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‘Ms. Marvel’ Finale Recap: There Is No Normal

In the season finale, Kamala Khan finally becomes Ms. Marvel. Let's recap it!
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Ms. Marvel just concluded its first season, and now we’ve got a clearer picture of what kind of superhero our protagonist really is. After a touching arc involving her family coming together to make her who she is, Kamala Khan returns home to Jersey City and uses her dual heritage, as a human and Clandestine, to save her friends and inspire her community. 

Let’s get into the recap! And, as always, here’s a spoiler warning for the last episode of Ms. Marvel. If you haven’t seen it yet, go watch it before you read on!

The Secret’s Out

In true MCU fashion, the finale opens with Kamala ditching her secret identity in front of her family. Naturally, the Khans all already knew that Kamala was a superhero since she told her mom. Muneeba called her dad to excitedly tell him, and Yusuf naturally had his speaker phone on (“It’s so convenient!”) so Amir overheard. Oh well, at least everyone’s supportive of Kamala’s newfound powers. 

Meanwhile, Bruno and Kamran are still on the run from the Department of Damage Control. The overzealous Agent Deever is anxious to capture Kamran–as she puts it, he’s the “wrong person” to have powers. She clarifies that she’s talking about him being too young, not him being a Pakistani-American. Naturally, no one believes her. This is the same Agent Deever that keeps harassing Kamala’s mosque and generally making life difficult for Jersey City’s Muslim community. 

Kamran is struggling with his Noor powers, which look like a remixed version of Kamala’s. He’s not able to control them well, but he’s capable of conjuring energy barriers for long enough to get himself and Bruno to relative safety at the mosque. The same mosque that Agent Deever and the DODC, once again, barge into. The community throws the DODC off Kamran’s trail, so he and Bruno flee to the high school. As Nakia helpfully points out, it’s the only place that they can guarantee will be empty on a Saturday.

Kamala Springs into Action

Muneeba brings Kamala a present before she leaps into the fray to defend her friends. It’s a lovingly-stitched outfit, complete with a lightning bolt symbol that Muneeba based on the image of Kamala’s warped necklace that once spelled her name in Urdu. Kamala adds a few touches–the domino mask from Bruno, the vest from the Red Daggers, and her red scarf from her new friend, Kareem. And like that, our hero looks every bit like her comic book counterpart, the incomparable Ms. Marvel. 

Kamala storms out into the night to protect her friends from the DODC, promising Kamran that her new Red Dagger pals can get him safely out of the country. She fails to tell him that his mother has died, though, feeling the situation is too dire to worry Kamran with this information. Together with Bruno, Nakia, Zoe, and Amir, Kamala rigs a series of Home Alone-style booby traps in the high school to delay the DODC. 

As the group struggles to keep the federal agents from apprehending Kamran, Kamala fields his awkward questions about his mom’s fate. She stops him from using lethal force against the DODC goons multiple times, showing that she’s capable of more mercy and restraint than her untrained friend.


Kamala’s friends are all arrested by the DODC, and Kamran, enraged by the news that his mother is gone, storms the agents outside the high school. Kamala rushes to the rescue, using her light-shaping powers to defend them both from a hail of bullets. As the DODC uses a Hulk-busting sound cannon to bowl the two Noor-empowered heroes over, Kamala finally says her catchphrase from the comics: “Embiggen!”

Kamala strides into the DODC’s line and coats herself in Noor energy, expanding her limbs and swatting their armored cars aside. This is a rough visual approximation of her stretchy powers from the comics, updated with the new backstory that she’s half-Clandestine. She manages to calm Kamran down, telling him that his mother chose him over returning to the Noor Dimension. He claims that people will always hate them and that they can never be normal. Kamala tells him that there is no normal, that everyone just is who they are.

As Kamran realizes the destruction around him is meaningless, he flees to find Kamala’s Red Dagger contact and get far away from the DODC’s reach. Kamala’s friends from the neighborhood come to her defense as the federal agents close in, but she uses her powers to escape into the night.

“Our Ms. Marvel”

After the final confrontation, Yusuf joins Kamala on the roof of their home to congratulate her on her new powers and encourage her to keep using them for good. He tells her that her name, Kamala, means “wonder” or “marvel” in Urdu, and calls her “Our little Ms. Marvel.” This is a touching backstory for the character’s comics-accurate name, as it shows that she’s strong because of her family and because of her connection to the cosmic-powered Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel.

Speaking of the good Captain, she finally makes an appearance in the show during a mid-credits scene. As Kamala relaxes after her final battle, her armband activates and teleports her far away, dropping Carol Danvers herself in Kamala’s bedroom. Longtime comics fans will recognize this as the same property that Mar-Vell’s Nega-Bands used in the original Captain Marvel comics, as they allowed him and Rick Jones to swap places between Earth and the Negative Zone. 

Finally, the episode teases that Ms. Marvel will return in The Marvels, the upcoming Captain Marvel sequel that will see Kamala, Carol, and WandaVision’s Monica Rambeau teaming up to face an as-yet-unknown threat. If it’s half as good as Ms. Marvel, then fans are in for a treat!