She Hulk ep 5
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‘She-Hulk’ Recap: Copyright Law

This week, She-Hulk has to fight to get her name back from her rival, Titania. Meanwhile, she's also desperately in need of some new clothes.
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Last week on She-Hulk, Jen received news that her budding rivalry with superpowered influencer Titania was deepening. The super-strong social media star apparently trademarked the name She-Hulk and is now suing Jen for using it in a personal capacity. Now, pressured to end this frivolous lawsuit by her boss, Jen is forced to work with her colleague Mallory to take down Titania–this time with the law.

She-Hulk by Titania

Titania is using the name She-Hulk as a brand for her completely bogus beauty products. As Jen quips when she and Nikki visit Titania’s pop-up store, the influencer is literally selling snake oil–she offers a snake venom lip plumper. What a horrible string of words. In any event, Titania claims that she had the idea for the name as a way to symbolize strength in beauty or something. 

In reality, she’s just being petty. Jen served Titania a colossal beatdown in the pilot episode of the show, and she’s still sore about it. Perhaps even literally! With the suit looming over her, Jen can’t use the name “She-Hulk” in any professional capacity. This is, naturally, a huge problem for her employers, as GLK&H have widely marketed that their superhuman law division is headed by the She-Hulk.

Jen’s coworker, Mallory, agrees to take on the case as a professional courtesy. The judge is pretty unrelenting, though, saying Jen will need to prove she was using the name in a personal capacity before Titania trademarked it. To make matters worse, Titania’s lawyer rolls footage from early episodes showing Jen publicly stating the name “She-Hulk” was foisted upon her and isn’t her favorite.

What’s in a Name?

Jen later recanted those statements, of course, noting that she had no control over what the public called her and that she was essentially stuck with the moniker. The judge wants more than that though and gives Jen a week to prove she had a pattern of using the name in a personal capacity. Mallory and Jen break to figure out a strategy.

Meanwhile, Nikki and Pug are trying to figure out how to get Jen some decent clothes that will fit her gargantuan superhero body. Pug’s “drip broker” sends the duo to a superhero clothing specialist–a boba barista who sells bootleg “Avongers” merch from the back of the store. The pair grow frustrated with the barista, who admits that he actually works for a real superhero tailor, Luke Jacobson. 

Jacobson is like a cross between Q from James Bond and Edna Mode from The Incredibles, and he’s a welcome addition to the MCU. After all, someone has to be making all these top-notch super-suits! He hesitantly accepts the challenge of making Jen a suit that will fit both her normal body and her Hulked-out physique. 

The Dating Game

Mallory and Jen come to a genius–if an embarrassing–solution to their trademark problem. Jen went on a bunch of dates under the name “She-Hulk,” using the Matcher app to get her name out there. So, they call her dates from last week’s episode to the stand, and, True Believers, it’s as awkward as you can imagine. Watching a string of your past dates take the stand to swear under oath that they prefer your superhero persona to your real body is some nightmarish stuff.

In any event, the gambit pays off and the judge rules in Jen’s favor. Titania has to stop using the She-Hulk name and Jen’s back to being the only (well, second) person using the name “Hulk”. Titania is less than thrilled about the outcome and tells Jen that “this isn’t over”. The super-influencer will probably be back this season to tangle with Jen once more.

Meanwhile, Jacobson has completed Jen’s suits. We don’t get a chance to see them this episode, but we do get a glimpse of a half-completed suit Jacobson is making for another client. The iconic horns and mask of another super-lawyer, Daredevil, can be briefly seen sticking out of a box in the corner. This new gold-colored outfit is at odds with Matt Murdock’s previous somber, dark red outfit, but maybe our favorite brooding vigilante is ready to liven things up a bit. In any event, fans are excited to see Charlie Cox reprise his role as Daredevil once more after his brief cameo in Spider-Man: No Way Home.