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Best Shows on Netflix For When You Can’t Sleep

Tune in to unwind, cheer up, and drift off with a pre-bedtime binge.
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No matter your bedtime routine, finding the perfect pre-slumber show should be something that makes you comfortable. The good news is, you can relax. There’s something on Netflix that’ll get you to dreamland, however you like to get there.

From the visually stunning nature shows to the coziest crowd-pleasers, here are some of the best shows on Netflix to watch when you can’t sleep.

Night on Earth


You may be ready to turn in, but many animals come to life at night. Watching their nocturnal happenings beneath a blanket of stars, with night vision, and all over the world. It’s stimulating and soothing all at once.

Netflix describes the plot as this nature series’ new technology lifts night’s veil to reveal the hidden lives of the world’s creatures, from lions on the hunt to bats on the wing.

Headspace Guide Collection


Ready to take unwinding more seriously? This three-part series is all about relaxation. A clear head is often said to be the best way to get a solid night’s worth of zzz’s. This meditation-centric series will help you silence your mind, recharge, and find a new reason to love Netflix.

It also teaches all of the most common things that interrupt sleep patterns. So pull the cover off of why we can’t get to sleep and how to fix it. Not to mention, the narration is intentionally soothing, especially on Headspace Guide to Sleep.

The Big Flower Fight


Surprisingly, this one’s just as riveting as any other competition show, but it’s three thousand times more calming than most.

Ten pairs of florists, sculptors, and landscape designers go hedge to hedge to create the most magical and unimaginable floral sculptures ever dreamed up.


Jeopardy! board of categories
Sony Pictures Television

Jeopardy! is nostalgic, educational, evenly paced, and anticlimactic. It’s practically a warm, fuzzy blanket you can wrap yourself in for 38 seasons.

Since Alex Trebek’s passing, the iconic series has not been the same. But what better way to honor its legendary host than with reliving endless rounds of sleep-friendly trivia? The worst that could happen is you might learn something.

Mystery Science Theater 3000

Netflix/Comedy Central

Want a wholesome laugh or two before you turn in? Check out Mystery Science Theater 3000. You’ll be watching some truly terrible movies, but the main show will be the hilarious company you keep.

Netflix describes the plot as: The cult hit returns! Captured by mad scientists, new host Jonah survives a blitz of cheesy B movies by riffing on them with his funny robot pals. And finishing this one is never the point.

The Great British Baking Show


Falling asleep to this competition show is easy as pie, no matter how stiff the competition may be. Unlike your typical anxiety-ran cooking show, everyone goes from strangers to friends, to family in this heart warmer. Best of all, it’s truly all about baking.

One person is crowned the UK’s Best Amateur Baker, but everyone walks away a winner, thanks to the inspiringly positive experience they all have. The show’s sunny demeanor exudes a warmth that will help you settle in. Inspiring, informative, and the most intense moments relate to how a baked good tastes. Sweet dreams will be in your future.

The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes

I don’t know about you, but nothing sends me to dreamland quite like ogling extraordinary homes I will never be able to afford. Thanks to its serene surroundings, incredible architecture, and approachable hosts, this series is a traveler’s dream.

The plot, per Netflix: Award-winning architect Piers Taylor and actress/property enthusiast Caroline Quentin travel the world touring beautifully unconventional homes.

Life In Colour


A nature-binge can be incredibly easy on the eyes. Life in Colour proves that better than most. This British-Australian miniseries highlights the relationship plants and animals have with color in the wild. And it’s narrated by David Attenborough. Talk about soothing.

If you stay awake for the cinematography, I don’t blame you. But if you fall asleep to it, I don’t blame you for that either. The extreme closeups of flora and fauna mixed with the calming background music will put anybody in a trance.

Chef’s Table

Boardwalk Pictures

On Chef’s Table, we learn the story of a top chef and the mark they’re making on the culinary scene.

The food? stunning. The visuals? Stunning. And the pace is slow and low with relaxing classical music on top. Chef’s Kiss.

The Crown

MattressNext Day analyzed 100 of the most popular shows on Netflix to see which one reigned most relaxing, based on BPM’s (average beats per minute.)

The Crown came out on top, according to sleep science. The royal drama had 73 million household views and 107.5 BPM’s, the lowest on the list. While things can get intense, it’s generally categorized as “comforting escapism,” making it ideal for tuning in and zoning out.

Connected: The Science of Everything

What’s more soothing than the thought of everything falling into place? If you’re wide awake, this informative series may make you wiser. But if you’re trying to wind down, it’s the perfect pick for falling asleep.

Per Netflix, Science journalist Latif Nasser investigates the surprising and intricate ways in which we are connected to each other, the world, and the universe.


Amazing Interiors

Amazing Interiors

Imagine a house that looks normal on the outside but when you go inside, you realize you shouldn’t have judged a book by its cover.

This design shows about dream interiors has a lulling pace and an awe-inspiring level of ambition. It’s easy-watching with a lot of pizazz.

The Mind, Explained


Narrated by Emma Stone and Julianne Moore, The Mind, Explained explores what’s going inside our heads on without ever getting too heavy.

This illuminating and pleasantly illustrated series is a spin-off of Vox’s Explained. It’ll keep you engaged start to finish, but it won’t keep up at night.

Forensic Files

Falling asleep to true-crime series may not be for everyone. But many find Forensic Files before bedtime to be a tried and true method, present company included.

Yes, there are unnerving moments and loads of creepiness, but thanks to this forensic science show’s foolproof format, it can become a reliable snooze fest once you learn the unwavering ropes.

Moving Art


What do you get when you mix relaxing instrumentals with time-lapse photography? Moving Art. It’s been called “a breathtaking meditation for the soul,” and you’ll quickly understand why.

Drift off to a private island, explore lush rainforest, or sink into a hot-water spring. Whatever you find relaxing about nature, you’ll find yourself right where you want to be.

Tiny Creatures


Even at its most intense, watching animals prowl around in the wild has always been a good tactic for falling asleep. Now add a bedtime story to that.

When “little animals embark on big adventures,” things can fascinatingly adorable and engaging. With nature as a backdrop, each episode tells a fictional story starring, you guessed it, tiny creatures.

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo


Having things in order puts us all at ease. Watching others overhaul their lives and get organized from the comfort of our own bed? Now there’s a good way to live vicariously.

In this home makeover show, one world-renowned tidying expert helps others declutter their lives, let go of what they no longer need, and hold onto only what brings them joy.

Tales of Light

National Geographic/Network 10

According to sleep specialists, pleasant imagery is one of the best ways to lull yourself to sleep. For that reason alone, this show is a surefire way to get some shut-eye sooner rather than later.

Here’s the plot, per Netflix: Photographers and filmmakers travel the world capturing indelible images of people, places, creatures, and cultures from new, previously unseen angles.

Samurai Gourmet


A recent retiree explores familiar surroundings through new eyes, namely when it comes to food. But the nuggets of wisdom are worth their weight in gold. So keep those eyes open as long as you can.

If you like cooking shows, do yourself a favor and add this underrated gem to your watch list now. The Japanese mini-series is good at all hours, but perhaps best right before bed. It’s food for the soul.

Schitt’s Creek


Falling asleep or not, I highly recommend binging Schitt’s Creek if you haven’t. Created by Eugene and Daniel Levy, this sharp feel-good comedy series is the kind of show you’ll come to for the laughs, but you’ll come back again and again for the lovable cast.

Every time you rewatch the formerly filthy-rich Rose family grow in their uncomfortably close quarters, you’ll feel right at home in the familiar company of your new favorite dysfunctional family and friends.