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‘Tales of the Jedi’ Recap: Everything We Learned About Ahsoka from the New Series

'Tales of the Jedi' follows two Force users on their own paths. The first is Ahsoka, the student of Anakin Skywalker who would later help the Rebellion defeat the Empire.
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Lucasfilm’s newest animated series, Tales of the Jedi, is finally here. The series is comprised of six animated shorts, which evenly split their time between Ahsoka Tano and Count Dooku. Both “paths” of the series show us Jedi who depart the Order, but for very different reasons.

Today, we’re recapping Ahsoka’s path through the short, somber series. From her early childhood on Shili to her decision to join the Rebel Alliance, here’s everything you may have missed in the recent Tales of the Jedi short. 

Life and Death

The first short, Life and Death, follows Ahsoka from the time she is an infant. We see the planet Shili, the homeworld of the Togruta, and meet Ahsoka’s parents, Pav-ti and Nak-il. It’s fascinating to get a glimpse of Togruta society, and the way the village celebrates new life is extremely sweet. This is also a rare Star Wars story that actually focuses on a mother just being a mom to her child. 

Pav-ti takes Ahsoka on a ceremonial hunt a year later, striking out into the wilderness with nothing but a blaster and a knife. Tragedy almost strikes when a tiger-like animal attacks her and makes off with baby Ahsoka. Pav-ti, devastated, returns to the village to tell the others what happened. Before they can mount a rescue attempt, however, Ahsoka uses her latent Force abilities to convince the tiger to carry her home.

This beautiful episode plays out like something from an ancient myth. Seeing the infant Ahsoka already mastering her powers is refreshing, and hopefully, it convinces fans that plot contrivances like Luke and Rey exhibiting Force sensitivity long before receiving any Jedi training is a non-issue.

Practice Makes Perfect

In the next Ahsoka short, Practice Makes Perfect, we learn why the young Jedi was so prepared to survive a hail of blaster fire from the clone troopers during Order 66. Anakin, Ahsoka’s master, was concerned that training against remotes based on battle droids wouldn’t be sufficient to keep his student safe in all scenarios.

So, rather than have her complete her remote training and call it a day, Anakin devises a drill for Ashoka in which Rex and his troops encircle her and attempt to hit her with stun blasts from their blaster rifles. Ahsoka is knocked down time and again, but she stays diligent and eventually masters the drill.

In a stinger at the end of the short, we revisit the finale of The Clone Wars, just after Order 66. Rex and Ahsoka prepare to face down Jesse and the rest of the 501st as their Venator-class ship crashes into a nearby planet, and Rex muses that he hopes all of Ahsoka’s training will pay off. Naturally, we know that she’ll be fine, but now we’ve got some added context for how she was able to predict the clones’ movements so accurately.


The final episode, Resolve, is actually a very abbreviated version of the Ahsoka novel. It hits all of the broad strokes–Ahsoka is living under an assumed name in the aftermath of the formation of the Empire, laying low to avoid detection by the Inquisitors. After saving a young woman during a workplace accident, the locals suspect that she’s secretly a Jedi.

If this all sounds familiar, it’s also the exact plotline of the excellent video game Jedi: Fallen Order, which was itself heavily influenced by the Ahsoka novel. An Inquisitor is called in to bring Ahsoka in for questioning, and he quickly burns down the farm and nearly executes the villager who tipped the Empire off to Ahsoka’s presence.

Thankfully, the former Jedi appears just in time and uses her combat prowess to disarm (and behead) the Inquisitor. Ahsoka finds her resolve to fight rekindled by this exchange, and audiences who read the novel will know that she will later purify the Kyber Crystals found in this Inquisitor’s lightsaber to create her own iconic white-bladed swords. What’s next for the former student of Anakin Skywalker? Well, she does have her own Disney+ show on the horizon…