The Best and Worst Netflix Reboots

Are you a Netflix junkie like me? If so, you've probably watched at least one of these reboot series of fan favorites. But do we have the same opinion on whether they were great or terrible?
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In recent years, Netflix has taken on the responsibility of reviving fan favorites and rebooting nostalgic shows for its viewers. Some of them have been great… and others, not so much. Which shows are the best that Netflix brought back, and which ones should they have left alone?

WORST: ‘Fate: The Winx Saga’

Fate: The Winx Saga

In a major disappointment for fans, Fate: The Winx Saga threw the original animated series and source material out the window. Many fans of the original hoped to see the bright, futuristic, magical world they fell in love with, but instead, they got a magic-based Riverdale. The plot of the series was also all over the place and got rid of the most important part of fairies: the wings. Come on!

BEST: ‘Lost in Space’

This reboot of the 1965 series follows the Robinson family that crash-landed on a distant planet. It’s actually a space-based retelling of The Swiss Family Robinson! The reboot keeps close to the vibe of the original series while adding better special effects. Some critics may say it lost its charm; fans say the charm is in the characters.

WORST: ‘The Killing’

Netflix’s revival of The Killing gave fans two extra seasons of the compelling crime drama. But the last season was called baffling by IndieWire—and I have to agree. The ending did not match the tone of the rest of the series at all. Questions were left unanswered and will remain a mystery forever, as the fourth season was the final season.

BEST: ‘House of Cards’

Robin Wright in House of Cards

One of the first shows from Netflix, House of Cards quickly became a fan favorite. But did you know it wasn’t an original idea? House of Cards is a remake of a British TV serial that aired in 1990. Even after Kevin Spacey was removed from the show, it continued to bring drama with Robin Wright’s masterful performance.

WORST: ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’

While Gilmore Girls had a ton of character development, this one-season reboot did not. Rory reverts to an early-seasons version of her character and turns her back on her lifelong dreams. She even has an affair with a married man—again—but we’re not even going to talk about what a moral dilemma that is. The show also ended with a few questions that bother fans even to this day. However, one saving grace is Lorelai asking Luke to marry her after ten years. Finally!

BEST: ‘She-Ra and the Princesses of Power’

She-Ra: Princess of Power

A reboot of the 1985 cartoon, the 2018 series branches from the original storyline and creates more lore and worldbuilding. Noelle Stephenson’s modern approach to the material quickly gained a large following, and for good reason. Many fans have petitioned for another season or movie even though the story wrapped up nicely in the finale. It’s been applauded for its LGBTQ+ representation and handling of mental health issues.

WORST: ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’

One thing that could have saved this series from not being one of the worst reboots Netflix has created: better dialogue. The showrunner of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Roberto Aguirre Sacasa, is also the showrunner of Riverdale and it shows in the way the characters speak. This horror drama might have an enthralling and exciting plot, but the way the characters interact with each other is just cringy.

BEST: ‘One Day at a Time’

One Day at a Time ended prematurely but will always have a place in many people’s hearts. The show tackled many issues, from LGBTQ+ equality to racism to alcoholism to sexism. Each character has a thought-out arc and is relatable on some level with viewers. For me, Grandma Lydia Riera makes the show with her humor. It helps that she’s played by the iconic Rita Moreno.

WORST: ‘Fuller House’

Fuller House

Many fans of Full House were initially excited for Fuller House when it was announced. However, once the show premiered, viewers lost interest because of recycled tropes from the original that they said should have stayed in the past. Many fans were also disappointed that Michelle Tanner was missing. However, the callout in the series premiere was hilarious. While the show itself was good, it didn’t live up to fans’ expectations.

BEST: ‘Queer Eye’

The original Queer Eye for the Straight Guy was a fan favorite in 2003, and the reboot managed to recapture that success. Fans quickly fell in love with the Fab 5, and younger LGBTQ+ individuals could relate to at least one of the cast members. Each episode promised to bring tears, regardless of how you felt about the makeovers.

As more seasons were announced in different locations, fans got excited to have the possibility of meeting the Fab 5 or nominating one of their loved ones. The show has taken the Fab 5 all around the United States—and even across the Pacific Ocean for a special set in Japan.