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Don’t Wait on These Streaming Black Friday Deals

If you feel overwhelmed by the number of streaming platforms out there, we have good news. This Black Friday, you can get them all for a lot less.
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    The streaming entertainment landscape can be a confusing place. In the PopTonic breakroom, we’ve even been debating whether it would be better to go back to cable rather than juggling so many different streaming options.

    Fans of Yellowstone–and I know there are a lot of you out there–recently experienced the frustration of trying to track down early seasons and current episodes of the show on multiple platforms, each one requiring a subscription fee.

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    So what’s the solution? I can’t tell you the perfect answer, but I can clue you in on these phenomenal Black Friday deals that’ll save you money. It seems like every platform is running a major deal this week–every platform except Netflix, Apple TV+, and Disney+. The “big three” are doing just fine, it seems, and aren’t quite as desperate to bolster their numbers this holiday season.