Netflix Keeps Canceling Amazing Shows

Netflix has some fantastic shows that are still making new seasons, but what about those the platform canceled way too soon?
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We all have those shows in our lives that ended too soon–or worse, ended on a cliffhanger. Netflix has a bad habit of canceling series even when the fanbase is huge. I’ve fallen victim to getting my hopes up for a second or third season just to have Netflix announce it’s over. Sometimes there are valid reasons, but occasionally, it’ll be axed without any mention of why. These are my favorite Netflix originals that were canceled before their time.

‘Teenage Bounty Hunters’

Netflix's Teenage Bounty Hunters
Netflix | Tilted Productions

This show isn’t for everyone, but it was good in many ways. Teenage Bounty Hunters barely made it a full season before Netflix canceled it. And while I wasn’t devastated by the news, I wish there’d been more of a story for the characters.

Twin sisters Sterling and Blair go into the bounty hunting business in order to fix the dents they put in their dad’s truck. The biggest catch: Their parents can’t know. They have to balance school at the same time. The concept was great; it just didn’t have enough time to flourish before being canceled.

‘The Crew’

Even though I’m not a big racecar fan, I immediately wanted to watch the show because of the cast. Kevin James starred, but what really sold it for me was Freddie Stroma and Paris Berelc playing rival drivers. I was devastated when I found out the show got canceled.

The Crew follows a racing team with Stroma being the driver, Berelc almost being the driver, and James as the crew chief. Every time a show I like gets canceled, it hurts. But what made this worse was how the show ended with many characters’ futures and relationships in question.

‘Everything Sucks!’

Netflix's Everything Sucks
Netflix | Midnight Radio

Wonder what Cassie was doing before losing her mind on Euphoria? The actress was starring in Everything Sucks!, a show that was sadly canceled after only one season. And that’s a shame because it handled teenage issues amazingly well. I wish I’d had this show when I was in school.

Set in 1996, Everything Sucks! follows the A/V and drama clubs. After the year’s play is canceled, the clubs band together to make a movie. In addition, we get glimpses into each student’s personal lives and struggles, and each is just as relatable as the next.

The main reason the show never got a second season was that the fan base wasn’t big enough to keep it going. But I guess it’s fine because if this hadn’t been canceled, we might not have gotten Sydney Sweeney as Cassie in Euphoria the next year.


I was honestly not shocked Daybreak got canceled, but I was disappointed. The show was different than most of what was on TV at the time, and I think that’s the main reason I binged it in a day. It helped that the cast did well with comedic timing.

It’s the apocalypse, and teenagers are running things. Daybreak was like a parody of Mad Max and other post-apocalyptic tales, but it focused on teens who are going crazier by the day. One of the characters’ names is even a parody of Supernatural characters.

‘V Wars’

Netflix's V Wars
Netflix | High Park Entertainment | IDW Entertainment | Marada Pictures

How did Netflix do this show so wrong? They already had a veteran of another successful vampire show in Ian Somerhalder. The source material was amazing, too. So where did this show go downhill enough for Netflix to cancel it after one season?

V Wars follows humans and vampires as the world is thrown into chaos. An infectious disease of some sort is turning humans into vampires after centuries of being frozen in ice. While this wasn’t the best vampire show ever, it still needed a second season to wrap up the story.

‘Marco Polo’

I never knew I needed a series about Marco Polo and his adventures, but I’m glad I stumbled across it. Without it, I probably wouldn’t have known much about the time period during which the adventurer lived. While the show had quite a few discrepancies with history, it was enjoyable.

Sadly, Marco Polo show plummeted in ratings during the second season, resulting in Netflix canceling it. I always wondered what would have happened if season three had made it to screens.

‘I Am Not Okay with This’

Netflix's I Am Not Okay With This
Netflix | 21 Laps Entertainment | Ceremony Pictures | Raindrop Valley

I didn’t watch I Am Not Okay with This until after it was already canceled. I saw the show’s outraged fans on TikTok and wanted to understand the drama. My curiosity got the better of me, and now I understand the cries for a second season. After all, the show was really popular and well-made.

I Am Not Okay with This followed Sydney Novak struggling to control her blossoming telekinetic abilities. Even without the powers, she had to deal with normal teenage drama and crushes. It was even nominated for an award at the 2020 Harvey Awards.


To be frank, I’m not the biggest fan of most musical dramas, but I had to watch Soundtrack for Jenna Dewan. Imagine the Valentine’s Day movie merged with Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist and you’ll get a sense of what this show was like.

We get a glimpse into the characters’ thoughts and feelings with a song they perform in their head. Honestly, I could have watched multiple seasons of this just for the musical numbers alone. But I guess I’m the only one because it was canceled for low ratings.

‘The Get Down’

Netflix's The Get Down
Netflix | Bazmark Films | Sony

Netflix can’t seem to get musicals right. Following the cancellation of Soundtrack, I turned to The Get Down. Sadly, it got canceled, too. I wish I had known that before watching, but at the same time, I guess I’m happy I won’t have to see any more sad scenes.

The Get Down followed a group of teenagers in the 1970s. Each character was interesting and multi-faceted while never seeming outlandish. I really don’t know why it got canceled, but it shouldn’t have.

‘Julie and the Phantoms’

I’m still mad about this cancellation; I doubt I’ll ever get any of my questions answered. Julie and the Phantoms was one of my favorite shows of 2020, and I had to wait over a year to have my hope ripped away and learn that it was canceled.

It was a lighthearted show with amazing music and some really deep moments that would make anyone cry. During my binge-watch of the series the day it was released, I had to pause between episodes because I was sobbing too hard to see.

Julie and the Phantoms had an amazing cast and a huge following. Not to mention, Kenny Ortega–who directed Hocus Pocus, High School Musical, and Descendants, among many other classics–created the show. It should have been an immense success. But for some reason that Netflix refuses to explain, it was canceled. Fans (including myself) were left on multiple cliffhangers.

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Netflix's Away
Netflix | Universal | True Jack Productions | 6th & Idaho | Refuge Inc.

I have always been in awe of astronauts, so when Netflix made Away, I was immediately sold. The cast and characters were great, the story was interesting, and I happily binge-watched the eight episodes.

But for some reason, Netflix pulled the plug on this show about astronauts going to Mars. There was so much potential for the show, and I was not satisfied with the ending. While the ratings weren’t gold, there were still plenty of fans wanting a second season that never happened.

‘Anne with an E’

I don’t entirely blame Netflix for this cancellation, but I’m still heartbroken it ended after only three seasons. Anne with an E is by far my favorite adaptation of Anne of Green Gables, but it still wasn’t enough. Netflix pulled the plug with so much of Anne’s life still to come.

All three seasons take place during the first Anne book, so we never get to see her grow into the strong woman we know from the books or past adaptations. It was also a darker take than the classic adaptation starring Megan Follows, which somehow fit the narrative better.

Though I was a little sad it ended, Anne with an E ended on one of my favorite romantic scenes to date. I also still don’t understand why Netflix canceled it, but the main reasoning I’ve found was that the 25- to 54-year-old bracket didn’t love it as much as Netflix wanted.


Netflix's GLOW
Netflix | Tilted Productions | Perhapsatron | Fan Dancer

I personally didn’t watch GLOW until after it had been canceled and fans had mostly moved on. GLOW followed the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling organization as they competed in the sport in the mid-1980s. And let me just say, I’m shocked Netflix canceled it.

Netflix cited its reasons for canceling as continuous shutdowns. And that seems to be the story for most of their cancellations, which is a shame. I’d rather have waited a couple of years and binged the entire show at once than never know what could have been.


This show was weird but in a good way. Netflix might have tried to save its skin with fans after season two’s cliffhanger, but the series finale didn’t do the show justice. Instead of forcing a full season’s worth of story into two and a half hours, they should have just done another season. It’s a shame because Lilly and Lana Wachowski poured their hearts into this series.

Sense8 followed eight people somehow linked through psychic abilities. Despite trying to go about their lives normally in season one, all eight are dragged into the world they never knew existed. The show continued to follow them through the ups and downs of their lives, most of which had me on the edge of my seat.

‘The OA’

Netflix's The OA
Netflix | Plan B Entertainment | Anonymous Content

Just like Sense8, The OA was a good kind of weird. And I am still shocked Netflix canceled it! The creators said early on in the show that it was meant to be five seasons (like Stranger Things), but Netflix pulled the plug for unknown reasons.

The OA followed Prairie Johnson, a blind woman who disappeared and reappeared after seven years with her sight and a new name for herself. The show was constantly pushing the barrier in all ways. And it ended on a massive cliffhanger that I’m still confused about.

‘The Society’

Speaking of cliffhangers, The Society will keep me up at night for years to come. The show was renewed for a second season before shutdowns made Netflix rethink and cancel it. Which they shouldn’t have done because the cast wanted to come back when they could.

I watched The Society a good five times in a month because every time I rewatched it, I found something new. The show focused on a group of teenagers who somehow ended up in a parallel universe where they were the only inhabitants. Netflix, at least do what you did for Sense8 and give The Society a two-and-a-half-hour series finale.