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Disney+ Plans to Release 100+ New Titles Per Year

Although Disney Investor Day 2020 gave us a taste of what's to come for Disney+, a new announcement from Disney's Annual Meeting of Shareholders reveals the streaming service's lofty plan to drop 100 titles a year!
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Disney+ has some lofty goals: the streaming giant is hoping to release 100 new titles each year.

When Disney+ was first announced, there were definitely some grumblings. From “Who wants to pay to stream old Disney movies they already own?” to “I don’t need another streaming service,” it’s safe to say that at least some of the general public wasn’t exactly excited about signing up for yet another streamer.

Admittedly, I was in that boat. We already had the big three — Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video — so why on earth would we pay for yet another service? It seems like at this point, with so many companies dropping their own platforms, we’re nearing the cost of the old-school cable subscriptions we were fleeing.

Fennec Shand and Din Djarin in The Mandalorian
Disney+ and Lucasfilm via Tumblr

The Success of Disney+ and What’s to Come

Of course, once Disney+ finally launched (November 2019 in the United States), it proved everyone wrong. In only 16 months, Disney+ has become a must-have OTT.

It doesn’t hurt that Disney owns the Marvel Cinematic Universe, National Geographic, and the Star Wars franchise. Add in Disney Animation, Disney Live-Action, and Pixar, and now you’ve got a robust streaming service that’s bursting at the seams with content. It’s got a little bit of everything: old favorites, fresh content, and the rights to make reboots and remakes of nostalgic classics.

In other words, we can’t get enough of Disney+. And it’s that success that has inspired Disney to start cranking out plenty more.

During Disney’s Annual Meeting of Shareholders, the company announced they are looking at “a target of 100+ new titles” each year. That goal spans most of the company’s brands, including Star Wars and Marvel.

Bob Chapek, CEO of The Walt Disney Company, revealed the goal during Disney’s Annual Meeting of Shareholders this month.

“The enormous success of Disney+ — which has now surpassed 100 million subscribers — has inspired us to be even more ambitious, and to significantly increase our investment in the development of high-quality content,” said Chapek.

“In fact, we set a target of 100+ new titles per year, and this includes Disney Animation Disney Live-Action, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic,” Chapek continued. “Our direct-to-consumer business is the Company’s top priority, and our robust pipeline of content will continue to fuel its growth.”

New Content Announced During Disney’s Investor Day

Of course, during Disney Investor Day 2020 back in December, we already got a peek at just how many projects Disney is working on.

They announced a ton of Disney Live-Action, Disney Animation, and Pixar series and features, including a more diverse remake of Cheaper by the Dozen starring Gabrielle Union, Chip ‘N Dale: Rescue Rangers starring John Mulaney and Andy Samberg, and a spooky sequel to 1993’s Hocus Pocus.

Disney made waves when they announced a slew of content coming to Star Wars and the Marvel Universe as well. Between Black Widow, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, the return of Mandalorian, and fresh Star Wars content like Lando and Rogue Squadron, Disney’s brands are going to be filled to the brim with content.

Clearly, Disney seems to already be well on their way to those planned 100 titles. And I think it’s safe to assume that we’ll see more announcements soon.