‘Schulz Saves America’ Might Be the Best Comedy Special of the Year

Can Andrew Schulz – the Comedy King of Quarantine – really save America with his new Netflix special? I think so – give it a watch, and you just might agree.
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Comedian Andrew Schulz may be the King of Quarantine. Throughout the pandemic, rather than wait for live comedy to start back up again, he and his team took matters into their own hands.

Instagram / @andrewschulz

Fellow comics have commended Schulz and his crew for turning the typical late-night TV format of monologuing about current events into something much more entertaining. Without a network beholding them to rules about what they can and can’t say, Schulz and his friends have been able to talk to viewers in a way that no established TV host could ever imagine. He rants, rages and takes shots at everyone – no single group is safe from the roasting.

The Rise of Andrew Schulz

As lockdowns wore on, Schulz’s view counts on YouTube got higher and higher. This success spilled over onto his podcast, Flagrant 2 – where, as the name suggests, no topic or hot take is off limits. The podcast’s viewership has grown so massive that Schulz’s cultural clout can’t be denied. In fact, in September of 2020, the show hit #1 for Patreon subscribers in the comedy category.

Instagram / @andrewschulz

The feat indicates that comedy fans are seeking out rational thinkers amidst the extremism and constant chaos that the big media giants hurl at us every day, and that’s exactly what Schulz’s podcast and new Netflix special are all about. The Flagrant 2 team consists of Schulz; his dear friend, former roommate and fellow comedian/actor Akaash Singh; comedian and intern Mark Gagnon; and director and editor AlexxMedia.

The project, though it had such few hands on deck, was turned around within a few months. Is this the future of comedy – listening to your viewer’s feedback in real time and producing your own content rather than bending to the whims of a hierarchal Hollywood system?

“The best decision I’ve ever made was putting my career in the hands of the people,” Schulz said in his Instagram celebration of his small team’s success. “Y’all haven’t let me down once. I promise I’ll do everything in my power to never let y’all down either.”

What to Expect From the Special


Schulz Saves America is broken up into four 16-minute slices, making for a little over an hour of hilarious content. The episodes include:

  • Coronavirus: The Pandemic Unmasked Our Pitiful Politicians
  • Conspiracy Theories: Predators, Presidents, and Epstein’s “Suicide”
  • Black Lives Matter: Protests, Police, and Hollywood Hypocrites
  • A Nation Divided: Crybaby Cooper and Tantruming Tucker are Tearing the Country in Two

The special is not a stand-up show; it’s an evolution of Schulz’s new brand of ranting comedy. Through it, he and co-creator/co-writer Mark Gagnon give us a rundown of the chaotic year that was 2020.

What sets them apart from TV hosts like Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert, and Seth Meyers is that this is not a slow repeat of easy jokes we’ve already heard or seen on Twitter throughout the week, regurgitated to us through the thoughts of an overly-PC writer’s room.

Schulz and Gagnon’s jokes come at you nonstop – so fast that many of them don’t hit you until you watch it a few times over. They’re clever, they’re goofy, and they’ve figured out a way to make an old, rusting medium fun again.

Can Schulz really save America through this special? I’d like to think so. All I can say is: This guy gets it.