She Hulk Ep 4
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‘She-Hulk’ Episode 4 Recap: Oh, It’s Magic

This week, Jen and Wong take a magician to court, and Jen tries to break into the dating world.
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She-Hulk has been an interesting change of pace for Marvel’s TV shows. It’s a more lighthearted, episodic series that tackles each new case as the topic of the week, with a tiny bit of serialized continuity running through the show. This week, the show dives deeper into the world of the Mystic Arts, with Wong returning to ask Jen for legal help when a Las Vegas-style magician starts illegally sending people to other dimensions. 

Donny Blaze

The aptly named Donny Blaze is a failed sorcerer who now makes money by putting on gaudy shows in Los Angeles that resemble a knock-off version of David Copperfield. The shows get little more than scattered applause until Donny realizes he can wow the crowd with real magic he stole from Kamar-Taj when he was a sorcerer in training.

He sends a volunteer from the audience, Madisynn (with two N’s and a Y, but it’s not where you think), to a hellish dimension. She manages to find her way back to reality, dropping into Wong’s apartment while he’s watching The Sopranos. After promptly spoiling the episode he’s watching, Madisynn asks Wong for a ride back to LA. 

The Sorcerer Supreme is livid that Blaze is using real magic to sell tickets to his cheap magic show and asks Jen to help him sue the magician. Donny claims that you can’t copyright real magic, unlike stage magic, and the prosecution will need to prove that he’s actually endangering people.

Super-Powered Dating

Meanwhile, Jen’s trying to meet new people. She sets up a profile on a dating app, but it goes horribly wrong. She barely gets any matches, and the few people she does meet are just the worst. Her best friend suggests that she remake her profile in her She-Hulk persona, which she initially resists. However, after a bit of prodding, she relents and finds it’s much easier to date in her super-powered form.

She goes on several dates and meets a few superhero fans. She even has a really nice date with a surprisingly down-to-earth guy, only to be interrupted by Wong–who now needs help containing a demonic outbreak caused by Donny Blaze’s multidimensional tampering. Jen and Wong manage to wrangle the demons and throw them back into the dimension they came from, and Wong seals things up after getting assurances from Donny that he’s done using real magic.

Meanwhile, Jen’s date from the previous night is surprised to see her de-powered in the morning. Disappointed by her human appearance, he quietly slips away with a mumbled excuse about needing to leave. Jen, unable to find a true connection in both her human and Hulk forms, is disappointed by the dating world and left lonely. 

Poking Fun at Marvel

She-Hulk is having a lot of fun at Marvel’s expense. Donny Blaze, for instance, is a fun play on Johnny Blaze, the infamous Ghost Rider. Wong’s insistence on using the legal system to go after a magician is a funny way for the Sorcerer Supreme to deal with his problems. Moreover, Jen’s constant fourth-wall breaks and references to real-world social media like Twitter are fun reminders that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the center of the pop culture universe.

The show is taking some interesting turns for a Marvel property, and fans are excited to see how its lighthearted approach meshes with upcoming cameos like Daredevil and future Bruce Banner appearances.