She Hulk Episode 6
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‘She-Hulk’ Episode 6 Recap: Marriage Is What Brings Us Together

'She-Hulk' is all about marriage this week. Jen's childhood friend is getting married, and, meanwhile, Nikki and Mallory are dealing with some messy divorce cases.
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This week on She-Hulk, Jen says what we all feel about weddings: they always pop up at the worst times. And she couldn’t be more correct. This wedding episode is popping up at the worst time! The season is headed toward the finish line, and yet we’re spending one on a self-contained wedding episode.

And there’s still no Daredevil in sight, which is downright criminal after teasing us with his appearance in the prior episode. Well, whatever, let’s put our nice clothes on and go to a wedding.

Lulu’s Wedding

Jen gets an invitation from her childhood friend Lulu to be a bridesmaid. Jen is frustrated that she’s only just getting her feet under her as She-Hulk and now she’s called to a random mid-week wedding. She shrugs this off and decides that she’s more excited to show off the new super suits she got tailored last week, which will look more flattering on her massive Hulked-out body.

Meanwhile, Mallory and Nikki are dealing with a divorce case. A superhero named Craig Hollis (who really prefers to be called “Mr. Immortal”) has a habit of using his death-defying superpower to get out of marriages. When he gets bored with his spouse, he just flings himself into traffic, gets himself declared legally dead, then moseys on to the next person.

Craig is, in a word, the worst. He’s fielding off a massive lawsuit from his eight exes, all of whom say he defrauded them by faking his death. Craig’s assertions that he didn’t fake anything because he does die–his powers just bring him back–fall on deaf ears. Even his own attorneys hate his conduct and have him settle with his exes, completing this week’s theme of matrimony.

Rivalries Everywhere

As Jen gets settled in at Lulu’s wedding, she impresses all her high school friends with her new Hulked-out body. Lulu freaks out on her and tells her that she doesn’t want her to overshadow the bride on the big day, asking her to stay “just Jen” throughout the ceremony and reception.

That’s when Titania shows up and ruins the proceedings. Titania swears she’s just there as a plus one, but Jen is certain the super-powered influencer is there to torment her. Titania tells Jen that “not everything is about her” before Lulu saddles our hero with various chores that need to get done around the venue. 

Jen, eager to let loose after the ceremony, gets drunk at the reception. After she goes outside to get sick, Titania sucker-punches her and demands that Jen transform so they can have a grudge match. Jen reluctantly Hulks up and throws down, eventually breaking Titania’s veneers and embarrassing her in front of everyone. Lulu storms in, apparently furious, before giddily embracing Jen and becoming excited that She-Hulk took the time to attend her wedding. 

Hidden Villains

This episode also confirms that there is a secret baddie behind all this Titania nonsense. Viewers get a brief glimpse of a scientific lab full of equipment dedicated to monitoring Jen and studying her Hulk form. It’s all somehow connected to the Wrecking Crew that tried to get a blood sample from Jen several episodes ago. It’s all very comic-book-inspired. It’s also going under the radar for Jen, who is more interested in her new date, Josh, than in untangling the conspiracy swirling around her.

There are a lot of questions lingering in the show. What is Bruce up to on Sakaar? Where is Matt Murdock? What is this shadowy cabal that wants to hurt Jen? It looks like the show is going to wait until the last minute to bring us up to speed on the broader MCU implications of this quirky legal drama.