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New Obi-Wan Series Trailer Reveals Surprising Connections

Disney and Lucasfilm have finally unveiled the cinematic teaser trailer for the upcoming 'Obi-Wan Kenobi' series. The new show will stream on Disney+ starting on May 25.
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Lucasfilm has finally unveiled a teaser trailer from the highly anticipated new Obi-Wan Kenobi series. Kenobi will stream exclusively on Disney+ starting on May 25, and fans are excited to see Ewan McGregor reprising his role from the prequel trilogy. McGregor last wielded his iconic lightsaber 17 years ago, in 2005’s Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. The first season of Obi-Wan Kenobi will see him battling the Empire to defend a young Luke Skywalker across six episodes.

“The fight is done… We lost,” McGregor’s Obi-Wan grimly observes in the cinematic trailer’s opening. The visibly aged Obi-Wan looks world-weary as the Empire’s forces close in on his secret hiding place on Tatooine. The trailer promises to bring the show to exotic locales beyond the iconic desert planet, too.

This teaser finally reveals a few details about the enigmatic show. Fans were mostly guessing at the new series’ plot until now, but between the trailer and an official reveal article from we’ve finally got some concrete plot points to look forward to in the latest Disney+ Star Wars outing.

Kenobi Image
Ewan McGregor reprises his role as the Jedi Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi. | Image Credit: Lucasfilm, Disney+

Lucasfilm also showed off a series of compelling images from the forthcoming show. Notably, the teaser shots reveal a new villain, Reva, played by Moses Ingram. Reva is an Inquisitor, one of the Empire’s most dangerous warriors, and a seasoned Jedi hunter. 

Spoiler Warning: Major spoilers for Star Wars: The Clone Wars, The Bad Batch, Star Wars: Rebels, The Mandalorian, and The Book of Boba Fett follow.

Who’s the New Villain?

Reva is an Inquisitor, a type of Sith-aligned warrior introduced in 2014’s Star Wars: Rebels. Audiences first met the Grand Inquisitor, a fallen Jedi Knight who hunts the Ghost crew in the first season of Rebels. Director Dave Filoni and his crew created The Grand Inquisitor to give Kanan and Ezra a worthy lightsaber-wielding foe who isn’t Darth Vader.

Moses Ingraham appears as the villainous Inquisitor, Reva | Image Credit: Lucasfilm, Disney+

After all, Vader would lose some of his mystique if he constantly crossed swords with an upstart band of rebels who always elude capture.

Kanan defeats The Grand Inquisitor in Rebels’ first-season finale, leaving a notable lack of Force-sensitive villains going into the second season. The crew then crosses paths with numerous other warriors who trained under the Grand Inquisitor, like the dangerous Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister. 

Since Rebels, numerous Star Wars projects have relied on the seemingly endless ranks of the Inquisitorius to provide fresh villains for Jedi survivors in the Age of the Empire. In the excellent action video game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, protagonist Cal Kestis battles the deadly Second Sister.

Trailer Shows First Live-Action Inquisitors

Grand Inquisitor
Rupert Friend brings the Grand Inquisitor to live-action | Image Credit: Lucasfilm, Disney+

The trailer offers audiences their first glimpse of the Inquisition in live-action. Eagle-eyed fans will notice the Grand Inquisitor and the Fifth Brother among the Empire’s forces. Reva, Ingram’s character, can be seen interrogating Owen Lars (a returning Joel Edgerton) as Imperial forces sweep the sands of Tatooine for Obi-Wan Kenobi.

“The key to hunting Jedi is patience,” the Grand Inquisitor tells his disciples in the series’ new teaser trailer. “Jedi cannot help what they are. Their compassion leaves a trail. The Jedi Code is like an itch! They cannot help it.”

The series will likely share several narrative overlaps with Rebels. Obi-Wan has a sizable cameo in the animated series that culminates with his final duel against Darth Maul in the sands outside the Lars homestead. The Kenobi series takes place several years before the events of Rebels, though, so fans can expect a brand-new story in the dark Age of the Empire. 

The Inquisitors’ design in the teaser is a faithful recreation of their Rebels’ appearances. At one point, the Kenobi trailer even showcases the Grand Inquisitor’s rotating double-bladed lightsaber, one of the most controversial but recognizable elements from the animated show. This faithful representation of the characters is yet another example of the Star Wars’ shows dedicated level of interconnected storytelling.

More Than Just Tatooine

The new teaser suggests that the series won’t just stick to the familiar sands of Tatooine. Fans will be grateful for a break from the classic location. After all, the “middle of nowhere” planet is the center of numerous Star Wars stories, including A New Hope, Return of the Jedi, The Phantom Menace, The Mandalorian, and The Book of Boba Fett. 

Audiences can look forward to seeing a new planet named Daiyu, a neon-lit city that resembles Hong Kong. The trailer sees Reva stalking her Jedi prey through the rain-slicked streets of Daiyu as neon signs glow in the distance. Perhaps some of Star Wars’ lowlife bounty hunters like Boba Fett and Fennec Shand will make appearances in this grimy cityscape.

The trailer also shows the Fortress Inquisitorius on planet Nur. Fans first glimpsed this foreboding structure in Fallen Order, where Cal had his final showdown with the Second Sister. The fortress’s watery surroundings and intimidating architecture make it a classic Star Wars location, and fans will welcome the change of pace from the sun-baked dunes of Mos Eisley. 

Returning Faces

Fans are ecstatic to see Ewan McGregor back as Obi-Wan. He’s far from the only returning actor from the prequel trilogy, though. Joel Edgerton is back as Owen Lars, which has surprised some fans, given Edgerton’s ascent to stardom since his small role in 2005’s Revenge of the Sith. Likewise, Bonnie Piesse will reprise her role as Beru Lars. 

Perhaps the most exciting news for fans is the confirmation that Hayden Christensen will reappear as Darth Vader. Christensen’s performance divided fans in the early 2000s, and critics excoriated the actor for his wooden and lifeless portrayal of Anakin Skywalker. Many fans hope that Christensen’s return to the role will offer him a chance at redemption for his earlier portrayal. 

Some have speculated that the actor might appear outside of Vader’s iconic suit and helmet in flashbacks with Obi-Wan. However, given that McGregor and Christensen are both visible nearly two decades older than the last time they portrayed these characters, others find the possibility of lengthy flashbacks low. 

Others have postulated that Vader might doff his helmet in a few vital scenes throughout the series. It’s unclear whether Obi-Wan and Vader will see each other face-to-face during the show, but none of their lines in A New Hope suggest that they haven’t crossed paths since their fateful duel on Mustafar. 

Other Possible Connections

The Book of Boba Fett and The Mandalorian have proven that the animated Star Wars shows aren’t isolated from their live-action counterparts. Ahsoka made her live-action debut in the second season of The Mandalorian, and Cad Bane appeared in the final two episodes of Book of Boba Fett.

Now, fans are speculating that Obi-Wan could contain further crossovers with Rebels, or even the currently-running animated series The Bad Batch. At one point in the trailer, audiences catch a momentary glimpse of a white-armored clone trooper reaching out. Some fans think this could be Clone Captain Rex, one of the protagonists of Filoni’s long-running Clone Wars TV series. 

Rex could appear as one of Kenobi’s allies in the new series. After all, Ahsoka helped him remove his inhibitor chip in the final episode of The Clone Wars, so he doesn’t view Jedi as his enemies. Rex has appeared as a supporting character in The Bad Batch, assisting Clone Force 99 in subtle ways as they try to navigate the galaxy as men on the run from the Empire. That sounds a lot like what Kenobi is trying to do in his own show, so Rex might be able to share some advice with his old friend.

Could Ahsoka Make a Cameo Appearance?

Ahsoka appears as a minor supporting character in Rebels as a vital informant for the Ghost crew. However, audiences don’t know what she was doing during the era following the end of the Clone Wars and before the outbreak of the Galactic Civil War. That’s the period that Bad Batch and Kenobi take place during, so some fans hope to see Ahsoka cross paths with her former ally. 

The fan-favorite character scarcely mentions her master’s master in Rebels–Obi-Wan’s cameo in that show comes late in the series’ run. However, nothing in Rebels suggests that she couldn’t have dropped by Tatooine to check up on Obi-Wan and his solemn mission to guard Anakin’s son, Luke. 

Ahsoka appears in The Book of Boba Fett as something of a guide and mentor for an adult Luke Skywalker. She compares Luke to his father, but she doesn’t explicitly mention having seen Luke as a child or having visited his former master after the war. However, given her familiar tone and steady advice, some fans speculate that her relationship with Luke could be deeper than simply seeing Anakin’s best characteristics in his son. 

Maybe she’ll seek Obi-Wan out in his titular series to see what he’s doing all the way out on the backwater planet Tatooine. After all, Ahsoka likely didn’t know about Anakin’s secret children until well after the war. Maybe her discovery that her master had children is what sets the former Jedi on the path to spearhead the nascent rebellion against the Empire.

Fans will have to be patient until the series’ debut on May 25. In the meantime, we’ll just keep watching that amazing teaser trailer on repeat.