Jameela Jamil to Star in Disney+ ‘She-Hulk’ Series

One of the breakout stars of "The Good Place" has found her next big role over at Disney+, where the new 'She-Hulk' series is in development.
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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is expanding even further! One of the breakout stars of the NBC sitcom “The Good Place,” Jameela Jamil, has found her next role at Disney+. A new She-Hulk series is in development over at the streaming platform, and Jamil has reportedly been cast to play Titania, who is She-Hulk’s nemesis.

The New ‘She-Hulk’ Series

In the new Disney+ series, She-Hulk will be played by Tatiana Maslany, a Canadian actress best known for her work in Orphan Black. This talented performer has won an Emmy Award, two Critics’ Choice Awards, five Canadian Screen Awards, and a TCA Award.


The story of Marvel’s “She-Hulk” revolves around Jennifer Walters. Walters was first introduced to the world by Stan Lee and John Buscema in the 1980 comic, “Savage She-Hulk #1.” Since that time, the character has appeared to help the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the Heroes for Hire, the Defenders, the Fantastic Force, and S.H.I.E.L.D.

Walters is a lawyer by day. More importantly, she is the cousin of Bruce Banner, AK.A. The Incredible Hulk. After Walters receives a blood transfusion from Banner, she inherits some of his powers. This means she also goes into Hulk-mode when she gets angry. However, there’s a big difference between Banner and Walters. When Banner becomes Hulk, he loses control of his emotions and his intelligence. Walters, on the other hand, is able to maintain her rationality when she turns into She-Hulk.

Jameela Jamil to Play She-Hulk’s Rival

Jameela Jamil has been confirmed to play She-Hulk’s arch rival, Titania, who was first introduced in “Secret Wars #3,” which was released in 1984. She-Hulk was born Mary MacPherran in Denver, Colorado, to a struggling family. She was teased as a child, and she found solace in reading superhero comic books. MacPherran often imagined herself as a hero when she was a little girl.


However, a chance encounter with Doctor Doom leads MacPherran into a world of darkness. Doom gives her powers using alien technology, causing her to grow at least a foot taller and to gain superhuman strength. This makes her a worthy adversary for even She-Hulk.

35-year-old Jameela Jamil will fit this role into her busy schedule of working on the upcoming Rugrats revival, Animaniacs, and Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous.

Who Else Will Star in the New Series?

Other actors set to star in this new series over at Disney+ include Ginger Gonzaga, Tim Roth, and Renée Elise Goldsberry. And who will play the Incredible Hulk? It will be none other than our favorite, Mark Ruffalo, who will reprise the role of Bruce Banner.

The director and executive producer of the series is Kat Coiro, who has worked on comedies such as Brooklyn 99, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Modern Family, and The Mick. With this in mind, we can expect the new She-Hulk series to be everything we’ve come to love about the MCU: action-packed, well-written, and hilarious.

The first season of She-Hulk is set to be released next year, in 2022. It will contain ten episodes. Are you as excited as I am?