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10 Supernatural Creatures We Need To See in ‘Legacies’

'Legacies' may be done with the "Monster of the Week" format of seasons one and two, but we're still holding out hope for these supernatural creatures to make an appearance.
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Before I start, here’s your only spoiler warning: we’re going to talk about the latest season of Legacies.

I’m probably the only one who didn’t mind the “Monster of the Week” format the show started off with. Regardless of how you felt about it, it’s over, but we don’t know how many of those creatures escaped before Malivore died.

Since there’s always a possibility that some supernatural creatures got out before it was too late, here are ten I hope are introduced into The Vampire Diaries universe.


Kitsune in Teen Wolf
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One creature that I’m disappointed hasn’t made its way from The Vampire Diaries books to screen was the kitsune. In the books, the kitsune brought chaos to town. One was even like what the Originals were to vampires; it was the oldest and most powerful of the kitsune.

I would love to see that adapted to screen because it was one of my favorite storylines from the novels. And, while I’m at it, let’s fix what Teen Wolf did with it and make them actually transform into foxes instead of that fire thing surrounding the kitsune’s human form.

Angels and Demons

Angel in X-Men
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I had to merge these two together because they go hand in hand. Angels played a significant role in the novels, with Elena’s book counterpart being the last Earthly Guardian, a type of angel. There are many subtypes of angels, and that could be a great storyline to explore throughout a whole season.

Then, on the other hand, we have demons and the underworld. We already met the devil himself in the last season of The Vampire Diaries. But, since he died, it would be fun to see demons roaming the Earth, trying to find their place or looking for a new leader.


Mermaid in Mako Mermaids
Johnathan M. Shiff Productions | ZDF Enterprises | Netflix

I know, I know. Mystic Falls isn’t too close to oceans or large bodies of water. But I still think mermaids would be fascinating creatures to introduce to the Salvatore School. There are so many variations of the origin of mermaids, but I found one fan who had put a lot of thought into it.

They said that there are only female mermaids and they can pass as humans as long as they stay dry. Mermaids could have triggers for their transformations, too, but we’ll leave that to producers. They could also introduce water-based magic and supernatural strength.


Selkie in Ondine
Paramount Vantage | Wayfare Entertainment | Little Wave | Octagon Films

Branching from mermaids, why not introduce selkies to the universe? Selkies are beings that are able to shift between seal and human form. But, if you steal their coat, they can’t go back to their seal form. They’re one of my favorite creatures and are seriously under-appreciated in film and television.

These creatures could have been captured by Malivore centuries ago, only to reemerge in an unfamiliar world that isn’t safe for them. I think an even more interesting plotline would be to have the seals searching for their coats that were left behind when Malivore found them.


Werecoyote in Teen Wolf
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We already have werewolves, so why not expand on that lore and include werecats and other shapeshifting creatures? Unlike kitsune, which would be able to shift at will, these shapeshifters wouldn’t have much control over their shifting or their supernatural triggers.

And the various were-creatures wouldn’t have to shift on the full moon. Why not have a werecat shift during a new moon? Or is one only able to shift when there’s an eclipse or another solar event? I think there’s so much potential — and not a ton of pre-established lore — so this could be an exciting addition.

Greek, Roman, and Norse Gods

Greek Gods in Hercules
Walt Disney Pictures | Walt Disney Feature Animation | Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

Hear me out. Legacies already introduced the idea with Pothos in season two. Why not expand on that and give us the other erotes, gods, and goddesses? There are so many cultures, and so many pantheons, that the number of storylines is unlimited.

Introducing Norse gods could also tie back to Hope’s ancestors. It could explain how her family became such powerful witches, and how her transformation into a full tribrid could affect the Norse gods and their plans.


Cyclops in Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters
Fox 2000 Pictures | Sunswept Entertainment | 1492 Pictures | TSG Entertainment | 20th Century Fox

Maybe Legacies could subvert the Cyclops trope we’ve seen in so many movies. They’re usually depicted as giant, violent creatures. But wouldn’t it be interesting to see how one could assimilate into modern-day society while hiding their eye?

If Legacies had some sort of character like Tyson from Percy Jackson, I think he’d fit right in with the teens. And for some reason, I think he’d make quick friends with Wade since they’re both outsiders at the school. In case you didn’t know, Wade is a fairy, not a witch.


Centaur in Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief
1492 Pictures | Sunswept Entertainment | Dune Entertainment | 20th Century Fox

If centaurs are ever introduced, on the other hand, it shouldn’t be like in Percy Jackson. I would like to see them hanging out around the school grounds or sticking to forests away from the public eye. Maybe one could even join the school as a student.

They could even give them a backstory like they did the dryad in season one. The dryad came from a large group, but we’d only seen one before she died. Maybe there’s a tribe of centaurs that were caught by Malivore, and now they’re trying to find their place in the modern age.


Valkyries in Thor Ragnorak
Marvel Studios | Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Think about it, more Norse creatures that could tie back to the Mikaelson’s ancestry! I’m getting excited just thinking about the possibility. They could play a prominent role throughout a future season, helping the Salvatore School take down the big bad of the season.

You probably recognize the name from Thor: Ragnorak, but the lore behind the Valkyries is so rich and deserves to be spotlighted in media. Instead of staying in line with Norse mythology, the show could have some Valkyries choose potential fledglings to serve Odin.


Pegasus in Thor Tales of Asgard
Lionsgate | Marvel | MLG Productions 7

Speaking of the Valkyries, let’s bring in some Pegasus, too. We’ve already seen a unicorn, which was unfortunately downplayed in its one episode, so why not bring another mythical horse to the show? I think having a Valkyrie land in Mystic Falls with her Pegasus would be an interesting introduction.

The horse would have plenty of room to roam at the school. Mainly because it shouldn’t be wandering around downtown Mystic Falls. And while we’re at it, let’s bring back the unicorn just to redeem the one that brought an evil bug with it.