She Hulk Ep 3
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‘She Hulk’ Episode 3 Recap: Superhuman Law

This week on 'She-Hulk,' Megan Thee Stallion cameos and Jen tries to help Emil Blonsky secure his freedom.
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She-Hulk returns this week just in time for Jen to help Emil Blonsky apply for parole. Meanwhile, Pug has to help Jen’s former coworker prove that a shapeshifter catfished him. Ah, comic book shows.

Also, Megan Thee Stallion makes a cameo appearance in what might be the most precious pop culture crossover in a Marvel property.

Getting Emil Free

Last week, Emil Blonsky made a compelling case for his release from prison. He didn’t rampage through Harlem back in 2008 because he wanted to; he became the Abomination on the direct order of the US government. His battle with Hulk, while destructive, was sanctioned by Thaddeus Ross. Moreover, Emil argues, he’s in control of his transformation now after long meditation sessions–and he’s even on good terms with Bruce Banner, who fully supports his release.

There’s just one problem. Footage of Emil in an underground arena fighting the Sorcerer Supreme, Wong, has surfaced, and Jen needs to prove that Emil didn’t orchestrate the prison break. Wong makes a brief cameo appearance before the parole hearing to set the record straight, making sure the parole board knows that he forced Emil to accompany him on the fighting tour to Madripoor. 

After confessing to a serious federal crime, Wong opens a portal and evades capture in the exact way you’d expect from the Sorcerer Supreme himself. Emil is freed from prison, under one notable condition: He needs to wear an inhibitor at all times so he can’t become Abomination. He accepts these terms and resolves to live peacefully with his seven soulmates on a large patch of land where he plans to open a meditation retreat. How wonderful for Emil.

The Light Elf

Meanwhile, Pug is trying to help prove that Jen’s former colleague, Dennis Bukowski, genuinely thought he was dating the real Megan Thee Stallion, international rap superstar. In reality, he was dating a scam artist, a light elf from Asgard who can shapeshift at will. After Dennis sent her several thousand dollars, the light elf ghosted him and left him high and dry.

The real Megan Thee Stallion plays both her imposter and herself in these scenes, making for some of the most irreverent fun of the series so far. Seeing a well-known celebrity appear as themself in an episode of a Marvel show is a bit odd, to be sure, but we’ve already got Harry Styles playing Eros in Eternals, so this isn’t that unprecedented. Seeing Jen’s genuine excitement at meeting one of her favorite musical artists is also a fun treat.

Pug and Jen manage to prove that Dennis is self-centered and unperceptive enough to believe he really is dating a rap superstar, resulting in his light elf tormentor being ordered to pay him damages. Jen and Megan later celebrate their legal victory back in her office, dancing in plain view of her coworkers

Possible Narrative Twists

This week’s episode was lighthearted, but it could have some major story implications. The Department of Damage Control letting Blonsky go under the condition that he uses an inhibitor could foreshadow further conflict between superheroes and the government. Perhaps something sinister is lurking for the heroes in the upcoming Secret Invasion series.

Megan Thee Stallion’s cameo appearance also begs some questions. Was she dusted during the Blip? If not, was she creating normal music after half the world’s population was turned to ash by Thanos? How did that impact album sales or creative output? Lots of questions the show’s creators probably don’t want us thinking too hard about.

Next week, Jen will likely be dealing more with the Wrecking Crew, a hapless group of villains using stolen Asgardian tech to terrorize superheroes. In the comics, these bozos are essentially jobbers who get beaten to establish how strong the heroes are. They’ll likely serve a similar role in this series.