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Disney Channel Relationships That Should Have Been Canon

Between Disney Channel’s best and worst couples, we have the romantic relationships that fans wanted but the network never allowed to happen.
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Disney Channel brought us tons of iconic couples to look up to. But it also gave us just as many should-be couples that never got together before the finale ended. And while there are plenty of non-canon relationships from other Disney movies, I want to focus specifically on Disney Channel because I was one of those poor saps waiting for a day that would never come. So, without further ado, let’s talk about which couples Disney Channel was too chicken to put together romantically. Did I miss your favorite?

Tess and Booker from ‘Raven’s Home’

Booker and Tess from Raven's Home
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I haven’t watched this show since the beginning of season two, but I could tell these two had chemistry even then. They’re already close friends, so it’s not a stretch for them to catch feelings as they grow up. Sadly, Booker moved away with Raven in the latest season.

With the move, Tess and Nia were both removed from the show for the time being. There’s still a possibility they’ll make some appearances in the future, but I doubt Disney will ever act on the could-be relationship between Booker and his sister’s best friend.

Lindy and Garrett from ‘I Didn’t Do It’

I rarely hear about I Didn’t Do It, but the few mentions are always about Lindy’s twin brother, Logan, and his relationship with Jasmine. Looking back at the show, I wish Lindy and Garrett had been focused on more because they could have been a fantastic couple.

Their story could’ve been like Logan and Jasmine’s, but I think it would have been better in various ways. Garrett’s anxiety and Lindy’s perfectionism made it nice to see how their personalities grounded each other and balanced the relationship. I wish this show hadn’t been canceled so soon.

Trish and Dez from ‘Austin and Ally’

The idea of Trish and Dez dating was toyed with during one episode of Austin and Ally, but nothing ever came of it. Austin and Ally were daydreaming about what life would have been like if they’d met differently or Trish and Dez were in their shoes.

Trish and Dez were always saying “ew” about each other or the idea of them being more than friends. But over time, that could have led somewhere as it did with Austin and Ally. It could have been like frenemies turned lovers that we don’t see enough of in media.

Rocky and Deuce from ‘Shake It Up’

While we’re on the topic of friends who tease each other all the time but never become more than friends, let’s talk about Rocky and Deuce. Before Deuce got a girlfriend, I could have sworn he and Rocky would be endgame. But I was wrong.

These two opposites just weren’t right for each other in the long run. However, I think they could have been a cute couple that stayed friends after a breakup sometime during their high school years. I also think Rocky would have been good with Deuce’s cousin, who is more like her.

Cece and Gunther from ‘Shake It Up’

Cece and Gunther in Shake It Up
Disney | It’s a Laugh Productions

Since I’m talking about Shake It Up should’ve-been couples, Cece and Gunther should have been endgame. They had that perfect banter and flirty nature while saying they couldn’t stand each other. How many times did you think they would finally date when you watched the show?

If Gunther hadn’t left the show, I can imagine Disney Channel would have finally given fans what they wanted and put Gunther and Cece together. Sadly, the actor left the show, and so did all of our hopes for a fantastic enemies-turned-friends-turned-lovers story.

K.C. and Marissa from ‘K.C. Undercover’

I know K.C. had a thing for Brett while he was on the show, but I honestly think her and Marissa’s friendship was so much healthier. And I can’t be the only one who thought these two had chemistry that Disney Channel probably wouldn’t act on.

K.C. and Marissa were the best of friends for years – even while K.C. hid her spy family from Marissa. And while I’m happy with how the show ended and their friendship is stronger than ever at graduation, I do think they could have been a beautiful couple with one of the strongest and healthiest relationships from the network.

Cory and Meena from ‘Cory in the House’

Cory and Meena in Cory in the House
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While I haven’t watched this show since it was airing on Disney Channel, I remember wanting Cory and Meena to finally date. Cory was obvious about his feelings for Meena, even when she was dating other people, and completely oblivious of his feelings.

Even though I don’t think they would have lasted long after the show, I think they could have had a cute relationship with her keeping Cory grounded and humble and him bringing her out of her shell more. And while I wish Disney had given in to fans, I understand it just didn’t fit the story.

Lilly and Jackson from ‘Hannah Montana’

Do you remember that episode where Lilly dreamed about kissing Jackson and developed a crush on him? Why didn’t that ever lead anywhere? I know Lilly and Oliver were perfect together, and I wouldn’t want to change their relationship, but why didn’t Lilly and Jackson ever go on one date before that?

It’s the age-old story: a girl falls in love with her best friend’s brother. Disney has done so many tropes within the four seasons of Hannah Montana, so why didn’t they just add this one? Even if they just went on one date or had a few episodes to date, I would’ve been happier.

Dipper and Pacifica from ‘Gravity Falls’

Dipper and Pacifica in Gravity Falls

Dipper and Pacifica are only kids, so I understand why Disney never really paired them together in a romantic relationship. That said, I love the headcanons that the two would eventually date later in life, either in high school or college.

They started out as enemies, both being extremely rude to each other. But after Dipper helps Pacifica rid her mansion of ghosts, they start to build a friendship. I even think Dipper’s crush on Wendy lessened after bonding with Pacifica. Disney, if you’re reading this, give us more Gravity Falls content!

Liv and Josh from ‘Liv and Maddie’

While I wish Liv’s twin Maddie had never dumped Josh for her ex, I do think Liv and Josh would have been a perfect match in another universe. While I don’t want to erase Holden from Liv and Maddie, I do believe if he hadn’t existed, Liv would have had a crush on Josh.

In a perfect universe without Holden, Maddie would have dated Josh and dumped him for Diggy like she did in the show. Then, Josh and Liv would bond through their show, and Liv would never have given up the starring role to him. Years later, they would have finally started dating.

Jay and Gil from ‘Descendants’

Watch Descendants 3 and tell me Jay and Gil didn’t have the most chemistry out of all the canon couples. You can’t. And that’s why I’m calling Disney a chicken because they didn’t put these two together like they should have been.

I would also like to add that Jay had chemistry with so many characters, from Mal to Evie to Lonnie (Mulan’s daughter). And while I would love to talk about how he would’ve been a great fit with any other character, Jay and Gil’s chemistry was the strongest out of all the possible pairings.

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Evie and Ben from ‘Descendants’

Evie and Ben in Descendants 2
Disney | Bad Angels Productions | 5678 Productions

Since I’m already talking about Descendants, let’s talk about who would have been a better queen than Mal. The Evil Queen from Snow White’s daughter Evie. She had chemistry with Ben from the beginning while Mal struggled with being a “good girl.”

Evie and Ben had much more in common than their respective partners, so I don’t understand why Disney took them in separate directions. Now, I won’t bore you with how Descendants made all the wrong couples, so let’s move on to another Disney Channel musical.

Chad and Ryan from ‘High School Musical 2’

This ship only comes from the “I Don’t Dance” number and following scenes from High School Musical 2. I mean, look at them singing together, trying to sound like they can’t stand each other. But after the song is over, they’re wearing each other’s clothes.

How exactly did that happen, and why? Disney made some questionable decisions with its movies, but this has to be one of the most questionable. There’s never any explanation for the clothing swap, and nothing is ever said about it after. I just wish they’d mentioned it later in the franchise.

Maya and Zay from ‘Girl Meets World’

Moving on to one of the two Girl Meets World ships that I think would have been endgame if the show hadn’t been canceled, we have Maya and Zaya. Commonly referred to as Zaya, these two had similar senses of humor and chemistry – much more than Maya had with Lucas.

And yet, they always stayed just friends because of the annoying Maya-Lucas-Riley love triangle. If the show hadn’t been canceled, I could see them finally start dating towards the end of their high school lives, maybe being the next generation’s Shawn and Angela done right.

Riley and Farkle from ‘Girl Meets World’

Riley and Farkle should have been endgame for Girl Meets World, and I will die on this hill. They were two of the closest friends in the friend group, had the most chemistry and history, and cared about most of the same things – usually taking care of their friends.

Why Disney canceled Girl Meets World, I will never understand. But much like Maya and Zay, I think Riley and Farkle were the next generation’s iconic couple that would have lasted the test of time. They had a similar arc to Cory and Topanga but were cut short because the show ended too soon.