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‘How to Train Your Dragon’ Spinoff Drops First Trailer

It's been almost two years since we last saw Toothless and Hiccup's adventures. But 'Dragons' fans rejoice, because Dreamworks has just announced the best Christmas gift.
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Updated 12/8/2021

We haven’t seen Hiccup, Toothless, and our other favorites from Berk in almost two years. So, as a Christmas gift to fans, Dreamworks is releasing a whole new Dragons story.

The First Full-Length Trailer is Here

Dreamworks dropped the first trailer for Dragons: The Nine Realms this morning and it’s all I could have hoped for.

The trailer shows a group of teenagers at Project Icarus, a research facility their parents work at. When one of those teens falls into a massive fissure, he’s rescued by a dragon. He introduces his new friends to the dragons and they soon discover the fissure is the home of the creatures.

In addition to the trailer, DreamWorks confirmed Julia Stiles, Marcus Scribner, Aimee Garcia, Ashely Liao, Lauren Tom, Keston John, Justina Machado, and D’arcy Carden were joining the cast. Before today, Jeremy Shada was the only confirmed cast.

What Is the New Story?

Dragon riders, get ready! A whole new series set in the modern-day will premiere soon.

Dragons: The Nine Realms will take place 1,300 years after the last How to Train Your Dragon film, in a time when dragons are considered myths.

However, when a fissure opens up, scientists from around the globe create a new research facility near the crack. Those scientists bring their families, and that’s when the story really begins.

The kids of the research team soon discover dragons and where they have been hiding for centuries.

The show will premiere on Hulu and Peacock exclusively on December 23.

Who is Attached to the Show?

So far, the only confirmed cast member is Jeremy Shada in an unnamed role. You’ll probably recognize him from Adventure Time or Julie and the Phantoms. Shada narrates the teaser trailer, so I’m willing to bet he’s one of the first to rediscover dragons in the show.

Other than that, Race to the Edge and Rescue Riders writer John Tellegen will return as an executive producer and showrunner. Besides Dragons, Tellegen also wrote for Disney’s Power Rangers series and was an editor for Spy Kids: Mission Critical.

Chuck Austen and Henry Gilroy are also executive producers. Austen’s most recent production was She-Ra and the Princess of Power. Gilroy is best known for his writing for Star Wars series, including Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels.

Beth Sleven is a supervising producer for the show. Sleven has worked on many series and films, including Spirit Riding Free, and in animation departments on various films, including Iron Man 2.

Dragons The Nine Realms promo photo
Dreamworks Animation | Hulu | Peacock

What Have Fans Been Saying?

I took a look at Reddit comments following the release of the teaser and was a little shocked at the reactions.

Some fans have been ecstatic that the story is continuing with new characters that we can grow to love. Others, however, have taken to criticizing every aspect. A few even suggested “boycotting” the series.

Regardless of those criticisms, it’s worth a shot to watch it. We wanted more content, and we’re getting it. That’s all I wanted, so I’m excited to see where the show goes.

I’m also hoping the show brings in new dragons that we haven’t seen before. The teaser showed us a few, including a glimpse of another Night Light. Since it’s been 1,300 years, there’s bound to be new crossbred dragons.

Another hope is that we see more Night Furies. I’ve been holding out hope that Toothless wasn’t actually the last of his kind, and they were just laying low in The Hidden World years before the first film took place.

Sadly, the one thing we can count on not seeing in Dragons: The Nine Realms is Toothless, Hiccup, and Berkians. They’re long gone, and their story has wrapped up nicely.

Dragons The Nine Realms title card
Dreamworks Animation | Hulu | Peacock

I’m going to miss Toothless, but I’m excited to see which dragon in the new series becomes my new comfort character.