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‘She-Hulk’ Recap: The Devil Is in the Details

Matt Mudock is finally back! This week's episode is the best 'She-Hulk' yet, and that's not just because Charlie Cox is here.
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This week the narrative pace picks up dramatically as we finally get to see fan-favorite character Daredevil make his return to the MCU after his brief cameo in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Jen is hired to represent a wannabe superhero named Leapfrog who takes aim at super-tailor Luke Jacobson for a wardrobe malfunction that led to some unfortunate side effects. 

Charlie Cox in Daredevil
Marvel Studios, Netflix

Meanwhile, audiences are finally getting their first real look at what happens when Jen loses control. This episode answers the question, “What happens when She-Hulk hulks out?”

It’s phenomenal to have Charlie Cox back on the small screen, and seeing him share scenes with Tatiana Maslany is awesome. Cox’s Daredevil was easily the best thing to come out of Marvel’s partnership with Netflix, so it’s a real treat to have him make the jump back to the wider MCU. Here’s hoping Krysten Ritter, Mike Colter, and Finn Jones all get chances to reprise their roles, too!


The episode opens with Eugene Patilio, the wannabe superhero Leapfrog, hiring Jen to sue his tailor, Luke Jacobson. Leapfrog says Jacobson’s custom super-suit failed him, catching on fire when he used his rocket-boosted boots. Jen reluctantly agrees to help him sue her personal tailor, burning a bridge while furthering her legal career.

However, Jacobson has contracted some pretty stellar legal counsel: Matt Murdock, played perfectly once again by the excellent Charlie Cox. Fans of the Netflix Daredevil series are ecstatic to see Cox back in the role, as his iconic turn with the character produced some of the finest television Marvel has ever created.

Murdock is a grade-A lawyer and quickly bests Jen in a legal sparring match, keeping Jacobson’s client list private when Jen tries to compel discovery. Audiences can tell right away why it’s critically important for Murdock that Jacobson’s clientele stays masked: several of his super clients have secret identities they don’t want to get out. After all, Daredevil contracts Jacobson to make all of his suits, and that guy is famously hesitant to have his identity exposed. Matt also convinces Eugene to confess that he tried to use jet fuel in his rocket boots, violating the warranty that Jacobson offered Eugene and obliterating Jen’s case.

Toe to Toe

Matt flirts with Jen back at the Legal Ease bar, buying her a drink and encouraging her to use her powers of legal expertise and super-strength to help people on both sides of the law. However, Jen and Matt quickly depart from the bar, each called away by work. Jen has to meet with Todd, the obnoxious tech bro who has a nasty crush on She-Hulk. She leaves him cold, uninterested in his creepy advances, only to hear that Eugene once again has found himself in hot water.

Jen dives to the rescue as She-Hulk, finally busting out that iconic white-and-purple super suit from the comics. She tangles with Daredevil, a man she initially views as a villain due to his hellish iconography. She eventually bests him, allowing Eugene to escape, before unmasking the mystery man to discover he’s really Matt Murdock.

Matt quickly convinces Jen that Eugene is actually a villain who has kidnapped Jacobson and is forcing him to make a new Leapfrog suit. The two team up in classic comic book fashion to bring the evildoer down, finding an easy rhythm while arguing over whether a stealthy approach of a more Hulk-like smash-fest would be the best way to tackle the goons (“Henchmen believe in the cause, goons are just here for a paycheck,” quips veteran superhero Daredevil.)

Making New Friends

After easily dispatching Leapfrog and saving Luke (thus repairing her relationship with her tailor), Jen invites Matt to spend his last night in LA over at her place. The two hit it off instantly, and then the show gives us perhaps the funniest image of the season. Matt Murdock, in full Daredevil get-up, making the walk of shame down the sidewalk in front of Jen’s building. Perfect.

The show then moves quickly to the “Female Lawyer of the Year” gala Jen got invited to last week. Things are going perfectly until Jen tries to make an acceptance speech. Suddenly, the Intelligencia weirdos who have been hounding her all season break into the event’s PA and broadcast embarrassing footage of Jen alongside a patronizing voiceover claiming she “stole” the “real” Hulk’s power.

Jen woefully takes the bait and lets her trademark Hulk rage come to the surface for the first time since she first got her powers, Hulking out and smashing the monitor in the room, terrifying the gala’s guests and going on something of a mini-rampage. She briefly accosts a man who appears to be involved with the hacking attack before a number of armed security officials wielding what appear to be anti-Hulk weapons command her to stand down. Looks like Hulks just can’t help but attract unwanted attention. Now we’ve got the perfect setup for next week’s season finale!