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Netflix Announces When ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Is Hitting the Streamer

A new Stranger Things Season 4 trailer dropped over the weekend and it looks like the gang is heading to sunny California.
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Updated on 11/9/21

After years of waiting, we now know when we can expect to see Stranger Things Season 4 drop on Netflix.

The streaming service broke the news in honor of Stranger Things Day and revealed the fourth season will be arriving in the summer of 2022.

“In the spring of 1986, the adventure continues. Summer 2022,” a teaser clip said. 

Season 4 Episode Titles

And, along with dropping the release date, Netflix also shared all nine titles for the upcoming episodes:

  • “The Hellfire Club”
  • “Vecna’s Curse” 
  • “The Monster and the Superhero” 
  • “Dear Billy” 
  • “The Nina Project” 
  • “The Dive” 
  • “The Massacre at Hawkins Lab” 
  • “Papa” 
  • “The Piggyback”

“Papa” has to be all about Hopper reuniting with Eleven, right?! That’s what we’re manifesting.

Season 4 Teaser Trailer

Original Story (11/8/21)

Stranger Things Season 4 is almost here! Well, we hope so.

Netflix just dropped a teaser trailer for the upcoming season on Saturday, November 6, in honor of Stranger Things Day (aka the anniversary of the day Will Byers went missing back in Season 1).

While the trailer gave fans a glimpse into what they can expect in Season 4, it also may have given us a hint as to when the new season will be hitting the streamer. 

See Ya, Indiana

The show has taken place in Hawkins, Indiana, for the past three seasons, but it looks like Season 4 will be taking us to sunny California (at least for a bit). 

In the trailer, Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and the entire Byers family have moved to California following the events of Season 3.

“Dear Mike, Today is day 185. I think I have finally adapted. I even like school now. I have made lots of friends,” Eleven writes to her boyfriend, Mike (Finn Wolfhard).

However, despite painting a rosy picture for Mike, things don’t seem to be going so well for Eleven in the Golden State. She gets hit in the face with a spitball for crying out loud!

Season May 4th Be Here Before We Know It

Though we know Season 4 will be released in 2022, the trailer made us wonder if we’ll be getting it sooner rather than later.

In the trailer, Eleven tells Mike she can’t wait to see him over spring break. In fact, spring break seems to be what will bring the cast together this season, just as Halloween did in the second season and July 4th did in the third season.

Eleven and Will Stranger Things Season 4

Plus, the second season of Stranger Things dropped in October, and the third season dropped in July, lining up perfectly with the holidays they were celebrating on the show.

So, if we’re to follow the same logic, it’s pretty safe to assume we’ll get Season 4 when most kids are on spring break, which tends to be mid-to-late March.

Again, this is pure speculation, but if Season 4 is released in March, don’t say we didn’t tell you so!