissa is at her dying grandmother’s bedside. It’s the moment the show starts to take a more abstract, less concrete approach to reality.

So what does he represent? Is he merely a figment of Taissa’s troubled imagination? It’s too soon to tell. Regardless, this ominous apparition feels like a key piece to the puzzle that’s yet to be fully realized, which brings us to our next big question….

Is Something Supernatural Actually Happening?

teenage girl looking up into the sky while holding teddy bear with a blood drop on it

The creepy ghost man with no eyes seemingly marks a supernatural turn in the show. Not only does he seem to be a recurring character of sorts, but other supernatural elements are also slowly being dropped in as tensions between the teammates rise and unravel. Thus far, we can’t be sure if what we’re seeing is real or just a figment of everyone’s extremely stressed psyches and imaginations. But many signs point to something beyond this realm.

Still, who knows for sure. On top of the psychological and emotional stressors at play, they’re malnourished and sleep-deprived. And let’s not forget the reality-altering shroom incident! There’s just as much evidence to suggest that what’s going on is a string of incredible coincidences as something supernatural. My money’s on a little bit of both. But right now, our narrators aren’t exactly reliable. So all we can do is keep watching and wagering.

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Why Is Taissa Scary-Sleep Walking? And What’s With The Shrine?

Taissa sleeping walking and eating dirt in the woods as an adult

She’s tree climbing, eating dirt in the middle of the night, and oh, did I mention she’s asleep? We don’t know why, but something is definitely going on with Taissa. In the quietest of ways, the character once crowned the most level-headed one has become one of the scariest people on the series. She has a bloody shrine in her house that her partner has now discovered. It included her son’s missing doll with its eyes poked out and the decapitated head and heart of their missing dog. Is she doing protection spells? Maybe so. But it’s too soon and too disturbing to tell.

Her actions seem to confirm (even to her) that “the lady in the tree” her son speaks of is actually Taissa and that she vandalized her own property while sleepwalking. Is the hardworking politician in mid-crisis just that stressed out? It’s highly possible. What’s more troubling, Taissa claims that she can’t remember anything when she sleepwalks. This, of course, poses some even scarier questions and concerns. We see a traumatized Taissa eating dirt at midnight and “not remembering” for the first time when they’re still in the woods. Is it possible that Lottie is not the only one potentially possessed? I’m going to go with yes.

Who Kidnapped Natalie?

scene from Yellow Jackets where adult Natalie waving at herself in the mirror with teenage Natalie standing behind her waving

As the season comes to a close, Natalie is kidnapped and we have no idea why. Or do we? We know that she hasn’t fully given up on the idea that something sinister might’ve happened to Travis. Is the person who sent the postcards responsible? And if it wasn’t really suicide, is what happened to Travis connected? It seems likely at this point.

We also know that Natalie doesn’t get the voicemail about Lottie because she’s busy being kidnapped. For fun, let’s say that it’s Lottie behind it. Why would she want to kill Travis? Or is this completely unrelated? Does it have something to do with the fat stack of cash she gave the blackmailer? Everything is up in the air at this point, but dare I ask, how long will it take the other survivors to notice Natalie’s missing? And how long until they find her?!

What Really Happened to Travis?

scene in Yellow Jackets showing pictures from crime scene where Travis was found with person connecting dots to reveal symbol from the woods

In “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi,” Natalie’s bank contact reveals it was Lottie who emptied Travis’s bank account AFTER his death. So did Lottie arrange both the murder and the kidnapping? Was Natalie coming too close to learning the truth? Now that we know Lottie is alive, why haven’t we heard the other survivors mention her name even once?

Something life-altering must’ve happened that led to them completely cutting ties with their former friend. I mean… other than all the life-altering instances we already know about. Still, the initial question here remains: Did Lottie kill Travis? And why? If she didn’t, then who did?

Who Is Responsible For The Postcards?

scene in Yellow Jackets depicting post card all survivors have received

Now that we know Lottie is alive, it seems like the obvious answer is that she sent the postcards. But is that answer a bit too obvious? And what about that candlelit ritual at the scene of Travis’s death? She’s the one who drained his bank account the following day. So is she behind everything that’s happening? Or is that just what they want us to think?

If we’ve learned anything from Yellowjackets, it’s that if it seems too obvious, we’re probably way off. And remember Travis’s note to Natalie that said she was right? Maybe when we learn what she was right about, this answer will finally fall into place.

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Where Did The Symbol Come From?

Yellow Jackets scene showing symbol of girl carved on tree

The girls first see the symbol while they’re in the woods. This girl is also carved into the cabin they’re squatting in. But was it there before they arrived? Or did someone start carving it from the moment they crashed? If it was one of the girls, who seems most likely to do it, and for what reason? In this hypothetical scenario, Lottie and Misty both get my vote.

Lottie knows way more than she’s letting on and she has a spiritual way about her. Misty seems to treat being lost in the woods as an opportunity for them to come together. She also has the most survivalist skills of anyone there, so maybe it’s some sort of record. Whatever it means, this symbol keeps appearing. When we learn what it represents, it’ll likely feel like an inexorable surprise.

Where’s Javi?

All along, I was worried that something bad happened to Travis’s little brother, Javi. I think we can all agree: he’s been through enough. No matter how unrealistic, I want to believe he survived the wilderness. So far, however, his fate is looking increasingly grim. If he’s alive, why have none of the survivors mentioned him? He seems like someone they’d definitely reach out to Javi when they were trying to find Travis. If he was alive, that is.

Alive or dead in the present time, his whereabouts remain a mystery in 1996. He disappears following Doomcoming a.k.a. the most unsettling impromptu prom ever thrown in the forest. For all we know, he was stuck outside during the snowfall that killed Jackie. Whatever happened to Javi, I have a feeling it’s going to create even more divisiveness for the group when season 2 debuts.

Is Lottie Possessed?

scene in Yellow Jackets showing Lottie lighting candles in sacred, secret place

Lottie is vividly spiritual and as the series unfolds, we learn that she may actually be more powerful than anyone has ever given proper credit for. But is she in touch with supernatural forces? Her parents noticed something was different about her from an early age and promptly medicated her. Now running out of those meds, she’s becoming a scary psychic force to be reckoned with. Further confirming supernatural elements, there’s a moment where the girls perform a seance and she appears to become possessed. The windows burst open and something seemingly takes over Lottie for a minute. Or maybe forever?

Lottie starts speaking in French and at one point she says “spill blood, my friends.” Then she smashes her head into the glass. After this moment, we see Lottie do more strange things that imply she suddenly knows something the others don’t. When Misty’s shrooms accidentally wind up in everyone’s soup, they temporarily go out of their minds. Lottie becomes their ring leader, locking former queen B Jackie in a closet and encouraging the others to kill Travis. But perhaps the most telling moment is this one: as season 1 ends, Van and Misty follow her to a hollowed-out tree. She leaves an animal’s heart as some sort of offering. Does this mean she’s possessed? It very well could. The moment also alludes to another big question….and maybe the answer.

Who Becomes “The Antler Queen”?

scene in Yellow Jackets where the antler queen has her face hidden and sits in front of the fire's glow

In a yellowjacket nest, there can only be one queen. From where I stand, it looks like Lottie will soon take the throne and become “The Antler Queen.” But given the nature of Yellowjackets, it might be less obvious than that. Regardless, Lottie has an undeniable leadership quality, apparent spiritual gifts, and an unusually distinctive relationship with whatever’s supernaturally at play in those woods. Perhaps she is the person running through the woods in the pilot, and perhaps it was her leader-like qualities that got her snuffed out. Or, she’s the queen.

In the beginning, the girls chalk up most of Lottie’s antics to losing her mind. But we have seen with our own two eyes that Lottie has psychic visions and coincidentally or not, her premonitions often come true. And because seeing is often believing, some who’ve witnessed Lottie’s premonitions come true are starting to take her seriously. In turn, they’re trusting her, relying on her, and following her obvious cult-leader-like lead. Misty, for example, wants nothing more to be part of a team. By the finale, we see that she’s on Lottie’s side. The question is, is she still? If Misty is secretly loyal to Lottie, there’s even more to fear than we thought.

Is There NOTHING Misty Won’t Do For Her Friends?

Christina Ricci as Misty in Yellow Jackets

Call her crazy. Call her a kidnapper of journalists and a potential serial killer with a smile on her face. But don’t ever accuse Misty of being a bad friend, even if only to avoid getting on her bad side. She’s one of the most terrifyingly fascinating characters we’ve seen on TV in a while. And say what you will about her, but she does what must be done. As she sees it, anyway. When it comes to anyone she considers a friend, she will stop at nothing to protect them and help them. And before you dismiss her as fully nuts, do a quick search. Consistently cray actions aside, Misty’s got the masses in her corner. Check out Esquire’s In Defense of Misty, “the only good friend on Yellowjackets” and you’ll see what I mean.

Still, the fact remains: we don’t know what other tricks this quirky and savvy survivor has up her sleeve. We also don’t know where her true loyalties lie. The other survivors continue to rely on her because she gets things done when no one else can or will, but they don’t seem to fully trust her. Perhaps it’s because they’ve seen what she’s capable of. After all, she’s the one who broke the one device that would’ve helped them be found. She realized her teammates were suddenly relying on her and prioritized bonding over being rescued. It’s not a stretch to say that they might look at Misty as the person most responsible for what happened next. But maybe it’s more than that. Maybe, she’s secretly working for Lottie.

Honestly, I want to believe she’s just a nightmarishly loyal friend. And maybe she sent the postcards because she thought it was the only way to get the gang back together. That would be so Misty.

Who Will Be The First One, uh, “Hunted”?

scene in Yellow Jackets where the girls stand around holding hands over unmarked graves of those who died in the plane crash

We haven’t reached the moment we’re all expecting (and dreading) just yet. When will they turn on each other? Who will shed the first blood and why? It pains me to say it, but I think the thing we’re all really wondering is: who will be the first one eaten? It’s hard to say at this point, but the relationship rifts are becoming more obvious. Not to mention, it’s only getting colder out there. Where we left off, everyone was afraid they wouldn’t survive the winter. Confirming those fears, Jackie was the first to freeze to death.

If there’s not enough food, then what?

One of the biggest questions is definitely: will cannibalism really become their only chance at survival? It definitely seems to be going that way. Some of the animals around them are clearly getting sick. Maybe there is something horribly wrong with the “red water” in the river. If it’s toxic, will it make the animals toxic? Perhaps. Or are we going to witness an all-out war between remaining survivors who hunt each with more sinister motives, rivalries, and outcomes? Gulp.

Who (Seemingly) Died in The Pilot Episode?

scene in Yellow Jackets with Jackie in passenger seat of car with Shauna

In the opening scene of this buzzy Showtime series, we’re given our first clues and our first mystery as to what’s going to transpire. But we’re never given closure. We see a terrified girl running barefoot through the woods in a white nightgown. It’s the dead of winter. The nightgown looks like Lottie’s. We see her fall into a trap and boom, she’s impaled. She’s wearing a heart necklace that looks like the one Jackie and Shauna passed back and forth. We then see an unidentifiable person standing over her like prey. So who is it?

Her brunette, bloody hair is dragged through the snow, but we don’t know what happens next. Is she the first to go this way? Maybe, but maybe not. After she’s captured, it’s implied that she’s ritualistically carved up and eaten, but it’s not explicitly confirmed. Not yet, anyway. Whomever it is/was, they’ve clearly been ostracized or alienated themselves from the group.

scene in Yellow Jackets where unidentified team member in pink sneakers stands at edge of trap in the snow after someone falls in

We know she’s wearing the heart necklace once worn by both Jackie (who we later see freeze to death) and Shauna (who survives), but it’s probably not either one of them. Plus, her hair is longer and darker. I guess another question is: how long have they been stuck out there before this moment in the pilot? We don’t know exactly what happens to the girl once she’s caught, so it could be Shauna. But it seems unlikely that it’s a survivor.

Some fan theories have been circulating that Jackie might return in season 2. The actress who plays her (Ella Purnell) addressed this theory, noting that while she’d love to come back, “I’m pretty sure I’m dead.” Assuming the mystery girl in the pilot was sacrificed, it can’t be Lottie either. More on that in a minute. Given the long dark hair and process of elimination, it might be Mari. If she lived, it could be Lottie. And maybe she’s unleashed her wrath on those who once tried to kill her. We’ll see. One thing is for sure, they aimed to throw us off with this one and they’ve succeeded!

Will Shauna Get Away With Murder?

scene in Yellow Jackets season 1 with adult Shauna sitting at the foot of her bed looking worried

Unfortunately, a terrible misunderstanding led to Shauna murdering her secret boyfriend, Adam (Peter Gadiot). Yes, he lied about where he went to art school and his last name, but he was not the blackmailer she thought he was when she killed him. It turned out to be her husband, Jeff (Warren Kole). Go figure.

Following her irreversible boo-boo, Shauna recruited the help of her former teammates, chopped him up, and disposed of the body. She also let them believe he was the blackmailer in an effort to cover for her husband. Needless to say, the only thing left to do is hope for the best and fear the worst. Will Shauna get caught by her police? Or her friends? All things considered, I’m not sure which one would be worse.

How Many Surprise Survivors Will Be Revealed?

scene in Yellow Jackets where the four known adult survivors enter their high school reunion together

When Taissa, Shauna, Natalie, and Misty slo-mo strutted into their high school reunion, we couldn’t help but hope for some surprise appearance from other survivors. But we’re no fools. Considering the ongoing plot twists and whiplash-inducing turns, we all knew better than that to believe we’d be given this reveal on a silver platter. But we do know at least one other person made it out.

Just when we thought we might end season 1 without knowing if anyone else made it out, we discover Lottie survived. Naturally, this led to some new questions. Namely, who else is out there? And I’m not just talking about surviving team members in the present. I have a feeling they weren’t alone in those woods back in 96. But only time (and Showtime) will inevitably tell.