She Hulk Ep 7
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‘She-Hulk’ Episode 7 Recap: Blonsky’s Meditation Retreat

This week, Jen is off to Blonsky's remote meditation retreat. Not because she wants to be, though: the former villain's inhibitor is on the fritz.
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This week on She-Hulk, Jen is recovering from her semi-disastrous turn at Lulu’s wedding and enjoying some time with her new boyfriend, the suspiciously awesome Josh. Let’s catch up with our favorite super-powered lawyer and see what’s got her heading to Emil Blonsky’s meditation retreat.

Josh Ghosts

Jen and Josh go on a handful of dates to open the episode, making everyone say “aww” as Jen finally meets someone who cares about her for who she is without her superpowers. The two have a great time, and Josh eventually stays the night at Jen’s place, resulting in her sending a sweet and sappy text the next morning. To her dismay, Josh fails to respond for days, making Jen worry that he’s just ghosting her.

Before she can spiral out into a worrying sense of panic, however, Jen learns that her client, Emil Blonsky, might have violated his parole. Banksy’s parole officer, Chuck, calls Jen on a Sunday to tell her that Blonksy’s inhibitor is on the fritz, and he’s concerned that the super-powered ex-con might be in full Abomination mode on his massive meditation retreat. 

To keep Chuck safe and take her mind off the whole “Josh” thing, Jen suits up and heads out to Blonksy’s distant retreat. Another She-Hulk episode, another largely self-contained adventure.

Finding Herself

Chuck and Jen find that Blonsky is fine and hasn’t transformed. His inhibitor got fried by an electric fence on his property as he was trying to help one of his chickens who got too close to the perimeter. Both chicken and Blonsky are unharmed, thankfully, and Chuck is able to repair the inhibitor to keep Blonsky on the right side of the law. As Jen prepares to leave, frustrated that she’s wasted half the day on the trip out to Blonsky’s property, a pair of super-adjacent weirdos crash lands on her car.

These two goofballs, Man-Bull and El Aguila, are D-listers from the bowels of Marvel’s strangest comics. They show up alongside other nobodies like Porcupine, Saracen (who might be a vampire), and Wrecker, the villainous, crowbar-wielding baddy from Episode 3. Jen quickly freaks out when she sees her old enemy paling around the retreat, leading Blonsky and the other members of his (completely not criminal) gang to implore Jen to join their therapy circle.

Jen lets Wrecker off the hook and openly explores her feelings about being ghosted by Josh. She’s angry that she’s struggling to make human connections now that she has superpowers. She’s worried that people will only like her for She-Hulk, not for Jen. Her new pals tell her that they accept her for both sides of who she is, leading her to a confident breakthrough and encouraging her to delete Josh’s number and move forward.

What Happened to Josh?

The episode closes with Jen getting a tow truck ride off of Blonsky’s property, having fully come to terms with Josh’s ghosting and with a better understanding of the man who was once The Abomination. It’s a good note to go out on and speaks to some genuine character growth, both for Jen and Blonsky. Meanwhile, the show transports us back in time to Jen and Josh’s fateful night together.

Josh quietly sneaks out of bed while Jen snoozes peacefully and creepily snaps a picture of her. Gross, Josh. Meanwhile, he copies the contents of her phone and texts an unknown person that he’s succeeded in getting a sample of Jen’s gamma-irradiated blood. This is the mysterious “Hulk King” we keep hearing about, and, with Josh’s help, this unseen villain is one step closer to his nefarious goals.

This hidden antagonist could be The Leader, a villain who was briefly teased in the 2008 Incredible Hulk film. Rumor has it that The Leader will be the big bad guy in the upcoming fourth Captain America movie, which will star Anthony Mackie as the title character. Perhaps his origins will be explored in this show, and Jen herself could make a big-screen cameo in Captain America!