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The Bad Batch: ‘Fast’ Recap

This week on 'The Bad Batch,' the gang learns a thing or two about riot racing. Have you got a need for speed?
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If you grew up with the prequel trilogy of Star Wars films, you’re probably a fan of pod racing. It makes sense that George Lucas would introduce high-speed sci-fi facing to his science fiction setting, and pod racing was the star of the show in The Phantom Menace. This week on The Bad Batch, Star Wars revisits the high-speed world of racing with a new sport called riot racing.

Riot races feature pilots in smaller, enclosed crafts that zoom around a more stadium-like arena than the wide-open areas seen in pod racing. Cid, the Batch’s fixer, needs Tech and Wrecker to help act as muscle as she runs a new scheme at the riot races. Naturally, things go sideways.

Make Way for TAY-0

Cid has hired a droid named TAY-0 to act as a ringer for her in riot races. The cocky droid is a great racer, but he’s so certain of himself that he won’t even take any advice from Tech when the savvy clone warns him about his racing strategy. This hubris proves fatal. TAY-0 falls apart during one race after a few racers working for a gangster named Millegi use a dirty trick to spin out his racing speeder and crash it near the finish line.

This lands Cid in hot water, as she owes Millegi money and can’t pay up right away without the winnings from the race. The Batch is outnumbered by Millegi’s gang since Hunter and Echo are away on an escort mission, so Wrecker and Tech are helpless to bail Cid out of trouble. Omega thinks fast and offers Millegi a double-or-nothing race, assuming Tech can repair TAY-0 in time for a rematch.

The Substitute

Tech is, naturally, more than capable of repairing TAY-0, but the speed-loving droid won’t take any advice from Tech on how to approach the rematch. As the two argue, a stray riot pod takes TAY-0 out again, this time for good. With no other options and Cid’s life hanging in the balance, Tech agrees to race the riot pod himself. He ditches the weapons, though–he’s got a plan that involves just moving faster than the competition instead of trying to gun them down.

With less weight on his pod and his tactical mind swirling with new ideas, Tech manages to expertly weave through the track and pulls out on top. This saves Cid’s life from Millegi’s goons, but the gangster pointedly warns the Bad Batch that loyalty to Cid could be dangerous. He cryptically notes that she’s unlikely to reciprocate their feelings of loyalty, leaving the group scratching their heads as the credits roll on this largely stand-alone episode.