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Top 10 Fan Favorite Grey’s Anatomy Doctors of All Time

'Grey's Anatomy' has been going strong for a whopping 18 seasons. In that time, many doctors have come and gone--but some of them are way more memorable than others.
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Grey’s Anatomy is just beginning its 18th season on-air (can you even believe it?!), which means Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital has seen its fair share of doctors over the years.

If you call yourself a fan (aka you constantly read Grey’s Anatomy memes and take “What Grey’s Anatomy Character Am I” quizzes), then there’s a good chance you can probably name almost every single doctor who’s ever appeared on the show.


We’ve had good doctors, bad doctors, doctors who’ve made terrible mistakes, doctors who’ve done the impossible, and, of course, hot doctors.

Let’s be honest — every doctor who has stepped foot within an inch of that Seattle hospital has been a 10 out of 10. 

But, just because every doctor’s been hot does not mean they’ve all been fan-favorites. Who could ever forget Penelope Blake? Or Robert Stark? Thankfully, though many of them have left us, there’ve been some truly amazing characters.

From McSteamy and McDreamy to the “Twisted Sisters,” here are the top 10 fan-favorite docs of all time:

Alex Karev

Alex Karev Grey's Anatomy

I’ll admit, Alex’s departure from the show was messy. He left Jo, after all those years, to get back together with Izzie?! Yeah, I didn’t like that for one second.

But, despite his terrible farewell, Alex was arguably the most well-developed character on the show. He started out as this bad boy who didn’t care about anyone and left a changed man. Who could forget when he married Izzie during her cancer treatment? He proved bad boys can change.

Arizona Robbins

Arizona Robbins Grey's Anatomy

Arizona was such a breath of fresh air when she was introduced back in Season 5. She was funny, she was cheerful, and she was sweet. 

After years of putting up with the “Twisted Sisters” (more on that later), there was something refreshing about Arizona’s presence. Not to mention, her relationship with Callie Torres was one for the books. While, like Alex, her departure wasn’t perfect, she’ll always be one of the best.

Derek Shepherd

Derek Shepherd Grey's Anatomy

Derek Shepherd definitely had his flaws, but this show wouldn’t be what it is without McDreamy. His romance with Meredith elevated the show to a new level and gave fans something to root for.

As fans, we saw all the ups and downs of their relationship, from him saving her after she fell in the water to the elevator proposal to the Post-It wedding. They went through miscarriages together, had children together, and lost loved ones together.

To be honest, his relationship with Meredith has to be one of the greatest TV relationships of all time. Yep, I said what I said!

Addison Montgomery

Addison Montgomery Grey's Anatomy

Addison had the cards stacked against her when she was introduced at the end of Season 1. She was Derek’s wife, after all! And who knew he had a wife?! 

But, instead of being positioned as the woman who may or may not break up Meredith and Derek, Addison developed into one of the most compelling characters the show’s ever created. She didn’t demonize Meredith or cause havoc in the hospital. In fact, all she wanted was to find love herself. 

Mark Sloan

Mark Sloan Grey's Anatomy

There is no McDreamy without McSteamy. Mark Sloan was the yin to Derek Shepherd’s yang! He was also so gosh dang charming, you couldn’t help but fall in love with him.

Despite sleeping with his best friend’s wife (big yikes) and being a bit of a hothead, Mark Sloan was just like the rest of the doctors who wanted to find love and happiness.

Cristina Yang

Cristina Yang Grey's Anatomy

Though she’s off in Switzerland right now living her best life, Seattle just isn’t the same since Cristina’s left. Despite being a know-it-all and wildly ambitious, Cristina had just the right amount of edge to make her one of the greatest TV characters ever.

She knew she wanted and she made no apologies for her success. Plus, she was the greatest friend to Meredith. Twisted Sisters forever! Please come back, Cristina.

Jackson Avery

Jackson Avery Grey's Anatomy

It’s hard for a character to be introduced a handful of seasons into the show’s run and really make an impact, but that’s exactly what Jackson Avery did. While his arrival back in Season 6 was a bit shaky, he proved himself to be one of the greats when he practically saved Derek’s life during that season’s finale. 

His on-again-off-again relationship with April Kepner was one of the best on the show. Did he always make the right decisions? No. But was he always entertaining? Yes.

Miranda Bailey

Miranda Bailey Grey's Anatomy

As one of the last remaining OG characters, Miranda has cemented herself as one of the all-time greats. She’s like the Tom Brady of Grey’s Anatomy — she just keeps getting better the longer she’s on the show.

Though she started out as a bit of a, well, nazi (those who watch the show will know what I’m talking about), we’ve really gotten to know who Miranda is underneath her tough exterior. She is the matriarch of the show, the one who holds it all together, and we’d all be lost without her.

George O’Malley

George O'Malley Grey's Anatomy

Oh, how I miss you, 007. George has to be one of the most sympathetic TV characters of all time. He just wanted Meredith to love him, OK?! Though he wasn’t as confident as Alex or as smooth as Derek, George was the easiest character to root for.

As a fan, I felt joy anytime George got a win. I cheered when he found love and cried when it didn’t work out. His — spoiler alert! — death has to be one of the most gut-wrenching TV deaths of all time.

Meredith Grey

Meredith Grey Grey's Anatomy

Oh, you didn’t think I’d include the Meredith Grey on this list?! Think again! Meredith has had her ups and downs, as had every character on the series, but there is no Grey’s Anatomy without Meredith. She is the show. 

We’ve been with her through her romances, her marriage, the birth of her children, a bomb threat, a shooting, a plane crash….everything!

We’ve seen her grow up and become the mother, sister, wife, and doctor she is today. Even if she’s not your personal favorite character, you can’t deny the show would not succeed without her.