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Here’s What to Expect From Drew Barrymore’s New Talk Show

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There’s something undeniably refreshing and genuine about Drew Barrymore. And that’s that’s no easy feat for someone who’s been in the public eye for the past 40 years. We’ve seen her ups and her downs, but no matter what happens she’s always responded with optimism, humility, and authenticity.

There’s no pretense, no illusions of perfection, no claiming she’s got it all together. That’s what makes us celebrate her wins and her comebacks–and oh, there have been many.

This attitude is perhaps what makes her transition to daytime talk show host sound so appealing. We’ve seen her raw, goofy, vulnerable self charm interviewers–and ourselves–for decades. It seems only natural that she’d foster that same sense of open candor with her guests.

The Drew Barrymore Show was initially announced in 2019, and the star set out to create her vision of the show. A beautifully lit colorful studio, guest star segments, games and skits, and masses of cheering fans in attendance. It looked like a ton of fun from the pilot footage in the show’s “The Making Of” series.

Everything seemed to be falling into place. And then 2020 hit.

“Before 2020, we had been proceeding to make a ‘daytime talk show.’ I don’t think we were gonna fall totally prey to pitfalls and trappings and tropes and cliches, but I feel like the show we were making then probably does fall in that category,” Barrymore says.

After a few months of pandemic-related uncertainty, The Drew Barrymore Show is set to premiere on September 14. Albeit in a slightly different format.

There will be guest appearances, of course, and the first week looks to be star-studded. But those guests will have the choice whether to appear in-studio in New York (socially distanced, of course) or to appear virtually.

Audience participation will still be a big part of the show. There will be a segment called “15 Seconds of Fame,” where viewers appear on a virtual screen in Barrymore’s studio. 

The star has hyped up the use of technology on the show. She’s spoken about about how her team has been running so efficiently while communicating mainly through Zoom. And she’s called attention to functional set pieces, like that virtual screen, that she’s particularly proud of.

“This moment has made me become someone that I never thought I could be, let alone would be, which is someone who sought out every technological advancement,” she said.

The show leaned into that idea when they released a promo in July featuring Barrymore interviewing her seven-year-old self. The video used clips of her The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson appearance in 1982.

Who to expect at first

The first week promises to be star-studded. It kicks off with a reunion of Barrymore and her Charlie’s Angels co-stars Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz.

Adam Sandler, another frequent co-star, is also set to appear. Later in the week she’ll be featuring Reese Witherspoon, Billy Eichner, Jane Fonda, Gabrielle Union, Christian Siriano, Charlize Theron, Tyra Banks, and Billy Porter.

According to Glamour, Barrymore has shared that she’s looking forward to capturing a sense of the unexpected in her interviews. That includes doing away with the tradition of pre-interview questions. “I never wanted to know what questions were coming my way,” she says. “Spontaneity was crucial because I like to go in blind and play.”

“I am an imperfect, messy, silly person,” she says. “I can’t wait for screw-ups to happen. Those are the put-it-in-a-bottle moments!”

Let’s hope her guests share that same enthusiasm.

The Drew Barrymore Show premieres Monday, September 14. You can click here to find out when and where to watch.