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Two ‘Hello Kitty’ Projects on the Way

Japanese pop icon 'Hello Kitty' is bringing us a new show and movie. Here's everything we know.
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Sanrio-created Hello Kitty is going to be coming to screens in two very different ways. A brand-new series has just been announced, and a movie has been in the works since 2019.

‘Hello Kitty: Super Style!” Headed to Amazon Kids Plus

Amazon Kids Plus is teaming up with Kids First to bring a new show called Hello Kitty: Super Style! The show will follow Hello Kitty and other Cherry Town residents as Hello Kitty uses her magical bow to transform herself into numerous versions of herself, depending on the episode’s adventure.

“We love how this new series combines Hello Kitty’s signature kindness with bold new action and humor,” Veronica Pickett, head of Amazon Kids Plus original series, said. “We can’t wait for our audience to say ‘Hello’ to Hello Kitty: Super Style!

And Amazon Kids Plus aren’t the only ones excited about bringing the show to the world.

“It is very exciting to stream Hello Kitty, a global pop icon representing Japan, on this great service and major broadcasters to deliver her charm. We commit to accelerating our efforts to bring joy to children around the world,” Shunsuke Handa, ABC Frontier International Business Director, said.

Hello Kitty and Friends Supercute Adventures series (2)
Sanrio | YouTube

Kids First will distribute the 3D-animated show to all countries outside of Asia. ABC Frontier, Inc. will handle the distribution in Asia. The producers are Paris-based Watch Next, Banijay Group’s Monello, and Milan-based Maga Animation Studio. All involved made it a priority to create the show with a global audience in mind.

“Having a well-known international digital video service and soon to be announced best-in-class linear broadcasters all backing the project demonstrates the wide appeal of one of the most popular and adorable characters on earth,” Philippe Alessandri, CEO of Kids First and Watch Next, said.

“I believe that children all over the world will be empowered by this Hello Kitty series to live happily in harmony with one another to create a brighter future for all,” Sanrio Company Ltd. head designer Yuko Yamaguchi said. “We hope you’ll enjoy the new characters that appear alongside Hello Kitty as she explores the important themes of friendship and kindness throughout the series.”

First ‘Hello Kitty’ Theatrical Release

In 2019, Sanrio announced that they had sold the film rights to Hello Kitty property to Warner Bros.’ New Line Cinema and Flynn Picture Company.

Flynn Picture Company producer Beau Flynn said he had been pursuing the rights with Warner Bros. for five years before the announcement.

Since the announcement, Lindsey Beer joined on as a writer. Jennifer Coyle and Leo Matsuda are also directing the project. Coyle previously worked on DC Super Hero Girls and Bob’s Burger. Matsuda has worked on Inner Workings.

Hello Kitty and Friends Supercute Adventures series
Sanrio | YouTube

“This is not only a rare chance to bring a beloved character to life, but also to spread the message of love, friendship, and inclusivity that Hello Kitty stands for. The world so needs her brand of joy and happiness,” Coyle said.

The movie will be done part-animation, part-live action, similar to how the Tom and Jerry movie was done. This is the first time the franchise will have a theatrical movie release, but sadly, there is no release date yet.

I can’t wait to see a new iteration of the series that brought my friends and me together in elementary school. What are you hoping to see in the new show and movie?

As of now, we don’t have a release date for either the show or the movie. We’ll keep you updated as soon as those dates are known.