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‘She-Hulk’ Finale Recap: What Fourth Wall?

In the finale of 'She-Hulk,' Jen goes straight to the top to get some answers. Buckle up for a wild ride.
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She-Hulk’s first season is over, and what a strange way for it to end. The first season finale finished off Jen’s origin story by bringing her face-to-face with her tormenters and finally bringing some long-rumored comic book characters into the MCU. Here’s everything that went down in the weird final episode of She-Hulk.

Major spoilers for the finale of She-Hulk Season One follow after the break, so you’ve been warned. Don’t read on unless you want to know about surprise cameos and off-the-wall plot developments.

The Savage She-Hulk

The episode opens with a delightful throwback-style narration that pays homage to the classic Incredible Hulk TV show, starring Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno. Tatiana Maslany does her best Bixby impression as the narrator gives a slightly skewed version of the 70s series’ intro, complete with shot-for-shot remakes of the vignettes from The Incredible Hulk’s opening.

This cute homage is revealed to be a meta dream Jen is having in a Damage Control holding cell. It looks just like the one Emil Blonsky was in at the start of the season, and Jen makes a plea deal almost identical to Emil’s. She can leave the cell and avoid criminal charges if she wears an inhibitor that will keep her from using her powers. Dejected and feeling her life fall apart, Jen is fired from GLK&H. She can’t afford her apartment in LA anymore, so she moves back in with her parents to save money.

Lost and unsure where to go next, Jen decides to give Emil a surprise visit at his meditation retreat. Meanwhile, Pug and Nikki have staked out the internet stalker community, Intelligencia, that engineered the gala disaster that saw Jen thrown in jail. Pug poses as a loser and goes undercover at one of their meetings, learning that Todd is actually the Hulk King, the mastermind behind the harassment campaign against Jen.

Everything Goes Off the Rails

Jen discovers that Emil is giving the Intelligencia group an inspirational speech–in full Abomination mode, clearly violating the terms of his parole. Todd reveals that he had Josh steal Jen’s blood during their brief fling and injects himself, becoming a super-powered villain and rampaging through the event hall. Suddenly, Titania and Bruce both crash into the room and it’s pure pandemonium.

This many plot contrivances can’t be real, right? Jen calls the show’s writers themselves out on the insanity of the proceedings and physically breaks herself out of the episode, literally skimming through the Disney+ app to find her way into a documentary about Marvel Studios and confront the writers of She-Hulk. There, she insists she speaks to the writers’ boss, Kevin.

However, it’s not Kevin Feige she finds at the center of Marvel Studios HQ, but K.E.V.I.N., a supercomputer with a suspiciously familiar-looking hat-brim-shaped visor. 

This “Kevin” explains that he’s the mastermind behind all of the events of every Marvel property, and Jen excoriates him for the various repetitive plot lines found in Marvel films. He asks her to stay in her human form because it’s too expensive to render her in She-Hulk mode for every scene, cleverly addressing audience complaints about the quality of CGI in the series. Jen tells Kevin to ditch the Todd-stealing-blood storyline and to bring Daredevil back so she can see him again.

All’s Well That Ends Well?

Back in the rewritten reality of the show, Emil gives himself up for violating his parole, and the authorities arrest Todd for a criminal conspiracy against Jen. Matt returns to LA and begins dating Jen, and the authorities absolve She-Hulk of any guilt and allow her to remove the inhibitor. 

Bruce returns (for real this time) from Sakaar and reveals that he’s had a son named Scar. Scar appears to be a teenager, at least, which begs some questions about how long it’s been since the events of Thor: Ragnarok. 

The Grandmaster did say that time works differently on Sakaar, but Thor and Loki just assumed he was being coy. It now looks like the erratic Grandmaster might have been telling the truth in this instance. In any event, this could be setting up an MCU adaptation of the classic World War Hulk storyline from the comics.

In the post-credits stinger, Wong finally reappears and rescues Emil from prison–again. This time, it looks like Emil will simply seek sanctuary in Kamar-Taj, and he probably won’t be returning to prison any time soon. It’s nice to be friends with the Sorcerer Supreme! Now, the only question that remains is: when will we see Jen again? Maybe she’ll pop up in Captain America: New World Order, as the Hulk villain “The Leader” is expected to be the bad guy in that upcoming film.