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‘She-Hulk’ Recap: Lawyer for Hire

Jen gets fired and needs to come to terms with an old family enemy this week. Who knew having superpowers would be this complicated?
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In this week’s episode of She-Hulk, Jen starts to realize what it means to be a superhero–and why her life can never go back to the way it was before. Meanwhile, we get to check in with Emil Blonsky as we are reminded that The Incredible Hulk was a movie that actually came out. Let’s see what Marvel has in store for this week.

Everyone Knows

The last episode ended with Titania smashing her way into the courtroom, threatening to harm everyone inside. Jen Hulked out and stopped her, saving lives but ruining her career in the process. Outside the courtroom, news reporters interviewing random passersby ask about the incident. One excited onlooker suggests that the superhero was a “Chick Hulk,” which the news anchor quickly cleans up to “She-Hulk,” a name Jen is less than thrilled with.

As Bruce said in the first episode, superheroes don’t have much choice regarding their public names. She-Hulk sticks. While Jen goes out to celebrate winning her case against GLK&H, her boss from the DA’s office confronts her and fires her over something she couldn’t have foreseen: GLK&H moved for a mistrial since Jen literally saved the jury’s lives and likely affected the outcome of the case. 

Jen quickly finds it difficult to get work as a superpowered lawyer, with most firms unwilling to take on the risk of a gamma-irradiated superhuman walking around their offices. In a frustrating twist, GLK&H hires her, and one of the leading partners explicitly tells Jen they want her there because of her Hulk superpowers. For a woman who is more than qualified to become a partner at any law firm, being told she’s there because of her appearance is extremely disrespectful. 

Conflict of Interest

To make matters worse, Jen’s first case as the head of the superhuman law division is to defend Emil Blonsky, better known as the Abomination. That’s right, the bad guy from the first Hulk movie, which was released some 14 years ago. Fans first saw Abomination pop back up in Shang-Chi last year, where he and Wong were duking it out in an underground fighting ring in Madripoor. We learn here that he’s being held in the Department of Damage Control’s supermax prison, The Cube.

Blonsky’s parole hearing is coming up, and Jen needs to represent him to help win his freedom. Despite the clear conflict of interest in representing a man who once tried to kill her cousin, Jen’s boss is adamant that she take the case if she’s to keep her job. Theory time: it looks like Val, the mastermind behind the growing Dark Avengers program, is likely pulling the strings in Jen’s life to get Blonksy out of jail so he can join her newly-formed team of misguided pseudo-heroes. 

Jen meets with Blonsky, who claims to have turned over a new leaf. It’s great to see Tim Roth back in the MCU, and he’s much better with this show’s more comedic tone than in The Incredible Hulk’s dark, mid-2000s monster movie mode. He claims to want to just live out a peaceful life on a large plot of land his six soul mates (just go with it) have purchased for him. Alright, Blonsky, you weirdo! He makes some compelling arguments, though: he was just doing what the government told him to do and ended up in jail for it anyway.

Coming to Terms

After talking to Bruce on the phone and coming to terms with his zen-like attitude about Blonksy, Jen decides she’ll defend the former criminal. Then, like clockwork, she and the rest of the world find out that Abomination has been sneaking out of his containment cell with Wong to get into prize fights in an illegal underground arena. This will be great for his parole hearing!

Meanwhile, now we know that Bruce is onboard that Sakaarian cruiser from Episode 1, presumably heading back to the planet he became a hero on back in Thor Ragnarok. He’s also got all that gear he used to scan Jen’s Hulk physiology, which could suggest he’s checking up on another new Hulk. Is it possible that Hulk fathered a son while he was living on Sakaar? 

The series is heating up, and fans are excited to see how it could lead to future team-ups like the Young Avengers and the Dark Avengers. The possibility of seeing a not-so-reformed Abomination going toe-to-toe with She-Hulk is enough to excite any comic book fan! And, who knows, maybe Hulkling will make his MCU debut–the Young Avengers are going to need a big green rage monster, after all.