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Disney Announces ‘National Treasure’ Show Lead

'National Treasure' is coming back with a whole new cast and storyline on Disney+. Here's everything we know about the television series.
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Disney+ announced their first cast member for the upcoming National Treasure television series. Since the announcement, fans have been speculating on the treasure and where the series will take the new treasure hunters.

A New Face and Story

National Treasure will be following a new group of treasure hunters headed by Jess Morales. Lisette Alexis will play Morales. Alexis is a newcomer to Hollywood but has been in the horror film We Need To Do Something and the television series Total Eclipse.

She is the only cast member announced so far, but we know some of the crew already working on the series. Jon Turteltaub, who also directed the National Treasure films, will be directing. Marianna and Cormac Wibberley will be writing the screenplay for the series. The Wibberleys also co-wrote the script for the two National Treasure films.

Lisette Alexis in Total Eclipse
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Executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer is also returning to the franchise. He teased the series saying it would center around a group of young treasure hunters. He also said the pilot script is complete and the outline for the first few episodes.

Jess Morales is a young Latina DREAMer searching for answers about her family, which leads her to uncover secrets and hidden treasures from America’s past. A DREAMer is an unauthorized United States immigrant who entered as a minor and can gain residency when they turn 16. Little is known about the series so far, but we already have hints at what could come.

Will the Two Treasure Hunting Groups Meet?

Disney also announced a third National Treasure movie following Nicolas Cage’s Benjamin Gates and his crew. Much is still unknown, but Bruckheimer, who is producing both the series and third film, hinted at a crossover between Gates’s and Morales’s groups.

The first films followed a textbook point of view of history when telling Gates’s story, and it’s still unknown if the television series will follow in its footsteps or take a darker path into America’s past.

The projects’ theory is that the young hunters will reach out to Gates for help in whatever mystery they are thrown into. The biggest question we have is what the series will have the treasure hunters exploring. There have been plenty of theories, but here are the three most likely.

Nicolas Cage in National Treasure
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Theories Have Been Swirling

My favorite theory is that Morales and her fellow hunters will be exploring the mystery of the Ozark Treasure Cave. The cave is said to be filled with stolen Aztec and Mayan treasures that Spanish conquistadors hid right before a winter storm hit.

The theory says that because Jess is Latina, there could be a link between her family and one of the Conquistadors, Aztecs, or Mayans. And because there are plenty of artifacts from the Conquistadors, from maps in Bibles to carvings from the lone survivor, the creators would have no problem coming up with a story.

Another theory is that the young group could be investigating the history behind the crack in the Liberty Bell. Because the Liberty Bell is so iconic in American history, it could fit well into the franchise. Turning the Bible verse on the Bell into a riddle, the crossover between the film and series could have Gates helping decipher it with Morales.

Nicolas Cage and group in National Treasure
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The last plausible theory is that Morales and her crew could be looking into the Louisiana Purchase and Statue of Liberty. This could follow a similar storyline from the first National Treasure movie, having the new treasure hunters stealing the Louisiana Purchase Treaty and deciphering the clues within.

And since both the Statue of Liberty and Louisiana Purchase are French-American events, it’s easy to assume the Statue would be one of the clues. That could be the potential crossover between the old and new teams since Gates already explored the Statue of Liberty.

Regardless of whichever way the show goes, it promises lots of adventure and mystery. What do you hope to see in the series?