MrBeast Squid Game Recreation feat
@MrBeast on YouTube

Get a Behind the Scenes Look at this Epic Fan-Made ‘Squid Game’ Recreation

‘Squid Game’ became Netflix’s most-watched show quickly, and this YouTuber’s recreation followed in its footsteps.
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MrBeast, a YouTuber popular for his high-stakes games, recently recreated international success Squid Game, minus the violence and death. And we just got a behind-the-scenes look at the video.

Another YouTube Channel Gave Us the Details

SoKrispyMedia recently released a video on YouTube detailing how MrBeast’s crew made the popular show a reality. In Squid Game, most of the sets were green screen, but MrBeast took it a step further.

The video goes in-depth on how the sets were designed and built, how filming took place, and how they used special effects to sidestep the violence in the Netflix show. It runs through the process from start to finish.

MrBeast even makes an appearance at the end to talk about the video. According to SoKrispyMedia, it took only ten days to get the shots needed for the recreation video.

MrBeast’s Recreation Kept Most Elements from the Show

MrBeast, also known as James Steven Donaldson (or Jimmy to his friends), went viral in 2017 for a video of himself counting to 100,000. The video gained millions of views, and he has consistently produced entertaining videos since.

Some of his videos include stunt-focused content, including a real-life battle royale, spending 24 hours in various places like solitary confinement, and now Squid Game. My favorite videos are his hide-and-seek and tag videos, where people compete for large sums of money.

MrBeast constantly uses his influence and money to contribute to good causes. In October 2019, he teamed up with former NASA engineer Mark Rober to form #TeamTrees, a fundraising event to raise the Arbor Day Foundation money.

Earlier this year, they teamed up again for #TeamSeas to raise money for The Ocean Cleanup and The Ocean Conservatory. Every dollar raised equated to one pound of plastic removed from the world’s oceans.

Contestants in MrBeast Squid Game Recreation
@MrBeast on YouTube

The recreation had all of the games from Netflix’s Squid Game, and 456 people also competed for $456,000. Most games also had their own twists to them so that players wouldn’t get unfair advantages. Devices strapped to contestants that would beep, emit a red light and pop some sort of liquid served as elimination techniques instead of the violence from the show.

The only significantly changed game was the finale, where six players played musical chairs instead of fighting to the death. The other games included the “glass” bridge, marble game, tug of war, “Ppopgi,” and red light green light.

Squid Game Is Already Getting a Second Season

Squid Game on Netflix

Netflix’s Korean-language Squid Game takes popular children’s games of the country and turns them dark and twisted. In it, 456 contestants put their lives on the line for money.

The show was released worldwide in September 2021. 142 million subscribers watched the show in the first month, making it Netflix’s most-watched original series ever. And the number of people watching is still growing.

Squid Game stars Lee Jung-jae as Seong Gi-hun, a gambling-addicted divorcee trying to prove he can support his daughter financially and gain custody. Meanwhile, his ex-wife is preparing to move her and her daughter to the United States. The show has already been renewed for a second season.