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Disney’s ‘Percy Jackson’: Where You’ve Seen the Cast

Filming has already started, and Camp Half-Blood is getting closer to our screens. Who are you most excited to see?
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With the filming of Disney’s Percy Jackson show underway, casting news has slowly been coming out. From the main three of the series – Percy, Annabeth, and Grover – to the adults in their lives, eleven cast members have been confirmed.

While we’re still waiting on the Greek gods to be announced (trust me, I’ve been keeping an eye on the casting news daily for it), I thought I’d round up all the known cast and talk about what else they’ve been in and who they’re portraying in the series. From what we’ve seen already, I can tell it’s going to be great – and it’s all thanks to Rick Riordan having a hand in everything.

Olivea Morton as Nancy Bobofit

Olivea Morton on Instagram
@oliveamorton on Instagram

First up, we have Olivea Morton, who will be playing one of Percy’s school bullies, Nancy Bobofit. Before getting cast in Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Morton was in two short films, Better Now and And Yet They Speak. And according to her Instagram, she’s close to her fellow castmates.

Nancy Bobofit only shows up briefly in The Lightning Thief, but Percy references her a few times throughout the book. She is one of the main bullies at Percy and Grover’s school.

Dior Goodjohn as Clarisse La Rue

Dior Goodjohn in Head of the Class
HBO Max | Doozer Productions | Warner Bros.

Dior Goodjohn will be playing Clarisse La Rue, one of Percy’s biggest rivals for the majority of the book series. Goodjohn got her start as younger Santana in Glee and recently got more prominent roles in several series. In Head of the Class, Goodjohn played Robyn Rook during its one-season run on HBO Max. Goodjohn also portrayed Summer DaCosta in Are You Afraid of the Dark? on Nickelodeon during the third season.

Clarisse is one of the biggest bullies at Camp Half-Blood when Percy makes it there. She’s the daughter of Ares, and it reflects in her temper and fighting abilities. Despite her bullying him at the beginning of the series, Percy and Clarisse grow to respect each other later in the books.

Megan Mullally as Mrs. Dodds, AKA Alecto

Megan Mullally in Where'd You Go, Bernadette
United Artists Releasing | Annapurna Pictures | Color Force | Detour Filmproduction

Megan Mullally will play the first monster we see in the series, Mrs. Dodds. Her most notable roles have been as Karen Walker in Will and Grace and as Chief in Childrens Hospital.

Mullally also hosted her own show, The Megan Mullally Show, from 2006 to 2007. She is also a comedian and singer – she provided the singing voice for Nikki (played by Kristen Bell) in Burlesque. Mullally is also married to Nick Offerman.

Mrs. Dodds is the persona Alecto uses to hunt down Percy Jackson. As Mrs. Dodds, she was Percy’s pre-algebra teacher; as Alecto, she’s one of the three Furies that served Hades. Percy’s first fight with her is what leads to him receiving his sword Riptide for the first time.

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Timm Sharp as Gabe Ugliano

Timm Sharp in Blunt Talk
Starz | MRC | The Herring Wonder | Fuzzy Door Productions

Timm Sharp will be playing Gabe Ugliano, Percy’s step-father. He has a pretty long acting resume that starts in 2000. His first credited role was in Spin City, but you might recognize him either from Undeclared, Blunt Talk, or ’Til Death.

In ’Til Death, he played Doug Von Stuessen, the main character’s daughter’s hippie boyfriend. Sharp’s character in Undeclared, Marshall Nesbitt, is a musical friend of the friend group. And in Blunt Talk, he acted opposite Sir Patrick Stewart for the show’s two-season run.

Also called Ugly Gabe by Percy, Gabe Ugliano is the worst character in the entire series. Luckily, he’s only there for one book. I won’t tell you what happens to him if you haven’t read The Lightning Thief yet, but it’s great justice for the Jackson family.

Jason Mantzoukas as Mr. D, AKA Dionysus

Jason Mantzoukas in Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Fox | NBC | Fremulon | Dr. Goor Productions | 3 Arts Entertainment | Universal Television

I didn’t know who I wanted as Mr. D until the announcement named Jason Mantzoukas. You’ve probably seen him in plenty, but the most recognizable for me are Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Parks and Recreation, and The League.

All three of those shows featured him in a recurring role that made a huge impression on fans. In addition to those roles, he’s also the voice of Big Mouth’s Jay Bilzerian, Invincible’s Rex Splode, and Star Trek: Prodigy’s Jankom Pog.

Dionysus, AKA Mr. D, is the head of Camp Half-Blood. He appears not to care about the camp but secretly does. He constantly berates and talks down to demigods, and he’s got a sharp sense of humor.

Glynn Turman as Chiron, AKA Mr. Brunner

Glynn Turman in Fargo
20th Television | Disney | ABC | MGM Television | FXP | Mike Zoss Productions | The Littlefield Company | 26 Keys Productions | Nomadic Pictures

Glynn Turman has dipped his toe in almost every genre in film and television. Some of his most notable roles go from soap opera (Peyton Place) to sitcom (A Different World) to crime drama (Fargo).

Some of his most recent roles include Mose Wright in Women of the Movement and Bullseye Black in The Outlaw Johnny Black. And if you’re a Criminal Minds fan like me, you’ll recognize him from an episode where he played Charles Johnson.

When we first meet Chiron, he’s disguised as Percy’s Latin teacher at Yancy Academy. He uses a magical wheelchair to hide his centaur body when out in the mortal world. At Camp Half-Blood, he works closely with Mr. D and the demigods as the activities director. Chiron is also Percy’s mentor – he even gave him his pen-sword Riptide.

Virginia Kull as Sally Jackson

Virginia Kull in NOS4A2
AMC | O’Brien Construction | The Tornante Company

Out of the adults in the show so far, Virginia Kull is the only one I didn’t recognize from somewhere right away. That’s surprising since she’s made guest appearances in some of my favorite shows. But she also has a starring role under her belt with NOS4A2.

Some of her more notable roles were as Emily Barnes in Big Little Lies, Kathy Shaughnessy in The Looming Tower, and Sadie in Mr. Mercedes. I can’t wait to see how she takes on the role of Percy Jackson’s mother.

Sally Jackson is one of the best moms in middle-grade literature. She goes through so much to protect Percy from monsters, even going so far as marrying Ugly Gabe to shield her son. I can’t wait to see her in the show.

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Charlie Bushnell as Luke Castellan

Charlie Bushnell on Instagram
@iamcharliebushnell on Instagram

Showbusiness is in Charlie Bushnell’s blood; his father is a musician and his uncle is an actor. Before being cast in Percy Jackson and the Olympians, he had been in two short films and had a prominent role as Bobby Cañero-Reed in Disney’s Diary of a Future President.

Luke Castellan, a son of Hermes, was with Annabeth when she made it to Camp Half-Blood. He’s 19 and Annabeth’s crush at the beginning of the books. That is until he reveals his true intentions and betrays her. However, his betrayal changes Camp Half-Blood for the better.

Aryan Simhadri as Grover Underwood

Aryan Simhadri in Spin
Disney | ABC | Princessa Productions, LTD

We’ve finally gotten to the main three of the original series, and I’m starting with Grover Underwood’s actor, Aryan Simhadri. Aryan is no stranger to Disney productions; before Percy Jackson, he was in the remake of Cheaper by the Dozen and several other projects.

Other notable projects Simhadri was in include Spin, Trevor: The Musical, and The Main Event. I can’t wait to see where his career goes both while the Percy Jackson show goes on and after.

Before Percy made it to Camp Half-Blood, he had already become friends with Grover, a satyr tasked with finding demigods and getting them to safety. He’s the heart of the group and is the reason Percy goes on a second quest in the book series.

Leah Jeffries as Annabeth Chase

Leah Jeffries on Instagram
@leahsavajeffries on Instagram

Before booking the role as Annabeth Chase, Leah Jeffries already had a strong resume behind her. Starting off with a six-episode role in Empire as Lola to playing Idris Elba’s daughter in the upcoming film Beast, I can’t wait to see her career just keep going up.

In addition to acting, Leah is active on social media and has handled the backlash from fans well. The entire cast has supported her, and Rick Riordan even spoke out about it, saying he searched for personality, not appearance, and Leah had what was right for Annabeth.

Both Percy’s close friend and love interest, Annabeth Chase is the daughter of Athena. To make it to camp, she was taken in by Grover, Luke Castellan, and Thalia Grace. She’s always wanted to prove herself, so when she gets the chance to accompany Percy on a quest, she goes for it.

Walker Scobell as Percy Jackson

Walker Scobell in The Adam Project
Netflix | Skydance Media | Maximum Effort | 21 Laps Entertainment

If you’ve seen him in interviews, then you know Walker Scobell is the perfect actor to portray the sassy Percy Jackson in Disney’s show.

As for his roles, the most recognizable is definitely as the young Adam in The Adam Project, where he starred opposite Ryan Reynolds. The only other acting credit on his resume is Secret Headquarters, a Paramount+ movie that’s set to premiere on August 5. Although he’s relatively unknown, I have faith that the series cast the right person.

Percy Jackson, the protagonist of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, is one of the sassiest and funniest characters I have ever read. He is a son of Poseidon and set to either destroy or save the world with his friends, Grover and Annabeth.