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Luke Skywalker Should Stay Away From ‘The Mandalorian’

Luke Skywalker got three movies as a protagonist and a touching send-off in the sequel trilogy. Do we really need to see more of him on 'The Mandalorian'?
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The Mandalorian has only been running for two seasons, but it’s already become an integral part of the Star Wars universe. It’s a great stand-alone entry that doesn’t concern itself with Death Stars, lightsabers, or Skywalkers.

Well… it’s great until Luke shows up.

Major spoilers for the second season of The Mandalorian follow.

To the Rescue

In the second season’s final episode, Din Djarin and Grogu are pressed to their limits by the dastardly Moff Gideon. Gideon unleashes an army of Dark Troopers, seemingly unstoppable droids that even Din can’t fight easily. Earlier in the episode, a single Dark Trooper nearly killed him, but in the episode’s climax, at least a hundred of the monsters are trying to tear their way into the bridge of Moff Gideon’s ship, where Din and co. are holed up.

Luke Mandalorian
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Then, the show pays off an earlier moment when Grogu used the force to reach out to any Jedi who were still alive who could come to help him learn to control his powers. Fans had assumed that this was a setup for a returning character, maybe Ezra Bridger from Rebels or Cal Kestis from the video game Fallen Order.

So, when a lone X-Wing flies into Gideon’s ship and a hooded figure produces a lightsaber, fans went nuts. The mysterious Jedi cut down all of the Dark Troopers with ease before greeting Din and Grogu, removing his hood to reveal his identity. And what a revelation that was!

Why Luke?

The reveal showed us the uncanny and unpleasant CGI face of Luke Skywalker, who the credits swear was played by Mark Hamill. While the voice doesn’t sound much like the Luke we know, Hamill himself has stated he provided both the facial capture and voice acting for this sequence.

Many longtime fans of the series were surely joyous to see the franchise’s first protagonist get his big moment, but others were disappointed.

The Last Jedi
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This is a show called The Mandalorian. It’s supposed to be about Din Djarin and his adventures. Having him pushed into a corner and saved by a deus ex machina rang hollow for many fans, especially given the online discussion around Luke’s treatment in the sequel trilogy.

In my opinion, the sequence was gratuitous fan service for a character who had already gotten his story told.

No More of That, Please

Now that Luke has taken Grogu off to complete his training, I’d like to argue that Luke shouldn’t be appearing in the show going forward. For one thing, the constant exploitation of characters from the original trilogy has badly diluted Star Wars as a whole and made the whole wide galaxy feel extremely small.

That’s before you even consider the storytelling problems that arise. If every problem in the show is going to be solved by Din just calling Luke for a favor, then the stakes of the action become much less engaging.

There’s not really any dramatic tension if Luke’s always waiting around the corner with his lightsaber drawn, is there?

With any luck, the third season of The Mandalorian will focus much more closely on new characters who haven’t had their stories told yet. Din now bears the Darksaber, and the threat of the Remnant Empire hangs over Mandalore.

I, for one, would love to see the show dig into its own new stories instead of using CGI to recreate the past.