The Emotional Cleanse We All Need: Bert Kreischer Heads to ‘The Cabin’ on Netflix Oct. 13

Courtesy of Netflix

Get ready for the premiere of “The Cabin,” in which America’s #1 party animal, Bert Kreischer (AKA “The Machine”), heads to a remote cabin with some of his best friends in an effort to get in touch with his innermost self.

“The Cabin” is what I need right now – a place away from all the chaos and emotions of this year. Bert Kreischer knows better than most what it’s like to deeply cleanse oneself of the muck and mire that’s built up within you over the days, nights, weeks, months, or even years.

For Kreischer, much of that muck and mire, whether literal or figurative, is self-inflicted. He has not changed since the 1997 Rolling Stone article that dubbed him the #1 party animal at the time’s #1 party school, Florida State University, where Kreischer was a six-year senior.

As evidenced by the fact that he’s still going just as hard at the age of 47, he knows when it’s time for a cleanse.

Luckily for all of us, Kreischer decided to turn this year’s cleanse into a full-on feel-good comedy series for Netflix.

‘The Cabin’

The show sees Bert Kreischer inviting some of his favorite comedian friends (and randomly enough, Caitlyn Jenner, which is a very Bert thing to do) to join him at a cabin somewhere near Los Angeles. The guests will include:

  • Big Jay Oakerson
  • Joey Diaz
  • Nikki Glaser
  • Bobby Lee
  • Donnell Rawlings
  • Fortune Feimster
  • Caitlyn Jenner
  • Anthony Anderson
  • Tom Segura
  • Ms Pat
  • Deon Cole
  • Gabriel Iglesisas
  • Joel McHale
  • Kaley Cuoco

The show looks to be a blend of experimental, heartwarming, inspiring and, obviously, hilarious. Kreischer and his fellow celeb friends will dabble in all kinds of strange cleanses and activities for the soul, sort of the way GOOP did with their series earlier in the year…except in a much funnier way. That’s what I’m betting, at least.

This particular Kreischer cleanse is different from Sober October, which is the infamously hardcore sobriety challenge he and friends Joe Rogan, Tom Segura, and Ari Shaffir have immersed themselves in each October for the past few years.

While that challenge requires the friends to abstain from all alcohol and drugs, “The Cabin” allows a little more indulgence.

The trailer promises copious cigar smoke, naked portraiture, IV drips, Jacuzzi wine, watermelon smashing, whiskey, paintballing, William-Tell level archery, axe throwing, and sound baths.

The heartwarming part comes with the deep conversations Kreischer engages his guests in. Kreischer has always been very open about his feelings, and he’s exceptional at making others feel comfortable sharing theirs. You notice this on his podcast, “The Bertcast,” as well as his shared show with best friend Tom Segura, “2 Bears 1 Cave.

“Everything about me comes down to wanting my dad to be proud of me,” Kreischer tells Nikki Glaser and Caitlyn Jenner by a cozy fire in the trailer.

Donnell Rawlings gets deep in the trailer, too, saying, “My father was in and out of prison, so the memories I have of him aren’t a lot. But I still love and respect him.”

Well, I can already tell I’m going to be crying throughout this entire series.

The curious and ‘childlike’ mind of Bert Kreischer

On a recent episode of “2 Bears,” Kreischer’s wife of many years, LeeAnn (AKA “The Wife of the Party”), spoke to Segura about her husband, offering deep insight into his childlike curiosity and spirit. She provided a look at the personality traits that likely drove Kreischer to create “The Cabin,” and why this show will likely be an irreverent romp through the wonders of the mind and soul.

“This is the curiosity I see every day. He is really curious about odd stuff,” LeeAnn said of her husband during the podcast. “I chalk it up to [him being] that childlike human being.”

LeeAnn also said that Bert understands their two daughters in a very special way.

“He sees things in the kids I don’t see. So, that’s great to have in a partner,” she continued. “Especially lately, now that we have teenagers, I feel like he’s bringing things to my attention that I’m completely missing…but I’ve really appreciated him as a parent.”

Of course, that’s because there’s this side of Bert:

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My daughters reaction to me shirtless at a Bar Mitzvah is perfect!

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But then, there’s this side of Bert:

Granted, he is known to drink boxed wine while walking on the treadmill, but still. Both versions of Bert will be heading to the cabin. And that means there will be plenty of emotions for the comedian to unpack.

“Like a child, he doesn’t think about how his presentation is received; he just needs the presentation to happen how he needs it to happen so that he feels validated, somehow,” LeeAnn said. “He’s tantrum-ing through his feelings instead of just going, hey, what are my feelings?”

That’s a question we could probably all stand to ask ourselves a bit more often these days.

Intrigued? Peruse the rest of Kreischer’s killer content

Kreischer has been on a steady rise over the past few years. This is partly due to the exposure he got from his three hour-long Netflix specials:

  • The Machine (2016)
  • Secret Time (2018)
  • Hey Big Boy (2020)

And while it’s become a running joke among many comedians that landing a Netflix special is basically meaningless now that the platform is so saturated with them, Kreischer’s are genuinely good. He’s a hard worker, and it shows in his comedy.

If you’ve never seen a Bert Kreischer show, you should know that he always takes his shirt off prior to the start of his set. Always. If that doesn’t set you up for the kind of vibe this guy brings to the stage (and life), I don’t know what will.

In the cabin, though, I think we’ll get to see a softer side of the life of the party. Check it out on Netflix when it premieres on Tuesday, October 13.