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‘Obi-Wan’ Finale and ‘Ms. Marvel’ Episode 3 Recaps: Easter Eggs and Everything You Missed

'Obi-Wan' has finally concluded, and it was awesome. 'Ms. Marvel,' meanwhile, it just heating up.
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The latest Star Wars series, Obi-Wan Kenobi, has concluded and tied a neat bow on the entire adventure. Meanwhile, Ms. Marvel is heating up, and our series antagonists have finally taken shape. Let’s dive into these recaps to cover everything you might have missed.

The Master and the Apprentice

Obi-Wan’s finale opens with the title character, Leia, and the nascent Rebellion aboard Roken’s escape craft, fleeing Darth Vader’s Star Destroyer. Kenobi takes the heroic route, fleeing in an escape pod to draw Vader’s attention to a nearby desolate moon. Meanwhile, Reva searches for Owen and Beru on Tattooine, eager to get revenge on Vader by slaying his son, Luke. 

Kenobi and Vader engage in a brutal duel, and audiences finally get to see Obi-Wan back in his classic form. Vader nearly beats him by burying him under rubble, but Kenobi remembers why he fights and promptly escapes from the makeshift tomb before handing Vader the most thorough beatdown we’ve ever seen him receive on-screen. 

Then, Kenobi slices Vader’s mask open and sees his former apprentice. He calls him “Anakin,” to which Vader dismissively tells him that Anakin is gone. Vader confirms that it wasn’t Kenobi who killed his former apprentice, but Vader, setting up Obi-Wan’s explanation to Luke in the first Star Wars film.

Change of Heart

Reva experiences a sudden change of heart, realizing that she doesn’t have what it takes to harm a defenseless child. Kenobi rushes back to Tattooine to protect Luke, only to find Reva has brought him back to his family and fears that she’s failed her fallen comrades. Obi-Wan tells her that she’s honored her friends by showing mercy, and Reva departs. The Empire thinks she’s dead, and she has no reason to tell Vader that he’s got a son. It will be interesting to see if Reva makes any appearances in future stories, like the upcoming Jedi: Survivor video game.

Kenobi swiftly puts a bow on his journey by returning Leia’s droid, Lola, to Alderaan. He tells her to keep their meeting a secret, lest she put herself or her family in danger. This explains why, when she sees him again nine years later, she makes no note of their familiarity. He also briefly meets Luke, giving him a ship toy that we’ll later see him playing with in A New Hope.

Finally, Obi-Wan sees the Force ghost of Qui-Gon Jinn, a welcome cameo from the ageless Liam Neeson. His former master tells Kenobi that he’s been with him the whole time, Kenobi just wasn’t ready to see him yet. Jinn says that they have a long way to go–about nine years, to be precise. It’s easy to see how this version of Kenobi could become the aged, wistful desert hermit we meet in A New Hope.

Ms. Marvel Meets the Djinn

Meanwhile, in Ms. Marvel, Kamala has finally met her crush Kamran’s mother, and she’s not at all what Kamala expected. Her name is Najma, and she’s the leader of a group of extradimensional outsiders that humans typically call “djinn.” In Middle Eastern mythology, djinni are harmful spirits, comparable to demons, who terrorize innocent people. 

Kamala is at first terrified of this revelation, and Najma further informs her that the bangle she inherited from her great-grandmother is an artifact capable of sending the djinn back to their home dimension. Audiences learn that Najma and the djinn are ageless, and they were with Aisha in the 1940s when she found the bangle–adorning a severed, blue arm, no less. Could this bangle be ancient Kree technology?

Kamala consults with her friend Bruno about the possibility of sending the outsiders back, but he warns her that doing so would be extremely dangerous. Kamala’s mom, Muneeba, comforts her daughter and says that she should just focus on her brother’s upcoming wedding. During the wedding celebration, however, Kamran bursts in and warns Kamala that Najma and the other djinn are coming to crash the party.

Fighting for Her Life

We get our first glimpse of Ms. Marvel’s powers in action during the fight scene in the wedding venue. Kamala, thinking fast, pulls the fire alarm to evacuate the building before tangling with the djinn. They’re fierce fighters, and Kamala is barely able to hold them off with her hard-light powers.

Bruno gets injured in the crossfire, and he and Kamala are rescued in the nick of time when Kamran drops in to fight his fellow Djinn. Kamala flees as Damage Control agents rush in to arrest the djinn, returning home to her worried family. Muneeba presses Kamala to know more about what she’s going through, but Kamala clams up and rushes to her room. She’s not eager to share her newfound powers with her family yet, especially given how much Muneeba hates talking about her own grandmother, Aisha. 

Just as Kamala seems lost and without direction, her grandmother, Muneeba’s mother, calls her. She hurriedly pleads with Kamala to travel with her mother to Karachi, Pakistan. It turns out that Sana has been sharing Kamala’s visions through the bangle, and she wants to talk to her granddaughter about the past.