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Peacock | 41 Entertainment | ICON Creative Studio

A New ‘Supernatural Academy’ Is Coming to Peacock

Hogwarts holds a special place in our hearts, but there's a new magical school on the way from Peacock to fall in love with.
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Jaymin Eve’s trilogy, The Supernatural Academy, is being adapted for Peacock as an animated series, and the new characters will be here next month.

What Is ‘Supernatural Academy’?

Supernatural Academy will follow twin sisters Jessa and Mischa as they reunite at the Academy. At birth, they were separated, with Jessa being raised in the supernatural world and Mischa in the human world. While neither is thrilled about meeting again, they will have to put their differences aside to save themselves and the world.

The series is based on Eve’s trilogy, but there have been many changes, including the main characters. The books follow Maddison James as she’s thrust into the supernatural world for the first time. The show ditches that storyline but keeps the school setting.

Maddison is still a mystery if we ever get to see her, but she hasn’t been cast so far.

Supernatural Academy by Jaymin Eve books
Jaymin Eve

Supernatural Academy is produced by 41 Entertainment, and Allen Bohbot serves as executive producer. Gillian Horvath, who wrote for Xena: Warrior Princess and The CW’s Beauty and the Beast, developed and wrote the series.

Steve Ball (Monster High: Escape from Skull Shores) is the series director, while Jody Prouse (Barbie: A Fairy Secret) is the animation director. ICON Creative Studio provides animation services.

The series is set to premiere on Thursday, January 20, 2022.

Who’s Been Cast

Larissa Dias will voice Jessa Lebron, a popular Wolf Shifter, in her junior year at the Supernatural Academy. Jessa is Mischa’s twin and has everything she could ever ask for, including a supportive father and friend group. Dias is best known for her role as Katie in When Calls the Heart.

Mischa, Jessa’s twin, will be voiced by Gigi Saul Guerrero from Marvel Super Hero Adventures. Her mom raised her in the human world, where she never fit in. She’s described as timid but creative and sweet.

The girls’ mom, Lienda, will be voiced by Barbara Kottmeier (Falling for Vermont). Lienda sacrificed her supernatural abilities and life in the supernatural world to protect her family.

Johnathon Lebron, the girls’ father, is the head of the World Council and Alpha Wolf of the Lebron pack. He was described as doing whatever it takes to save the world and his daughters. He will be voiced by Alessandro Julianna.

Supernatural Academy Animated Series
Peacock | 41 Entertainment | ICON Creative Studio

Vincent Ton (Ninjago) will play Maximus, one of the girls’ friends. His younger brother, Braxton, will be voiced by Cardi Wong from Supergirl. Bethany Brown (Charmed) plays Terra, Jessa’s lifelong best friend. Jae, a Faerie student, will be voiced by Ali J. Eisner (Fraggle Rock).

Elda Kristov, the eldest daughter of the Supernatural Academy’s Headmaster that has a rivalry with Jessa for Queen Bee of the school, will be played by Shannon Chan-Kent (Good Trouble). Her father, Headmaster Kristov, will be voiced by Brian Drummond (Mega Man: Fully Charged).

Diana Kaarina (The Hollow) voices new history teacher, Santra. And Kathleen Barr (Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch) rounds out the cast as Yufon, a member of the World Council.

Jaymin Eve Can’t Wait for the Premiere

Eve independently published the books and was shocked by how quickly the books gained popularity. She was even more excited to have the trilogy adapted.

“It is so incredible to see my original story come to life in this high-quality animation project. I am so grateful to both Peacock and 41 Entertainment for believing in me, and I am sure that all of the fans of the books are anxiously marking January 20th on their diaries.”

In addition to The Supernatural Academy has published several other series, including Royals of Arbon AcademyThe Hive Trilogy, and The Storm Princess Saga.

I just added these three books to my TBR, but the question is: do I wait to read them or binge-read before the premiere?