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Netflix | Studio Lambert

Ranking the Players from ‘The Circle US’

In the four seasons of ‘The Circle US’ so far, we’ve seen some great gameplay - and some epic failures.
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If I had to choose a game show to obsess over, The Circle US would be the top choice on my list. I keep rewatching the Netflix cult hit every few months. I’m not kidding; I’ve watched the first two seasons maybe five times each minimum.

While waiting for the fifth season to premiere, I decided to rank how well the players performed based on how they formed alliances and how long they made it in the show. While the winners will be included, they might not necessarily be the best players. This is a game about strategy, so let’s see who made the best moves!

Didn’t Make the Cut: Alana Duval, Bryant Wood, Michelle Rider, and Parker Abbott

Michelle on The Circle season 3
Netflix | Studio Lambert

These four were the first players eliminated in their respective seasons, so I’m not even going to try ranking them. We never really get to see how they would have played, but I do have some notes for them if they ever make it back into The Circle.

Alana: maybe go in as a catfish since your profile seemed too good to be true and got you voted out. Michelle: I had high hopes for you, but the Circle screwed up your game. And Parker: if you’re going to play as your father, maybe get some notes on his life and interests since it didn’t seem like you even knew him.

Can’t Handle the Game: Bill, Crissa, Ava, and Chanel

Ava and Chanel on The Circle season 3
Netflix | Studio Lambert

Next on the pyramid, we have Bill, Crissa, and sisters Ava and Chanel. First and foremost, these contestants tried playing too hard and yet not hard enough at the same time. Ava and Chanel teamed up to play Ava’s profile, and I think it would’ve been better for them if only one played the game.

On the other hand, Crissa played as herself and just didn’t reach out and talk enough to build solid allies. She also jumped to conclusions about the people she didn’t know well. As for Bill, he came in way too late in the game to be able to build genuine relationships. I felt he also went too heavy with small accusatory nudges at popular characters.

Not Here to Make Friends: Calvin, Antonio, and Khat Bell

Khat Bell on The Circle season 2
Netflix | Studio Lambert

While these three contestants came in as themselves, they were just too strategic and not friendly enough. Calvin is the best example of this because almost no one outside of his main alliance trusted him. Trust is currency on The Circle, and Calvin forgot that to his detriment.

With Antonio and Khat, they just teamed up with the wrong people. Khat allied with a player with whom she’d had a good friendship, but it was already on shaky ground. Antonio was just too cocky about his gameplay after being on top just once.

Major Fallout: Savannah and Terilisha

Savannah and Terilisha on The Circle season 2
Netflix | Studio Lambert

Next up, I had to group Savannah and Terilisha together because they destroyed each other’s games. They were both trying too hard to control everything. Not to mention they lashed out over a few miscommunications and gameplay when they could’ve used each other as allies.

In addition to backstabbing each other, Savannah crossed all the girls (well, two girls and one guy catfishing as a girl), and Terilisha didn’t build any real bonds outside of the “Girl Gang.” Their eliminations were inevitable after their public fallout.

Celebrity Involvement: Mel B and Emma Bunson

Mel B and Emma Bunton on The Circle season 4
Netflix | Studio Lambert

I almost didn’t include Mel B and Emma from the Spice Girls during their short stint on season four of The Circle, but I have to talk about it because they were hilarious. When I found out they were on the show, I was skeptical, but I ended up really liking how it played out.

If Mel B and Emma made it to the end of their allotted time, the prize money grew by $50,000 for the winner. They catfished as Jared, and only two people figured it out before the big reveal. They played the game well, but I hope this twist doesn’t come back in future seasons.

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Catfishing Scandal: Sean

Sean on The Circle season 1
Netflix | Studio Lambert

I didn’t know whether to group Sean with other players, but she had a very unique experience in The Circle. She entered the game using her friend’s picture but with her own name and personality.

She had a great strategy and a touching story about why she was catfishing, but she had two major pitfalls. First, she revealed to everyone that she’d been lying, and most of them didn’t trust her afterward. And second, she came in when so many people already had solid bonds and alliances that it was impossible for her to catch up.

Catfishing Mistakes: Rachel W., Alex L., and Lisa

Alex L. on The Circle season 1
Netflix | Studio Lambert

These three catfish made some significant mistakes when portraying a different person. While I wanted to rank Lisa a little lower because of her time as Lance Bass, she’s here because of how she worked with another person on a different profile later on.

For Rachel, I think she tried to recreate DeLeesa from season two’s success but forgot her notebook of things to know as “Jackson.” Finally, Alex L. came in way too hot and heavy and created some really awkward conversations for other players.

Not Enough Time: Mitchell, Ed, and Tammy

Ed and Tammy on The Circle season 1
Netflix | Studio Lambert

I think these contestants could have made it to the end if they had come in earlier or played during another season. Ed and Tammy played under one profile (Ed’s), and while I loved their family banter, I think Ed could’ve made it farther without his mom. Sorry, Tammy!

Ed and Tammy came in super late to their season after everyone had bonded, but they had the potential to make some strong alliances. Mitchell had the same potential but, again, didn’t have the time needed to make it to the top five.

What Happened?: Miranda, Alyssa, and Courtney

Alyssa on The Circle season 4
Netflix | Studio Lambert

Next up, we have three of my favorite Circle contestants. Miranda and Alyssa both had strong ties to so many people in The Circle that ended up sending them home. They did everything right–except to make stronger ties to other players, too.

But with Courtney, everything seemed to be going in the right direction. His biggest mistake was taking the things Savannah said to heart despite knowing she had a grudge against Terilisha and the other girls for sending her home. And yet, he made it to the season two finale.

Took Some Wrong Turns: Ruksana, Daniel, and Jacki

Daniel on The Circle season 3
Netflix | Studio Lambert

Ruksana, Daniel, and Jacki really played the game well but put their trust in the wrong people. They also tried to take down big players instead of making an alliance with them. That was each of their biggest mistakes in season three.

Despite their major mistakes, I’d rather talk about their best moments. Ruksana and Daniel’s friendship was so fun, and when Ruksana left, Jacki managed to fill that space pretty well. I wish they hadn’t been taken down back to back!

Middle of the Pack: Bru, Nick, and Chloe

Bru on The Circle season 4
Netflix | Studio Lambert

These three players might have used a little manipulation to get through the game, but for the most part, they just coasted on their charm. Bru was easy to talk to, but he did have a few mess-ups (specifically sending Alyssa home) that cost him the prize.

Nick and Chloe were in a similar position as Bru. The only difference was Chloe had an edge because she was well-liked by the players (at least those who knew who she was), and Nick played down his intelligence while he was competing.

Catfish Don’t Always Win: Karyn, Jack, John, and Alex B.

John on The Circle season 4
Netflix | Studio Lambert

All three of these contestants went in as catfish and got quite a few people out before being booted from The Circle. Karyn wanted to prove a point about looks, and I loved it. (Too bad so many others used that same logic first season, too.)

The others had reasons for catfishing that weren’t as “deep” but helped them strategically. Sadly, their hard work didn’t win them the top spot. To be honest, I’d love to see them go in as themselves to see how their gameplay would compare to their catfish personas.

So Much Potential: Sammie, Shubham, Kai, and Lee

Sammie on The Circle season 1
Netflix | Studio Lambert

Out of these four contestants, only Lee came in with a catfish profile. But other than that, he was entirely genuine. In fact, he was basically just portraying a younger version of himself. I think Sammie, Shubham, Kai, and Lee all had so much potential. I’m still salty that none of them won.

When I first watched the seasons, I found myself rooting for multiple players at the end, and these four were always on my “favorites” list. They all played so well, creating a near-perfect balance of manipulation and honesty that are key to going far in the game.

Brought the Fun: Chris, Eversen, Rachel, and Yu Ling

Yu Ling on The Circle season 4
Netflix | Studio Lambert

Each of these contestants came in as themselves – three of them in the same season – and they almost made it to the end. Other than Yu Ling’s flirting with a catfish, they trusted the right people, and those same people trusted them.

I honestly don’t know what they could have done better to win; they handled both manipulation and honesty so well. I still want to know how Eversen is that bubbly first thing in the morning; I couldn’t imagine jumping out of bed and singing right away.

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Can We Be Friends?: Joey, James, and Frank

Frank on The Circle season 4
Netflix | Studio Lambert

All three of these contestants came in as themselves (only one lied about anything) and won! But they’re in the third place position on this list because they didn’t use much strategy to stay in the game. All they really did was be their likable selves.

That said, they did form bonds with nearly everyone. And the people they didn’t bond with left the game quickly. Even when they were at the bottom of the rankings, they still had control. I genuinely don’t think anyone else in their respective seasons held that kind of power.

Almost Made It: Sophia, Seaburn, Matthew, and Trevor

Seaburn AKA Rebecca on The Circle season 1
Netflix | Studio Lambert

While none of these catfish won the competition, they managed to make it to the finale. That’s the only reason they’re ranked higher than the players that won as themselves.

Seaburn and Matthew came in as girls they knew from the beginning. Neither really had much against them other than a few hiccups; they captured the hearts of so many people. Truly impressive gameplay!

With Sophia and Trevor, though, they came in a little later and still managed to form bonds with others better than people who’d been there from the beginning. Sophia didn’t resort to manipulation that often, but Trevor learned from the best Circle player: his wife, DeLeesa, who’s up next.

Best: DeLeesa

DeLeesa on The Circle season 2
Netflix | Studio Lambert

While there were a few other catfish in the four seasons of The Circle that made it pretty far, DeLeesa was the only one to win it all. She went in as her husband Trevor, and while she had a few close calls, she managed to pull it off.

She had a whole notebook full of random topics that Trevor compiled for her so she’d be able to keep up the façade. But masquerading was not what she did best. She managed to form deep connections with other players despite catfishing as her husband. I’m not sure that any future player will ever impress me as much as DeLeesa did in season two.